DAF Vice Chair (Chapters Liaison); DAF-Toulouse Member-At-Large

I'm a founding member of the Toulouse Chapter, set up during the GWBush administration, as the war on Iraq was mobilizing Americans across the globe. For many years I was Chair--and have come back to this role as the Trump Administration is a clear and present danger to our nation. All hands on deck!

I was the prime mover behind the worldwide "Bridges for Obama" campaign when he first ran for the nomination in 2008. More recently I edited the 50th anniversary book for Democrats Abroad and am admin on both the DA Toulouse and DA France Facebook pages.

I'm a lifelong Democrat. I worked with former Governor Pat Quinn in Illinois on progressive democratic reforms back in the seventies. I served as deputy press secretary to Daniel Patrick Moynihan when he ran and won his Senate Seat. Before moving to Europe in 1987, I lived in Manhattan and worked in TV news, mainly as a writer and producer for ABC News, writing for Peter Jennings, Sam Donaldson and Hughes Rudd.

My British husband and I moved permanently to our home in the Tarn in 1999. 

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  • Former Toulouse Chapter Chair now Vice Chair of Democrats Abroad France

    In the country committee elections this month, former Chair of Democrats Abroad Toulouse, Meredith Wheeler, was elected to the role of Vice Chair of DAF, specifically charged with Chapter Liaison.

    Meredith remains on the local Toulouse Leadership group too--and indeed she was one of the founding members of the chapter in 2003 (we're celebrating our 15th anniversary). 

    Her first opportunity to cast a vote as a member of the DA France team came last week in Washington D.C., at the Global Meeting of Democrats Abroad. She was part of a large delegation of DA France members who attended, led by the new DA France Chair, Ada Shen.

    Here's the entire delegation: Front row--Meagan Lopez (Vice Chair of the Paris Chapter), Ada Shen (Chair of DA France), Meredith Wheeler (Vice-Chair, DAF)  Back row--Salli Swartz, Alex Rehbinder, Kaitlin Hickey, Joe Smallhoover (International Counsel for DA); Connie Borde (DNC member representing DA).


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Vice Chair, DA France and founding member and ExCom member of the Toulouse Chapter--Votes in Manhattan, born and raised in suburban Chicago, Stanford alumna