Diane Haven

Counsel, Portugal


  • Over  15 years experience working with middle school, high school and university students
  • Over 20 years of managerial experience in legal, university and international fields
  • Experienced coordinator of diverse programs
  • Accomplished manager of annual budgets of more than $100,000


Some of the things I like about DAPT is that it's small (I was involved in DA in Germany), it's new and it's growing!

Whilst in Germany I was chair of phonebanking in the Kaiserslautern area. I found that phoning over the computer is so much more compelling than doing it via phone! And these upcoming elections are going to be just as crucial as the last two elections as Trump is, interestingly enough, talking policy issues over the crazies in his party who are focused more on culture issues/wars. So he is going to be more prominent than we all thought, I fear.

So let’s get to work!


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