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  • DA France National and Chapter Elections Notifications


    As a Democrats Abroad France member, you will receive email notifications of elections for our National Executive Committee as well as your local Chapter Leadership Committee.*

    If you do not receive emails for the Call for Candidates and Election notice and Early Vote/Absentee Ballot, that means that you have chosen in the past not to receive emails from Democrats Abroad (or perhaps we do not have your current email address).

    ✔️ If you would like to opt-in to receive emails, please go to www.democratsabroad.org. Under Account Settings you can change your privacy preferences and check that we have the correct email address on file for you.
    ✔️ If you are not yet a member of Democrats Abroad, it is quick and easy to join. Just go to www.democratsabroad.org.

    Your vote for our Country Committee and Chapter leadership will help ensure that we serve your needs and interests as a Democrats Abroad member. 

    Please note that all DAFrance members can attend the National Election Meeting** to vote in person. For more information on this meeting and to RSVP, click here. If you do not wish to receive our regular emails, you can still receive your ballot via email or postal delivery by contacting the DAF Election board at electionboarddaf@gmail.com.
    * The Call for Candidacies with for the national executive committee can be found here.
    ** For information regarding local chapter elections, check with your chapter leadership or click here.

    In addition, by opting to receive our emails, you can stay up-to-date on:
    • Taxation Task Force news
    • Women’s, Diversity, Youth and LGBT Caucus activities
    • Important information on voting from abroad (including, special elections)
    • Presentations, Discussions, Meet-ups, and Webinars on a broad array of topics (including visits from prominent political figures)

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    DAF National Officer Elections and Meeting



    It is time for our bi-annual election of National Democrats Abroad France (DAF) officers. Note that these are national positions, not chapter level positions. The national election and meeting will be held on May 11, 2019 at the American Church in Paris from 2-5PM.

    The call for candidacies is now open, and will close on March 27, 2019.
    For more information on running for office, please see here

    All members of Democrats Abroad in France are welcome to attend and vote in the DAF National Leadership Elections.

    Please note that in addition to this in-person meeting, an early voting option via email will be made available to encourage broad participation of DAF's members in the election. As a result, no nominations from the floor can be allowed. 

    To join Democrats Abroad, please go to www.democratsabroad.org/join. You must be a US citizen 18 years of age or older by Nov. 3, 2020. 

    Space is limited, please RSVP

    May 11, 2019 at 2pm
    American Church in Paris
    65 quai d'Orsay
    Paris, Ile de France 75007
    Google map and directions
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    DA Lyon Chapter Leadership Elections

    Back to the ballot box...It's time to elect new leadership for the DA Lyon chapter. 

    The DA Lyon chapter leadership committee will be comprise of the following members:
    Chapter Chair
    Chapter Vice Chair
    Chapter Treasurer
    Chapter Secretary
    Member-At-Large (5)

    Meet the candidates by clicking here.

    ✔️ YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR EARLY VOTE/ABSENTEE BALLOT VIA EMAIL. If you do not receive the ballot from the DALyon Election Officer via email, it is because you have chosen to opt OUT of receiving our emails. To opt IN to receiving emails from Democrats Abroad, sign in and go to your member account at www.democratsabroad.org.

    ✔️ TO RECEIVE A BALLOT BY EMAIL (EXCEPTIONALLY) OR VIA POSTAL DELIVERY, please send a ballot request to daf-lyon@democratsabroad.org, specifying how you would like your ballot to be delivered and providing the email address or the postal address where you would like to receive your ballot.

    ** The deadline to return your ballot (electronically or via postal delivery) is by the end of day March 21st **

    ✔️ YOU MAY ALSO VOTE IN-PERSON AT THE DALYON CHAPTER ELECTION ON MARCH 23rd.  For more information and to RSVP, please click here.

    ✔️ Note: you MUST be a member of Democrats Abroad France - Lyon chapter to receive a ballot and to vote in the chapter elections. If you are not yet a member, you can join at www.democratsabroad.org/join.  In order to vote in-person at the election meeting, please join by end of day March 22nd.  If you are a DA France member who has recently moved to the greater Lyon area, please ensure that your address is up-to-date in your membership account by going to www.democratsabroad.org under ACCOUNT SETTINGS.

    Questions?  Contact us at daf-lyon@democratsabroad.org.

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    Lyon Chapter Leadership Elections

    Immediately following the Tax Talk event:

    We will hold our second Leadership Election for the Lyon Chapter of Democrats Abroad France. Please join us for this election and an apéro! You will be able to meet other DALyon members, hear from the candidates, and elect your new Lyon leadership!


