Disability Community Updates

Dear Friends and Colleagues in the Disability Community,

The hard work in Alabama, on the heels of the tremendous efforts in Virginia and New Jersey prove that the political landscape has begun to shift back to the values of inclusion, equal opportunity and justice. We congratulate the hard work of the DNC and are honored to continue to engage the disability community through the newly established Disability Council.

You can help today! Please contribute whatever you can to the link below to help support the DNC in its efforts to help inclusive candidates win in every zip code, up and down the ballot!

Contribute to the DNC Disability Council

If you have not already joined the DNC Disability Council, please do so today by registering below: Register with the DNC Disability Council If you wish to volunteer today to help support campaigns in your state and across the nation that will elect inclusive Democrats, please do so below:


Volunteer with the DNC Disability Council: janni.lehrerstein@gmail.com

Thank you for taking our efforts to the next level. We look forward to working alongside every American who believes in the power and potential of Americans with disabilities and we are fired up and ready to go! Join us!

Janni Lehrer-Stein

 DNC Disability Council Vice-Chair, Finance