January 10, 2022

Denise Roig, GDC Americas Coordinator

DeniseRoig-Photo21OCT30.jpgDenise Roig has been an active member of Democrats Abroad since 2019. A published writer of fiction and non-fiction, she votes in California and has lived in Canada for over 30 years (twenty in Montreal and ten in Hamilton, Ontario). She's been a DPCA rep, headed up the GOTV postcard campaign for DA Canada in the 2020 election and is a writer for multiple projects through DA's Global Design Team. Denise is a founding member of the Global Disability Caucus and a member of its steering committee.Through her daughter, Georgia -- born with cerebral palsy -- Denise has become an ally to, and an advocate for, the disabled community. Georgia, now 26, has three college diplomas in helping professions and is currently working on a degree in Disability Studies, an emerging field that is political and justice-based. Allyship, Denise's special focus, also challenges the ways we think about disability so we can be mindful, informed advocates.