Regional Vice Chair - Americas, DACR Chair

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    2016 Convention Checkout

    You are almost to Berlin! Please input your payment info and the names of any additional registrants you are paying for. If you have any questions please email International Treasurer, Art Schankler .


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    Welcome to Democrats Abroad Costa Rica


    DACR is the official country committee for US Democrats living in Costa Rica.  We're an active group who get together to talk politics, learn about issues, register absentee voters and work to ensure more Democrats in state and Federal offices.  DACR usually holds a monthly meeting the last Saturday of the month plus other scheduled special events such as potluck parties, picnics, film showings and fundraisers.  Meetings include invited speakers on U.S. or Costa Rican topical issues.

    Our mission is to help Americans living abroad to register to vote and to request their absentee ballots with, to elect Democrats, and to educate Americans living, working, serving, and/or studying abroad about issues and legislation that affects them.

     Democrats Abroad is the official arm of the Democratic Party for US citizens living outside the United States and its territories. The Democratic Party is the only major American political party that affords its members this opportunity. Democrats Abroad holds seats on the Democratic National Committee and sends a voting delegation to its national convention to nominate our candidate for President. Democrats Abroad Costa Rica (DACR) is one of more than 100 country committees of Democrats Abroad, the official affiliate of the Democratic Party for millions living outside of the U.S. 

    If you have questions or would like to help with Democrats Abroad in Costa Rica please contact us.

    Kathy Rothschild Chair 
    Democrats Abroad – Costa Rica

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