    Note:  The elections will take place immediately following the Tax Talk event.  To reserve a place for the Tax Talk, please click here.


    4:30 - 4:40 Registration

    4:40 - 5:00 Welcome, Candidate Speeches & Election Results

    New members are welcome but must join DALyon by Friday, March 22nd. To join, please click here. You must be a US citizen, 18 years of age or older by Nov. 3, 2020. 

    Questions? Email us at daf-lyon@democratsabroad.org.


    In addition to the in-person Election on March 23rd, an Absentee Ballot will be made available by email to all DAF-Lyon members to encourage broad participation in the election. (As a result, no nominations from the floor can be allowed.)

    Please note that the Absentee/Early Vote Ballot can be voted either electronically or via postal delivery.  In either case, your voted ballot must be received by end of day Thursday, March 21st. After the Early Vote Ballot has closed, you can vote by attending the Election Meeting. 

    If you are a member of DALyon but do not receive an early vote ballot by March 10th, please contact the Lyon Election Officer at daf-lyon@democratsabroad.org.

    March 23, 2019 at 4:30pm
    Quality Suites Lyon Confluence
    50 Cours Charlemagne
    Lyon 69002
    Google map and directions
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  • Democrats Abroad France Chapter Elections...Your Vote Counts

    Spring is almost here...and so are the elections for Democrats Abroad France chapter leadership.  Throughout March (and early April), the eleven chapters of Democrats Abroad France will hold elections for the local leadership.  In most cases, the call for candidates has gone out from the chapters.  In many cases, there is still time to send in your candidacy.

    Here is a list of our chapters - some old, some new -  and the dates of their elections.   Click on your chapter to be directed to the webpage with specific local information.  Feel free to contact your local chapter leadership for more information on the elections.

    We encourage all Democrats Abroad France members to get involved in your local chapter in 2019!  Through the efforts of our local volunteers, DAFrance helped to drive the high level of overseas voting in the 2018 mid-terms that changed the direction of American politics.  However, our Get Out The Vote (GOTV) and other activities don’t come without the sustained efforts of the chapter executive committees. 

    With Democrats winning the House of Representatives in 2018, we must keep the momentum of our voices being heard loud and clear.  2020 is going to be another critical election year for the  Democratic Party...and for our country!  We need as many members as possible involved on a local level.  Even if you choose not to run for a leadership position, we encourage you to vote and to attend your chapter's election...you can meet the new leadership and other DA France members from your community. 

    Please note these are local elections which are independent of the national election for the DA-France Executive Committee to be held later this spring.

  • DALyon Chapter leadership committee elections are coming

    Every two years, we elect a new leadership committee of the Democrats Abroad France - Lyon Chapter. This year the elections will take place on Saturday, March 23rd from 4:30pm to 5:00pm.*

    We will host an apéro to welcome our members and to announce the elections results. Please join us at:

    Quality Suites Lyon Confluence
    50 Cours Charlemagne
    69002 Lyon

    You will be able to vote electronically, by post or in-person.  Ballots will be sent electronically two weeks prior to the election. To vote for the DAF Lyon leadership committee, you need to be a member of Democrats Abroad, over 18 years of age and living in the greater Lyon area.

    The Call for Candidates has been sent out and the deadline for reception of candidacies is March 2nd. The positions open on the DALyon leadership committee are:

    • Chapter Chair
    • Chapter Vice Chair
    • Treasurer
    • Secretary
    • Member-at-large (3)

    There is still time to submit your candidacy to us at daf-lyon@democratsabroad.org. All that you need to provide is your name, the position that you wish to run for and a brief candidate statement (150 words). For a description of the open positions and eligibility requirements, click here

    Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at daf-lyon@democratsabroad.org.

    To ensure fair and transparent elections, the DAFrance - Lyon Chapter elections will be overseen by an independent Election Officer.  The Election Officer may not be running for a position on the leadership committee.  This year, the Election Officer is the outgoing DALyon Chapter Chair, Robin Guinot.

    Note: this is our local election and is independent of the national election for the DA-France Executive Committee to be held later this spring.

    * The elections will take place following the Tax Talk event. You do not need to reserve a place to attend the elections. However, should you wish to attend the Tax Talk event from 2:30 to 4:30pm, we recommend that you RSVP to assure a place there.

  • Black History Month Discussion: "Is America Now a Refuge for French Blacks?"

