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You can easily add pictures, videos, documents and rich media to any post.
  • Pictures: Use the new photo uploader by moving your cursor to a new line, then click the + icon and select the photo option.
    You can also paste a link from Flickr, Picassa, Imgur, Instagram (and others) on its own line
  • Video: Paste a link from a YouTube, Vimeo or UStream video on its own line.
  • Word Docs/pdfs: Upload your document to Scribd then paste the link to the document on its own line.
  • Presentations: Create a presentation in Prezi, Storify or upload a presentation to Slideshare and paste the link on its own line.

For a complete list of content providers that you can embed, click here

Trouble shooting a link: Your link should start with http:// (not https:// ) and shouldn't have other embed code.