Call for Candidates for Zurich Chapter Committee

The Zurich Chapter of Democrats Abroad Switzerland (DACH) will elect a new Committee at the Zurich Annual Chapter Meeting on May 20th, 2017, 5:00 pm.

The chair of the Zurich Chapter, 2016-2017, Renée Rousseau, filed the 2017 Zurich Chapter Annual Report by the date of the DACH AGM on March 25, 2017. Due to time conflicts, the Zurich Chapter Annual Meeting will be organized by newly elected DACH Chair and German Region Vice-Chair for Basel, Kate Edson, acting as Interim Zurich Chair.

A Nominating Committee has been appointed to seek candidates to stand for office and to run the nominations/election process. The Committee seeks members motivated to help Democrats win races at all levels of our political process for the 2018 U.S. Midterm Congressional Elections, and who have ideas for how to get people out to vote.

Please Consider Running for an Office

Join the Zurich Chapter Committee to make it a vibrant and active chapter in Switzerland! Now is the time to heed the call for candidates and get involved! There will be plenty of opportunity and demand for activism to promote the Democratic message and to counter the policies being put in place by the new Republican administration.

Zurich Committee Officers

  1.  Chair
  2.  Vice-Chair
  3.  Secretary
  4.  Treasurer


All members of Democrats Abroad active in the Zurich region are eligible, and encouraged, to run for an office and to vote at the elections on May 20th.

To run, send a Statement of Intent (up to 500 words) to the Nominating Committee by end of day April 14th, include nominee's name, address, telephone number and email address.

In your statement, please elaborate on what you think qualifies you for the position. If you are running for Chair or Vice-Chair, in your statement list the top three priorities that you will focus your time and energies on during the next two years. The Chair and Vice-Chair do not have to be of the opposite gender (as in the DACH national election). If you are qualified and committed, we encourage you to run for office!

By April 25th we will distribute information about the candidates, their statements, and voting procedures by email.


☆ Chair ☆
Chief executive officer of the Zurich Chapter

  • Is a member of the DACH Executive Committee (ExCom)
  • Is a dedicated team player who will work with the Zurich Chapter committee, volunteers and the DACH Chair
  • Organizes and conducts monthly meetings and other events of the Zurich Chapter
  • Establishes and supports all committees necessary for the proper functioning of the organization
  • Represents the Zurich Chapter in interviews with the press, working together with regional and national DACH Press officers
  • Shares responsibility with DACH and the Basel Chapter Chair for voter and member outreach in the Swiss German region, where no chapters are yet established

The Chapter Chair is the only elected position required by the DACH bylaws, but other positions may be created or removed by the Chair from time to time as deemed appropriate (see bylaws for further information).

☆ Vice-Chair ☆

  • Assists the Chair in all Zurich Chapter activities
  • If the Chair is not available, organizes and conducts the monthly Chapter meetings
  • Attends DACH ExCom meetings if the Chair is not available
  • Substitutes for the Chair when needed
  • Takes on other responsibilities as agreed upon with the Chair

☆ Secretary ☆

  • Takes minutes of all meetings and after approval of the Chair distributes to the Chapter Committee and ExCom
  • Distributes meeting agendas to the Chapter Committee
  • Manages and maintains the Zurich Chapter membership list as well as the list of volunteers, which may involve work on the DA database and with the DACH Secretary.
  • Maintains files and administrative records of the Chapter (Google Docs)

☆ Treasurer ☆

  • Manages the finances of DA Zurich in agreement with the Chair and the DACH ExCom Treasurer
  • Maintains clear and accurate financial records and makes financial reports as required
  • Ensures all financial matters conform to local rules and regulations as well as those of the Federal Election Commission and campaign finance laws of the United States


For further information about elections or the officer roles, contact any committee member or email