Meet a DA China Volunteer: Brittni Young in Shanghai

Each month we take a moment to highlight a volunteer in Democrats Abroad China. This month's star: Brittni Young in Shanghai!


Brittni Young was born and raised in Texas, where she is registered to vote. She now resides in Shanghai as a full-time English teacher while working with an art collective on the side.

Brittni is leading up the efforts of China’s newly formed Black Caucus. If you are interested in issues of diversity and racial equality, join us for our Inaugural Black Caucus Brunch on September 15 in Shanghai and follow the Global Black Caucus on its social media streams!

The rule “you should never discuss politics, and religion at the dinner table” never held any weight in her home. When Brittni was a child she used to campaign with her family and neighbors asking them to vote for her as the first Black female president. “That particular slot has yet to be filled so a girl can still dream,” she said. In college, she worked with the College Democrats’ organization to keep classmates involved and registering them to vote, and has since kept up a litany of volunteer actions at food donation centers, beach clean ups, donations to women’s shelters and educating people.

Brittni first got involved with Democrats Abroad through a Women’s Caucus Event for Women’s Day. “I was unaware there was this organization abroad so I was very excited when I met Sarah and Kim at this event, and learned more about the Democrats Abroad.” After this event she found how simple it was to get involved with the organization, stay engaged with the political process, and help our country while living abroad.

She is interested in women’s rights, black rights, climate change, and “just being kind to each other, and caring for our planet.”

In her opinion, the Democrats’ greatest challenges are single issue voters and voter suppression. In Texas, communicating social policies to conservative voters is also a challenge. Texans have a very strong mindset about working hard and not receiving handouts. “I think it’s great that they have a mindset about working hard, but I think we need to re-educate people about our social policies that they are calling handouts. People feel ashamed for receiving something they already paid into, and they should naturally receive as American citizens, and human beings. We need to be more effective at reaching out to these communities.”

If Brittni was President for a Day, "I would allocate resources to release the children and families locked up in cages at our southern border, and provide them with resources to sustain them as we create a pathway to citizenship. I would also take necessary actions needed to protect the DACA program the current administration is attempting to end. "

“Next, I would focus on climate change, because no one will be around to debate or enjoy anything if we continue at the destructive rate we are going. I would rejoin the Paris Agreement, and pass the Green New Deal. I would also allocate resources to cleaning up the water of cities such as Flint, Michigan, where residents are unable to access drinkable water in the “richest” nation of the world.

“Also, I would focus on making access to medication affordable for all Americans, and pushing forward with Universal Healthcare.

“I would also have the United States sign the United Nations Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women.

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