    France has long been a welcoming haven for African-American artists, from Henry Osawa Tanner to Dexter Gordon. Is the United States now a refuge for France's blacks, playing a similar role in reverse?  As the presence of Africans and Afro-Caribbeans has grown in France in recent decades, tensions have risen between the descendants of immigrants and the native population. The visibility of blacks in professional and public positions is limited. Socio-economic inequality and problems with police are very similar to those in the United States. Increasingly, French blacks have turned to the U.S. for inspiration and opportunity. Intellectuals have found teaching opportunities in the U.S. Activists have sought inspiration in the political strategies of African-Americans.

    Democrats Abroad France - Diversity Caucus  will be hosting a discussion focused on  black history in France on February 28th. We will be welcoming journalist, author, filmmaker and activist Rokhaya Diallo in a discussion moderated by author, journalist and all-around "man of the world" Joel Dreyfuss.

    About Rokhaya Diallo: Journalist and author, she devotes her work to issues related to  racial equality.  She has published "How to Talk About Racism to Children" and "Afro!" with the photographer Brigitte Sombié.  Ms. Diallo has directed several documentaries including "The Networks of Hate" devoted to cyberbullying and "From Paris to Ferguson: Guilty of Being Black" about police violence in France and the United States.  To read more from Rokhaya Diallo.

    This discussion will focus on the peculiar status of blacks in France, their perception of African-American progress and the challenges of developing a successful strategy for full equality in France.

    We are asking for an optional donation of 5€ to help us cover the costs of the event.


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    Democrats Abroad Toulouse

    photo by chantrybee

    Welcome to the Toulouse Chapter of Democrats Abroad France!

    We are the largest chapter in Democrats Abroad France—and one of the oldest-- founded in 2003.

    We’re a friendly group and we welcome new members—either new arrivals to the region or longstanding Americans residents who wish to remain active and informed voters.

    DA Toulouse has a book club that meets roughly every quarter. We run various events from tax seminars to guest speakers and film screenings. When events call for it, we organize demonstrations or marches. In the past that included a Women’s March, Earth Day event, Science March, Gun Control demonstration—and we honor important events—such as Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream” speech and World War military commemorations.

    We are open to new ideas and invite you to join us!

    We have an active Facebook page and Twitter feed.

    Please take a look and make contact with us! 


  • 2nd Anniversary of the Women's March: Women's Wave

    The weekend of January 19-20 will be the 2nd anniversary of the Global Women's March!  

    DA members world-wide will be joining in marches, workshops, and rallies for another Women’sMarch. This year’s theme is “Stop Violence Against Women.” Our DA Global Women’s caucus will focus on achieving this goal by working through our legal system to secure “Equality under the law.”

    In recent months, there has been lots of activity in reactivating the drive to pass the ERA.  We expect a 38th State to ratify the ERA within the next couple of weeks. In the past year, three more states have ratified it, bringing the count of states who have ratified it to 37 (38 are needed to bring it to Congress). The campaign to pass it is enormous and many people feel that the moment is right now. Here’s the basic premise of why we need the ERA.

    Why, in the year 2019 with so many opportunities for American women, do we need the Equal Rights Amendment?

    1. The Constitution: the Constitution is the bedrock foundation of our nation’s laws. Since 1950, all international constitutions have included gender equality and so should ours!
    2. Judicial review: currently gender discrimination cases are treated with “intermediate scrutiny” versus the “strict scrutiny” guaranteed to race, religion, and country of origin (covered by the Fourteenth Amendment).
    3. Civil rights: women’s rights ARE civil rights.

    Please join us on January 20th at Place Palais Royale to show that the Women's Wave is alive and well and living in Paris! For more info and poster ideas, click here.

    If you support women’s rights, you can join the Democrats Abroad Global Women’s Caucus. JOIN US!

  • JOIN us in supporting the ERA ratification campaign!

    We are one state away from getting the Equal Rights Amendment ratified! That means we are SO close to equal rights and equal protection for women under the U.S. Constitution!

    Here are social media posts in support of ERA ratification from Gretchen Pascalis, Chair of DAGrenoble, and Meredith Wheeler, Chair of DAToulouse.

    Please join us in supporting ERA ratification!

    The Virginia general assembly starts their session on January 9th and the Virginia Equal Means Equal team needs our help right now!

    They would love to have some photos and videos of Americans living abroad who support ERA to use to win over some votes. So if you could take a photo holding a sign and/or make a 30-45 second video, that would be appreciated. Arizona and North Carolina are two other states being targeted in this campaign.

    Click here for guidelines and ideas.

    Don't forget to use the hashtags #DAforERA and #EqualMeansEqual. Also, please tag @DemocratsAbroadFrance on Facebook and Instagram (@DemsFrance on Twitter) so that we can amplify your action.

