January 11, 2017

Call on Donald Trump to release his tax returns

Donald Trump announced today that he will not divest from his business interests or release his tax returns.

Tell Donald Trump: Release Your Tax Returns!

Even Rex Tillerson, the nominee for Secretary of State, completely divested from ExxonMobil when he received the nomination.

That means:

  • Donald Trump and his family will continue to profit from new business deals that will be conducted while he is president.
  • Foreign governments and entities will be able to directly curry favor with Trump by doing business with his company.
  • We don't know if Trump has financial ties to foreign countries that will cloud how he conducts foreign policy.
  • When asked, Trump claimed that nobody other than journalists wants to see his tax returns.

That's just not true -- releasing his returns is the only way the American people can know for certain if he will follow even the most basic ethical standards.

Donald Trump owes it to the country to prove -- before he takes office -- that he has no conflicts of interest that will affect the decisions he makes as president. Sign your name to demand that Donald Trump release his tax returns before January 20th: