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  • published Nominated Candidates to the DACN Leadership Board in News 2021-05-03 21:49:59 -0400

    Nominated Candidates to the DACN Leadership Board

    The following candidates have been nominated to various positions on the Democrats Abroad China Leadership Board. In alphabetical order by last name, your nominated candidates are:

    • Jacob Aldaco
    • Elizabeth Blackbourn - accepted the nomination 
    • Elaine Chow
    • Jenny Eveland
    • Justin Fischer - declined the nomination 
    • Faith Gary
    • Grace Gary
    • Devika Koppikar - declined the nomination 
    • Helen Li
    • Alexandra Smith - accepted the nomination 
    • Cory Stroik - accepted the nomination 
    • Eileen Walsh - accepted the nomination 
    • Terry Watkins - accepted the nomination 
    • Kim Wong
    • Cheng Xu

    Candidates are required to confirm their nominations in order to be finalized as candidates for the election. They are also invited to submit candidate statements. Submitted candidate statements can be viewed by clicking on their name above. As the NEC receives and uploads their candidate statements, we will update this page to link to them. The election will take place during the China AGM on May 23, at 1pm.

    You can RSVP for the AGM here.

  • published Call for Nominations to the DACN Leadership Board in News 2021-04-14 08:20:40 -0400

    Call for Nominations to the DACN Leadership Board

    Democrats Abroad is excited to announce that the Call for Nominations to DACN Leadership Board is now open!

    Democrats Abroad China will be holding elections for the Leadership Board at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on Sunday, May 23, 2021 at 1:00 PM China Standard Time (mark your calendars!).

    The Leadership Board consists of 11 members, of which six are officers on the Executive Committee (Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Legal Counsel, Communications Director), whose term of office will be from 2021-2023. All positions will be open, and we are ACCEPTING NOMINATIONS. A nominee must be a Democrats Abroad China member, a US citizen, a resident within the People’s Republic of China, and willing and able to handle duties while adhering to the principles of the Democratic Party of the United States.

    Submit your nomination through the nomination form here

    Please submit your nominations by 11:59 PM China Standard time on Monday May 3, 2021, so we can check candidate eligibility (DA China member), compile all the candidate information, and share their platforms to everyone prior to the election. Nominations can be for yourself or another person, though please confirm the other person is willing to be a candidate. Floor nominations will additionally be accepted during the AGM. 

    Further description of responsibilities, especially for those in the Executive Committee, can be found in DA China's Bylaws under Articles IV-XI, bylaws can be viewed here.

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  • Meet a DA China Volunteer: Adam Robbins in Shenzhen

    Where are you from in the United States?

    I’m from the great state of Maine, near the rocky Atlantic coast.

    How did you end up in China and what do you do here now?

    I followed my heart to China. Back in my junior year of college I met the man I would marry one day: he studied Chinese literature and language, and I followed him to Texas, Taiwan, Minnesota, Beijing, and now to the swelling metropolis of Shenzhen. I’ve written and edited magazine articles out here, but right now I’m mostly a house husband.

    How did you first hear about Democrats Abroad?

    I learned about Democrats Abroad after talking progressive politics with a friend. There was a drive to register expats to vote in the 2018 midterms and I joined up to see how I could help.

    Had you volunteered with or been involved in politics beforehand?

    I worked and volunteered a lot more in the US, especially around LGBT causes. The highlight was the 2012 Minnesota campaign to defeat an amendment that would bar us from marrying. I worked on campus logistics, among other roles, and we succeeded in turning out more votes among college students than Obama’s historic 2000 campaign. In China it’s obviously a very different environment, but in Beijing I was able to volunteer with some community groups to help with their fundraising and overall organizing.

    What do you think is the biggest challenge facing America coming up ahead?

    All the existential challenges of the 21 century — staggering wealth inequality, cataclysmic climate change, aging and vulnerable infrastructure, drug-resistant pandemic pathogens, and a fragmented electorate that no longer shares a sense of common reality, much less common humanity — are all linked together. We fix them all together, or we fix none and face the consequences.

    Why do you think it's important to get involved with Democrats Abroad now?

    The 2020 elections demonstrated powerfully that voting matters — mail-in ballots matter and overseas ballots count. In a time when the stakes are so high, this is a moment when every American should feel like there’s a place for them to help organize for the future they want to see. We simply don’t have the luxury to wait for someone else to fix these problems. 

