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You know that feeling when you come to Germany and you're faced with the crushing realization that German beer actually sucks? Stale, bland, boring, unimaginative - Pils, Weizen, Helles, Pils Pils Pils, and ummm Pils? - and you don't feel like driving to the heart of Bavaria to pay top dollar for some Doppelbock brewed at some Monastic order? Then, if you have the gall, you share this sobering realization with your ultra left Anti-Fa German friend and calmly explain to him/her how the Ameircan beer scene is light years ahead of Germany's, and before you can blink, that lefty friend will hardly be able to supress the Dr. Strangelovian right hand from raising while the motherly instincts of defending the deutsche Braukunst kicks in. . . Well my friends, quiet the alarms, the craft beer scene (as nebulous as that phrase is) has taken hold finally in Münster, churning out a great selection of different ales, lagers, stouts .  .etc Where is this, you may be asking yourself?

On Friday May 17th at 6:30 pm Democrats Abroad Münster-Osnabrück will be hosting a pub night at the Münster craft beer brewery Finne. It's a perfect time to combat lonliness, enjoy a few cold ones, network, discuss politics. Most important thing - a relaxed uninhibited atmosphere!

May 17, 2019 at 6:30pm - 9:30pm
Finne Brauerei
Kerßenbrockstraße 8
Münster 48147
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