Vice Chair, Zurich Chapter

I have been living in Switzerland since 1997.  I came for a short term job assignment, met my husband and did not return.  I am a Wisconsin voter.  This is where I grew up, but lived in many places in the US.  I was never politically active.  However with my time abroad I have seen and experienced first hand many things that are done much more efficiently and humanely in Europe vs the USA.
  • The first is gun control. In my youth there was someone that I was close to that was killed violently by a person who should never have been able to  own a gun.
  • Healthcare.  Health insurance should be mandatory for everyone and basic coverage given to all, even with pre-existing conditions.  The insurance should not be tied to an employer.
  • Taxes.  As US citizens abroad many of us are still paying very high taxes to the US not even living there.  
I hope in this new role I can help organize fun events, fundraiser events and any other type of seminar that can help us do what we can from abroad.  I will also try my best to work with the other European chapters of Dems Abroad. 
You can email me at [email protected].