    If you were President, what would you concentrate on in the first 100 days?

    I’m not sure I could suggest anything better than the raft of executive actions and major legislation that Biden’s team is planning. Big, bold action is needed — especially to quickly reverse rule changes that Trump’s cronies pushed through the various agencies — and we need to “build back stronger” by giving all Americans the physical safety and economic security they need for the massive course correction it will take to survive.

    We are always on the lookout for more volunteers to help Americans in China organize around getting out the vote and issues dear to our Women's, LGBTQ+, Black, AAPI & Progressive Caucuses. Join us and message us to see how you can get involved!

  • published DA China Stands Against AAPI Hate in News 2021-03-26 10:53:42 -0400

    DA China Stands Against AAPI Hate

    Dear all,

    As we are all aware, there has been an uptake in incidents of hate crimes against Asian Americans.

    It has been a very fraught and grief-stricken time for us here, as a large percentage of our board members, volunteers, and members are of that group. We have seen in the news people who look like our aunts, our uncles, our grandparents, our siblings harassed, attacked, and even killed. We have been absorbing stories of hate incidents from relatives back home in America, and trying to offer what comfort and support we can from across the ocean.

    We stand by the recent message the AAPI Caucus put out after the tragic shooting in Atlanta:

    “On Tuesday, March 16th, 2021, a gunman killed at least eight individuals and injured others in Atlanta in yet another unspeakable tragedy. Most of the individuals lost are from the Asian American community.

     It is clear the derogatory anti-Asian language used throughout the past year continues to have a real-world impact. Racist comments should not be brushed aside or ignored, they must be confronted and condemned. If it was not clear before, it is clear now that AAPI communities around the United States are targets of hate. We extend our deepest sympathies to those who have lost loved ones to [the] shootings.

     We condemn these acts of violence. We stand in solidarity with the AAPI community and our AAPI Democrats Abroad members. We must work together to speak out and stand up against this type of hate.”

    The victims in the Atlanta shooting’s names are:

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  • Wait... you mean this is a fight my Great Grandparents started?

    Wow, can you believe it's been like 78 years and we STILL don't have the Equal Rights Amendment? How is guaranteeing equal legal rights for all American citizens regardless of sex POSSIBLY still controversial in this day and age? 168 international constitutions outside of America already include gender equality - so why have we chosen to keep America more regressive than most of the developed world? Why aren't we willing to give our citizens inclusiveness that other countries' women enjoy? Let's get equality written into our constitution now. The only shame we should feel is that it took so fricking long. I am currently residing in China and vote in Maryland.

  • is hosting DA China 2021 Annual General Meeting 2021-03-13 03:19:04 -0500

    DA China 2021 Annual General Meeting

    This is a placeholder for information about our upcoming Annual General Meeting.

    What do you do in an AGM?

    • Report on the past year to your membership, and discuss plans for the next.
    • Discuss and vote on changes to your bylaws (if there are any proposed changes). 
    • In odd numbered years, hold elections for your country committee. (Review the CC Election Procedures for best practices for elections.)
    • If required by your bylaws or mandated by your Executive Committee, hold special elections to fill vacancies or confirm appointments.


    Find out more on the DA Wiki.

    May 23, 2021 at 1pm
    Google map and directions
    23 rsvps rsvp

  • Meet a DACN Member & the Newest Global Black Caucus Poet Laureate: Alexandra Smith

    We are proud to announce that, this year, another member of DA China has entered into the Global Black Caucus' Poet Laureate Circle: Alexandra Smith. She joins Jasmine Cochran as talent representing the China country chapter. Alexandra is originally from southern Illinois and currently lives in Beijing. She has been instrumental in helping out the Women's Caucus with their Women's History Month events in March.

    How did you end up in China and what do you do here now?

    I wanted to experience a different culture, and I’ve always been fascinated by China. I’m working here teaching English at a Foreign Language school.

    How did you first hear about Democrats Abroad?

    I attended an event that was in posted in a group chat I’m in, and I knew I wanted to get involved in whatever way I could.

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  • published Women's History Month is here at DA China! in News 2021-02-27 21:19:02 -0500

    Women's History Month is here at DA China!

    Democrats Abroad China is happy to introduce a lineup of events this month to participate in with and to support wonderful women in your lives.

    Women’s History Month is a time we put aside to celebrate and empower women, but it is also a time to take action.

