Democrats Abroad "Margin of Victory" Phone Bank for Biden/Harris

Call the States for Biden & Harris
together with Democrats Abroad! 

 Join us Monday, October 26, 10 AM ET in a virtual phone bank "room" sponsored by Democrats Abroad and make calls to help elect Joe Biden & Kamala Harris.

We'll call voters in swing states in calls organized by the Biden-Harris campaign, and help turn out even more voters for the Blue Tsunami! 

Just RSVP below for the Zoom link, and join at 10am Eastern for a short training before we start the calls.

If you can't make the live training at 10am ET, we will record it. Just RSVP and come to this page to view the recorded training.

We'll use a calling program provided by the Biden Harris campaign just for these calls. The Democrats Abroad phone bank "room" will be open until 8pm ET. Join us anytime! And once you've done the training, you can log in and make calls any time.

Let's show everyone how much the margin of victory is thanks to the hard, persistent work of our incredible volunteers!



NOTE: The Biden phone banking pages work in Canada, but have been geo-blocked for other countries. If geo-blocked in your area, please try use the other volunteer opportunities (below): 

Before you get started, please  

  1. View this video:

  2. And read through this in-depth guide to using the ThruTalk system:  
    The video is fuzzy, so please open the Call Crew Guide for clear screen details

Once you're ready, it's time to login! 

Useful Links:
*Click the buttons in the script to go through the decision trees.


For other volunteer opportunities, you can search for the campaign that you wish to work on and sign up! You can look for a campaign in your home state or there are several close races in states with small populations that a few votes can make a huge difference. Some suggestions are: 
October 26, 2020 at 10am - 8pm Eastern Time (US & Canada)
Richard Sack Laurie Whiteside Warren Rosenzweig Steven Woolsens Linda Crawford Dee Burton Debra Drew Jonathan Gruber Emily Kaufman Jill Greenberg Anna-Liisa Aunio Thomas Williams Kristi Jones Joel Hildebrandt Kathy Moore Jeff Phillips Campbell Hellandsvik Susan Penrod Elizabeth Maasen Leslie O'Neil Connie Berman Matthew Fuller M Wilson Constance Chucholowski Kenneth Sherman Daniel Boudreaux-Dehmer Robert Faulstich Alexandra Irwin Kim Bloomfield Andreas Kohler Jaclyne Mooney Cleo Godsey Susan Wolfe Lesley Taylor Steven Barela Claudia Schaffner Els Mathieu Suzie Bagur Maggie Schneider Max Middleton Gary Soskin Sallie Shipsey Cindy Walzer Bob Broughton Zia Tyebjee Heyhat Hajo Kristina Giles Lisa Herzog

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