Democrats Abroad China announces Leadership Transition

On May 25, the Democrats Abroad China Country Chapter held a leadership transition meeting in order to fill an important vacancy in time for upcoming Democratic Party conventions.

Our outgoing Chair, Aaron Kruse, first announced that he would be stepping down from his position at the DA China Annual General Meeting on May 3. We thank him for his leadership since the founding of this Country Chapter three years ago. He will still be an active part of Democrats Abroad, and will represent the APAC region as DNC Delegate over the next four years.

In accordance with the Democrats Abroad China bylaws, Leadership Board members were voted on to fulfill new roles within the Executive Committee.

The newly elected Democrats Abroad Leadership Board Executive Committee members are:

  • Chair - Kimberly Wong 
  • Vice Chair - Patrick Cranley
  • Secretary - Elizabeth Jenkins
  • Treasurer - Justin Fischer

"Thank you to our outgoing Chair, Aaron Kruse, and to the Leadership Board for their trust and confidence in me in becoming the second chair of Democrats Abroad China. This is a privilege that I take very seriously, and I will be working very hard with the team to make sure we get as many Americans registered to vote this year. In lieu of any congratulations, I would greatly appreciate if each member reading this is ready to roll up your sleeves and work," said our newly elected Chair, Kimberly Wong.

"We have many exciting things planned for this year leading up to elections in November. If you have suggestions, ideas, but more importantly the dedication of time and other resources, we need help and we need more volunteers. Please do get in touch"

The other board positions remain unchanged, including:

  • General Counsel - Alexander Lee
  • Communications & IT - Elaine Chow
  • At-Large Members - Faith Gary, Devika Koppikar, Eileen Walsh, Brittni Young

Additionally, we will be looking to fill the open vacancy of fifth At-Large Member. As per our bylaws, the Leadership Board will select a new At-Large Member from our DA China membership, but we encourage everyone to contact us if interested in the role.

The At-Large member's function is to be present at Leadership Board meetings from selection to the Spring 2021 Annual General meeting. They are expected to assist with GOTV efforts for Democrats Abroad China, flexibly taking on roles from event organization to Caucus communications.

The At-Large Member selection will be decided by the Leadership Board as an Agenda Item at our next Leadership Meeting on June 21st, 8:30pm. Interested candidates should contact the board in advance of the meeting with questions, concerns and requests to speak.