• Tuesday, May 14, 2019 at 06:30 PM
    Herr Sonnenschein in Münster, Germany

    Book Club: The Uninhabitable Earth

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    "It's much worse than you think." - David Wallace-Wells

    That is the opening line from The Uninhabitable Earth - A Story of the Future by journalist David Wallace-Wells. In light of the rise of youth climate movements and grassroots organizations such as Extinction Rebellion, which is calling for worldwide mass civil disobediance on April 15th, it is appropriate that Democrats Abroad seriously discuss climate change with David Wallace-Wells' accessbile The Uninhabitable Earth. In it Wallace-Wells discusses a.) geopolitics - the military is diligently preparing for climate change - but what about the people? b.) how city planners are already giving up certain areas of coastal cities for good c.) overlooked issues of climate change such as not only increased intensity, but duration d.) Is there hope? Will technology save us? 

    Perhaps a few questons we can ask ourselves and discuss during the meeting -  how we can hold our politicians accountable. The artice sea ice is melting, the planet is in its death throes, and the oil industry and commodity exchangers see it as a business opportunity by dropping half billion dollar drill bits into the artic seabed - meanwhile, many Democrats sit idly by (of which many are eager benefactors of the largesse of oil and gas companies) and at beast plead for incremental action. Or is this all just alarmism, blown way out of proportion? Anyways, I suppose we start off doing good by eating vegetarian and/vegan at Prütt Cafe! This book is sure to generate spirted discussion. Everyone is welcome!

    The hardback version as well as E-Book can be ordered online at various bookdealers.