    Use this month to have uncomfortable conversations with people you know, read books you may never have heard of, and learn about women who set the stage for us today. Additionally, we have several events where you can participate with DA China members to find more ways to lift up your sisters.

    We challenge you to use this calendar to learn more about women in history. We can all #choosetochallenge our biases and work towards equality.

    Thanks to our DA members Charisse & Alex for putting these together.

    Join us for these online events!:

    RSVP by clicking this link

    RSVP by clicking this link

    RSVP by clicking this link

    We are always looking at more help here at Democrats Abroad China. Volunteer with us! Join our Women's or other Caucuses, lead events and contribute to activities that directly affect the American political process. Did you know that we have phone banking campaigns for House of Representative Seats in Louisiana, and Gubernatorial races in New Jersey and Virginia. All you need to do is some training. Please message us and also take a look at the onboarding information at http://democratsabroad.org/phonebanking.

  • Meet a DACN Board Member: Our New At-Large Member, Jenny Eveland

    We're excited to welcome our new At-Large member to our Leadership Board, Jenny Eveland. She has been volunteering with Democrats Abroad China from Beijing and has been an integral part of the voter registration team up in the North.

    Where are you from in the United States and how did you get to China?

    Coming from a family of DC and Maryland democrats, I grew up as a military brat around the US, but mostly in Virginia Beach, Virginia. As a teacher in Virginia and Illinois public schools I was involved in committees at the state level.

    I voted for Obama when he ran for state senate in Illinois. Illinois has a way to motivate most people into political action, but besides just voting in every single election, I have never formerly been involved in politics. Chicago got too cold and we moved abroad to Mexico and then Cambodia and then to Beijing.

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  • published Black History Month at Democrats Abroad China in News 2021-02-10 01:08:11 -0500

    Black History Month at Democrats Abroad China

    Tonight at 7pm China time, Democrats Abroad China is proud to begin our Black History Month commemoration with “Let the Caged Bird Ring,” a celebration of poetry by Black American writers.

    The program is as follows:

    • Alexander Lee, Guangzhou (VT-01), reads the poem “Still I Rise” by Maya Angelou
    • Amanda Gorman, Youth Poet Laureate, recording from the Inauguration
    • Jasmine Cochran, Guangzhou (MS-04), DA Global Black Caucus Poet Co-Laureate reading her own work
    • Alex Smith, Beijing (IL-13), reads the speech “Ain’t I A Woman?” by Sojourner Truth
    • Terry Watkins, Beijing (MO-1) reads the poem “Dream Variations” by Langston Hughes

    Please join us from wherever in the world you are! Zoom login information can be found here.


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  • published Meet a DA China Volunteer: Amber Li in Shanghai in News 2021-01-31 08:24:49 -0500

    Meet a DA China Volunteer: Amber Li in Shanghai

    With such a monumental election over, we are taking the time to highlight some of the volunteers that helped make things happen here in China. Today we welcome Amber Li, a Floridian who has lived in & helped out the DA China team from both  Beijing and Shanghai.

    How did you end up in China & what do you do here now?

    My entire extended family is from Beijing, and my parents would take me on visits on a mostly yearly basis as a kid, so Beijing has always been second home for me. Even from a young age, I always knew I wanted to work between the US and China.

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  • published Did you vote already? Print yourself a Sticker in News 2020-10-21 10:26:51 -0400

    Did you vote already? Print yourself a Sticker

    Because we ought to be proud of all the effort it took - especially from all the way in China!!

    Please join our campaign to show off your vote and encourage friends and family in the US by hashtagging #IVotedAbroad and tagging us on Facebook (DAinCHINA) or IG (@democratsabroadchina).

    You haven't voted yet?


    This week is your last chance. Here's what to do as a straggler:

  • published DNC Discussion Events in the Pearl River Delta in News 2020-08-16 02:23:33 -0400

    DNC Discussion Events in the Pearl River Delta

    We have two events for you in this upcoming week for members in the Pearl River Delta area who'd like to connect with likeminded Americans to discuss the ongoing Democratic National Convention over food and drinks. Guangzhou will host a dinner discussing the keynotes so far on Tuesday, August 18. And near the end of the convention, Shenzhen will host a breakfast buffet for watching Biden's (presumed) acceptance speech.

    Scan the WeChat codes of the groups you'd like to join - they are all in-person for Americans in China only.