    So – show your support of women and equal rights by creating a photo and/or video.

    THANK YOU for your help! 

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    The Diversity Caucus is hosting a screening of “Latino: The Changing Face of America," directed by our co-chair, Roxanne Frias. The screening is a fundraiser for an exchange program for high school students. A discussion on US immigration will follow. https://www.democratsabroad.org/demsfrance/about_the_upcoming_film_screening_latino_the_changing_face_of_america?recruiter_id=232375

    About the Film: "Latino: The Changing Face of America"

    By 2035, Latinos will represent 35% of the U.S. population. How will this impact America’s political, social, economic and cultural future?

    Whatever the current political climate and the desire to build huge walls, immigration has always played an important role in the history of the United States. And Latinos in particular are not becoming Americans like the immigrants before them... They have always been neighbours and share a long history with the U.S.

    As recently as 2012, Latinos as a group had overwhelmingly voted for President Obama and thus given him a second term in office. That day, Latinos as a unified demographic, demonstrated that they could soon become a political weight to be reckoned with.

    From DAFrance's Diversity Caucus co-chair, Roxanne Frias, the film "Latino: The Changing Face of America" was shot in the run-up to the 2016 elections.  She wanted to find out to what extent Latino influence had already changed the identity and economic structure of the country...   In 2018, the film was selected (from among 600 submissions) for the 21st UNAFF (United Nations Association Film Festival).

    A word about the author/director: Roxanne Frias has made a number of documentaries on the U.S., among them Made in Chicago, The Making of Barack Obama.

    For more information on the screening and to RSVP: https://www.democratsabroad.org/lrkennedy/film_screening_latino_the_changing_face_of_america_lkx5cesmdm-wh74l9ksvgq

  • Volunteers in France came out to GET OUT THE VOTE. Thank you!

    The 2018 Blue Wave arrived on November 6th.  Democrats took back the House of Representatives with a blue tide of exceptional candidates - many of whom who broke through barriers to win election - women, minorities, LGBTQ and many more...

    Historic midterm election voter turnout powered the tide.  Grassroots activism both in the US and overseas drove the get out the vote effort.  Across France, there was an outpouring of enthusiasm from volunteers. Phone banking, postcard writing, texting, walk-in voter support, student outreach, conferences...

    "Our volunteers have done a remarkable job this year,” says Julia Bryan, International Chair of Democrats Abroad. “We made over 150,000 calls to members, and registered tens of thousands of new voters through online outreach and in person voter registration drives. The work paid off: voter engagement has increased 800% since the last midterms in 2014, and we know that votes from abroad will made a big impact in races across the country."

    The leadership of Democrats Abroad France, the Avignon, Bordeaux, Brittany, Grenoble, Lyon, Normandy, Paris, Riviera, Strasbourg, and Toulouse chapters as well as the Women’s, Youth and Diversity caucuses would like to thank each of the volunteers who participated in getting out the vote! You powered the wave.  Now, on to the 2020!

    Marseille GOTV conference video




    Get a digital "I VOTED" sticker that you can share on social media! Tell your friends to join the #BlueWave! Click here.


    VOTE and return your ballot NOW. Rules for ballot return vary by state, even by voting region, so always read the instructions that came with your ballot carefully.

    If mailing your ballot from France:

    • Regular international mail from France via La Poste can take a week or more to arrive, depending on mail route conditions!
    • If mailing more than 2 sheets of A4 paper you should add additional postage. (2,60 EUR lets you mail a letter up to 100g.)

    If faxing your ballot: Please read the instructions carefully for your state. Note that the Federal Voter Assistance Program has a FREE email-to-fax service for those whose states allow faxed ballot return.

    • To use the FREE FVAP email-to-fax service, you must print and fill out this Fax Cover Sheet: https://www.fvap.gov/uploads/FVAP/Forms/coversheet.pdf.
    • Scan or photograph the FVAP Fax Cover Sheet along with your ballot and other necessary documents (follow the fax return instructions for your state!) and then email to fax@fvap.gov.


    Take action! Call or email your local elections official right away! Confirm that your registration is in order, and ask them to send you a ballot. (Be sure to check your email SPAM folder if you have asked that your ballot be sent to you by email/online!)
    • You can look up your election official contact information here:https://www.votefromabroad.org/vote/eod.htm?submission=true

    Vote with the "backup ballot", or the FWAB (Federal Write In Absentee Ballot.)This is a special ballot available to be used only by those registered as military or civilian overseas absentee voters. Vote with the backup ballot now while you wait for your state ballot to arrive. When your state ballot arrives you should vote it too! If your state has both ballots on election day they will count the state ballot.
    • Get the "backup ballot" here: https://www.democratsabroad.org/fwab


    For many it is still possible! To fill out a registration/ballot request form, also known as an FPCA, go here: http://www.votefromabroad.org.

