Demand a Full and Fair Impeachment Trial

You’ve heard the news - Mitch McConnell is trying to set up a sham trial in place of a fair and open impeachment trial in the Senate. He has set extremely tight time limits, and plans to limit or cut all witnesses. He may not even allow any evidence to be admitted to the proceedings at all. These tactics demonstrate to the White House and to the world exactly where his political interests lie - in a totalitarian state with Donald Trump as its leader. 

Call your Senators now and demand that they stand up to #MoscowMitch and fight for a fair and open trial, one that is not rushed through in the middle of the night, which has witnesses, and which considers the evidence gathered during the House proceedings. 

If your senator is Democratic, ask that they speak out loudly and firmly for a fair and open impeachment trial in the Senate.

If your senator is Republican remind them that they took an oath to support and defend the Constitution. Demand that they stand behind that oath and push back against the rules that McConnell is trying to push through. 

Find your senator contact information here: