Meet a DACN Board Member: Alexander Lee


Today we take a moment to highlight the man who’s been behind the interviews of our Democrats Abroad China board members and star volunteers, Alexander Lee, who also serves as General Counsel for our board. 


Alexander currently works at an international program in one of Guangzhou’s top public schools. He votes in Barre, Vermont, which is named after the Member of Parliament who coined the term “Sons of Liberty.”

Participating in a rally was actually what led to Alexander moving to China. At the Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert ‘Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear’ in 2010, he met the director of Perfect English and, some months later, moved to Changchun to become the Director of Studies. Additionally, he has lived in Beijing as well.

He has been to 95 cities and towns in China, many of which are documented on his blog Waking Green Dragon. He is particularly interested in tea, and now runs the Guangzhou Internations Coffee & Tea group.

One reason he pursued an adventure outside of America was because he needed a change after running a PPLPic_Alex2_horizontal.jpgnonprofit. His organization, Project Laundry List, worked on “right to dry” legislation encouraging Americans to use nature to dry laundry instead of energy-sucking machines. Under his watch, it had a slew of media coverage, including having a film crew follow them around for a year to produce a prize-winning documentary called Drying for Freedom.

Even before being elected to DA China’s leadership board, Alexander has had a history of being involved in politics. He was the former chair of the Concord City Democrats and Merrimack County Democrats in New Hampshire, and was an early field office director for Howard Dean and a 2004 DNC delegate for him in Boston. He served as campaign manager for McKim Mitchell’s almost successful attempt to unseat the State Senate President in 2004.

He has many issues important to him, including protecting the environment, abolishing the death penalty and fair and progressive tax. Additionally, “I am former board member of Otter Creek Audubon and Peace & Justice Center of Burlington, VT so I care about birds and peace,” he said.

As general counsel, his role at Democrats Abroad is to ensure all initiatives follow American legal proceedings so that our organization can identify Americans, register them to vote and help them request absentee ballots as smoothly as possible.

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