    Answer the questions, then print, sign and return the forms as instructed. We strongly advise that you choose to receive your ballot by EMAIL/ONLINE, and that you send in your signed form by EMAIL.


    For states where deadlines have passed, sending in a ballot registration/request form now can still be worthwhile as it will bring your registration information current with your state, and help you be ready for the next election — there are already three special state elections scheduled for 2019!


    As critical as these elections are, it will take more than one election to make things right. Stay engaged. Vote, volunteer. Check out the DAF events calendar for Election Results events, and other upcoming events near you. Click here.


    Volunteers are standing by to help. Please email USVoterHelpFrance@gmail.com or Help@VoteFromAbroad.org.





    We can all contribute to make sure that the #BlueWave crosses the United States on Election Day.

    DA France has challenged other DA CC's to join their Phonebanking competition to call 50 voters for the 50 Senators who voted to force their temperamentally unfit and highly partisan nominee onto the United States Supreme Court. DA Switzerland has accepted our challenge!

    Let's show our neighbors what we are made of. When we take back the House (and maybe the Senate), we will all be winners!


    Any DA member can phone bank from home, if you want to get started on your own find all the info you need at https://www.democratsabroad.org/phonebanking


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    LGBT Caucus Signup

    Democrats Abroad is committed to a world where all persons have access to the same rights and benefits, regardless of sexual identity or gender expression.


    The Democrats Abroad LGBT Caucus is the constituency group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex members and any Democrat abroad who supports them.

    The goals of the LGBT Caucus reflect the mission of Democrats Abroad to:

    • engage and empower LGBTI Americans living abroad to vote in US elections;
    • provide a platform for Democrats Abroad members, country committees and chapters to advance issues at the heart of the LGBTI community;
    • support Democrats Abroad’s members in issues they face living abroad as LGBTI Americans, such as access to government services and benefits for same-sex spouses and family members, the legacy resulting from past discrimination and Defense of Marriage Act.

    The LGBT Caucus: 

    • supports Democrats Abroad’s country committees and local chapters in organizing activities of interest to the LGBTI community, such as participation in pride events and voter outreach; 
    • disseminates information to Democrats Abroad members and promotes action on issues that affect LGBTI Americans and their families;
    • ensures that the LGBTI perspective is effectively incorporated in all the work of Democrats Abroad, including issues advocacy, communication and GOTV strategy, planning and execution; ensures that issues and policies that impact LGBTI Americans are included in the Democrats Abroad and Democratic Party platforms;
    • takes leadership in Democrats Abroad’s issues advocacy initiatives, including “door knock” visits to elected officials in Washington DC, to ensure that issues that impact LGBTI Americans living abroad and their families are included and addressed by elected representatives;
    • encourages LGBTI members to run for elected leadership roles within Democrats Abroad and fulfill Democrats Abroad’s diversity and affirmative action goals;
    • supports community building among Democrats Abroad’s LGBTI members and allies;
    • promotes Democratic Party candidates who demonstrate commitment to policies that positively impact the lives of LGBTI Americans;
    • supports and engages with Democratic Party LGBTI caucuses build capacity and achieve common goals.
    Sign up

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    GOTV signup

    Click below to receive periodic updates from the GOTV and Voting Rights teams regarding our voting rights work.  We will message you when there are important updates and developments to report.

    Sign up

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    Join our tiny actions team and receive regular emails outlining actions you can take to support issues that matter to Democrats and our allies. 

    Democrats Abroad's country committees need local volunteers. Volunteer by clicking on the "Countries" tab above, find your country, and contact your leaders directly.

    Do you want to help at a global level? We have more than a dozen global teams that work to keep our organization running. 

    Our global teams provide get out the vote help, communications, technology support and more to the all the grass roots volunteers working at the local level in Democrats Abroad. Regardless of where you live there is a team that needs your talent and dedication. Now is the time to join fellow Democrats and help fight for what's right. Any questions, write us at volunteer@democratsabroad.org

    Please check out our global team opportunities.


    Become a volunteer

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Communications Coordinator, DAFrance; Chair, DAF - Lyon chapter. Vote in NY. Have worked in consumer marketing in the US, Eastern Europe and Western Europe. Alumnus of Wesleyan University and The Wharton School.