Can't believe I am going to be 60 and the ERA has yet to be passed.

Yes, it's true, 60 is just around the corner for me and I remember, like others who grew up in the 70s, all the talk of the ERA. Frankly, it's an embarassment to the United States government that the ERA has, in 2021, yet to become enshrined in our constitution. Women absolutely deserve this right alongside their male counterparts, hands down. I support and demand that women have this right already as a man who has been shaped and influenced by strong, caring women from my family through to my education in public schools, to my working career. Women have been influencing me my whole life; in first job, my female boss taught me well. In my second job, there was the female mentor molding and shaping me for what turned out to be quite a good career in banking. I was always open to female leadership and guidance having grown up in a household of women only. And many of my best friends in life have been strong women from all walks of life. In this year of the pandemic and almost a quarter into the 21st century, I find it sad and discouraging that American women still do not enjoy the same rights as I as a man. The ERA must become a part of the Constitution giving them the absolute same and unquestionable rights as their male counterparts. American living in Spain and voting in New York.