    Please bring a mask and follow all relevant local health guidelines.

  • published Meet a DACN Board Member: Jacob Aldaco in News 2020-07-13 09:20:32 -0400

    Meet a DACN Board Member: Jacob Aldaco

    Interview by Amber Li 

    Jacob grew up in sunny southern California, about 45 minutes outside of LA. He graduated with a degree in theology and, after realizing that he wanted to pursue more of a business career, began a Master’s degree in International Business at UC Irvine. This degree included a joint exchange program that first led him to China in 2007... and when the global recession hit a year later, he decided to stay.

    Jacob’s interest in politics really began to shape up in 2015. Prior to the 2016 election cycle, he had always voted Republican, and while he admitted he was at first a supporter of Donald Trump, “that support waned as soon as the then-campaigning Mr. Trump began talking more."

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  • DACN Speaker Learnings: Quentin Palfrey on 2020 Voting Challenges

    People crowded back-to-back into four-hour voting lines in Georgia during a pandemic. An ongoing attack on the postal service affecting mail-in ballots. Digital solutions that don’t work as well as everyone would hope… Americans are facing the hardest year to date for getting their vote counted in possibly the most important year to date for getting their vote counted. 

    Over the weekend, Democrats Abroad members from all over the world talked to Quentin Palfrey, co-director of the Voter Protection Corps, an experts-led initiative to protect voting rights from all angles. 

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  • DACN Speaker Learnings: June Shih on Activating AAPI

    Thank you everyone for attending the Speaker Series!

    Democrats Abroad China kicked off its speaker series this summer with locally-based political communications expert June Shih, who has worked as a speechwriter for both Clintons, was Senior Advisor to Global Women's Issues under Obama, and now heads University Communications for NYU Shanghai. With her unique background in politics and living as an expat abroad, she helped give perspective on political organizing, immigration and being a minority voice that's usually underrepresented in American government.

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    Julia Bryan, Chair - Democrats Abroad

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  • published The DACN Speaker Series: Get Inspired! in News 2020-05-14 04:57:13 -0400

    The DACN Speaker Series: Get Inspired!

    As we continue through a delayed primary season, Democrats Abroad China has invited several prominent figures in academia, media and politics to provide food for thought and inspiration in the lead up to the Democratic National Convention.

    We are excited to introduce you to our speakers:
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  • Meet a DA China Member: Jasmine Cochran, Global Black Caucus Poet Laureate, in Guangzhou

    The DA China Annual General Meeting is coming up this weekend (RSVP if you haven't already!) and we are excited to welcome Global Black Caucus Poet Laureate Jasmine Cochran to unveil a new poem she's written for the occasion. We caught up to her to talk about her thoughts about politics, her love for poetry, and what she hopes people will work towards in 2020.

    Jasmine Cochran grew up in Mississippi. Her first real face-to-face with the American political system happened in high school, when her AP government teacher had the class read the platforms of George W. Bush and Al Gore.

    "At that time, Bush and Gore didn't have websites... it was a difficult and long text, and we had to read it as an assignment. It forced me to do research and was one of the most valuable lessons I ever learned. Most people don't learn the facts, which is why politicians can spend millions of dollars on campaign ads, and people just follow along." Later, that teacher took her class to nearby New Orleans to listen to Al Gore campaign, an experience she remembered as "really exciting to see people get riled up. I just remember the electricity in the air."

    In the years since, she's remained cognizant of those lessons, "I had a lot of years wading through the waters of trying to figure out what everything meant, and who would keep their word, and how what they did would affect Mississippi and who even cares about what would happen in Mississippi.

    "I've grown and changed a lot, but my political leanings have been pretty much the same. I've just become firmer and more educated in what I'm involved in. People need to know what they're voting for and all that it entails." 

    We are voting for so much more than the presidential seat. 

    "We are voting for who will be appointed to the Supreme Court, what bills will be debated and passed on the Floor, who will put together or dismantle committees that will actually work to solve our problems. But if you don't know that, you don't consider the implications of your vote. Especially of local votes too, because local legislators make such a difference between one State and the next. I know what it looks like for a State that's got it together. And I know what it's like to be in a State that's not."

    Though she didn't end up going into politics in the United States, she admitted, "I have always been very vocal... I got in trouble for my political views. It seems like people just want you to be quiet and not disagree, and living in the South, I disagreed with most people."

    Cochran and her family moved to China four years ago. "My husband and I had talked about moving abroad since before we got married, but we hadn't done it yet. Instead, we moved from Mississippi to Texas. After some time there, I asked him if this was it - if we were never going to [go abroad] and were we just talking the entire time? He said no, he wanted to leave. Within a month, we had an offer to come to China."

    They moved first to Weihai, in the Northeast of Shandong Province, but have since relocated to Guangzhou. "Weihai was gorgeous, but just too cold! After a couple years of snow, I was like alright, let's find some heat."

    Last year, she answered the Global Black Caucus' call for a 2020 Poet Laureate to create a poetry series that would explore societal issues and the 2020 elections. She is now a part of the GBC's Poet Laureate Circle.

    She recalls her first moments with poetry with her great grandmother. "I would go to spend weekends with her and one day, she gave me two books - one of which was a gold poetry book called "Apples of Gold." It was so great! I don't know how many times I re-read it. I have been writing [poetry] forever - my mom has a big box of all these journals with poetry I wrote through years and years. Now I am getting to the point where I'm happy with what I'm writing and how people are liking it, and that always encourages you to do more."

    Her poems don't sugarcoat the problems of America and its current political system, but also illuminate a way forward - something she hopes will be reflected by Democrats working towards the 2020 electoral outcome.

    "My parents have always been very honest about our history. My dad grew up in Jim Crow Mississippi. It's hard there. You still see slave shacks and plantations and the reality of the United States all over there, and Alabama, and Georgia, and Louisiana. There's that James Baldwin quote - to be a Negro in this country and to be relatively conscious is to be in a rage almost all the time. Being a black woman, there are so many things I can say. There are so many things in our system that need to be changed."

    "But there are a lot of us out here who want things to get better and we've got two powers: numbers and knowledge.

    "I understand how hard it is to rally for something you didn't really want. I know what it feels like for your guy to not be IT. But I also understand what it's going to look like for the next four years if we don't vote, and especially if we don't vote locally. There are too many of us who will lose a lot. But there's power in our numbers - we've got to put those numbers together. Whether you vote with a smile in your face or tears in your eyes, you go vote!"

    "Plus, we CAN HOLD THEM ACCOUNTABLE. We shouldn't be living off just rhetoric. We are not powerless. A lot of time, we give our power away, but we aren't actually powerless against any of this. We can say - okay, we voted you in and these are our expectations. We will hold you to that. That needs to become our battlecry. My hope, wish, dream, is for people to unite with numbers and knowledge. If we don't get involved, there are never going to be checks and balances."

    Jasmine Cochran will be presenting a brand new poem at the Annual General Meeting on Sunday, May 3rd. Please RSVP to attend!



    DA China Members,

    The month of March has felt like an absolute eternity, and many of us are scattered around the world and worried about family, friends, and the future of our country. With all that’s been going on, it is hard to believe that Democrats Abroad held its Global Presidential Primary just a few weeks ago!

    Across the globe, thousands of Americans voted in 180 countries cast their votes. In total, 39,984 ballots were cast, representing a 15% increase in turnout compared to 2016. Senator Sanders won 9 delegates, while Vice President Biden won 4 delegates - full results are available on the Democrats Abroad website.

    Despite the challenges of Covid-19, including having to cancel our in-person voting centers in China, more than 400 DA China members cast their ballots in the Global Presidential Primary this year. 

    Membership-wise, in the last three months we have welcomed over 400 new members to DA China! Thank you to all the members who have informed friends and family of our organization.

    We were greatly aided on both efforts by a small team of phone banking volunteers that made hundreds of calls to DA members to help them cast their ballots, and by voting assistance volunteers that helped to answer questions. As we ramp up to the November election, more than ever we will need help from our volunteers to call constituents and help them get their absentee ballots in. Please consider joining our volunteer efforts by adding DA China on WeChat and letting us know you're interested:

    Search WeChat ID: DemocratsAbroad

    DA China’s Leadership Board is staying busy with organizing efforts, and we will be holding our Annual General Meeting in early May this year. Our hope is to have in-person events around the country, where like-minded Americans can meet and share ideas on how to repair the damage that has been done to our nation, and how we should lead once we take back the Presidency in 2020.

    I hope all of you will stay safe, stay healthy, and stay focused on November.


    Aaron Kruse 
    Chair, DA China