Summer Kick Off Book Club Event: Backlash

Please join us as Democrats Abroad China’s Women’s Caucus takes over the DA China Book Club for a summer kick off event. We will explore the pages of Susan Faludi’s Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women, as well as brainstorm and collaborate on solutions we can take within our community to end this backlash on women’s rights.

During this moment in our nation’s history we are witnessing unprecedented progress for women, yet at the same time a gripping backlash against that very progress. In 2018, the United States Congress welcomed in 127 amazing women, breaking a historical record. Yet even so, American women continue to face inequalities in their economic, reproductive, and social lives. Backlash was written in 1991 discussing active and passive efforts to derail progress for women in the 1980s now we jump forward into modern society where history continues to repeat itself.

By reviewing Faludi’s Backlash we can look at how this has affected the progression and unity of the nation behind the Equal Rights Amendment. Through this event we can discuss the flaws pointed out about the backlash anti-feminist movement and practical solutions we can take to address it. We hope you will join us in this eye-opening event this summer! Make sure to RSVP today!


Overview of Backlash: The Undeclared War Against American Women

When it was first published, Backlash made headlines for puncturing such favorite media myths as the "infertility epidemic" and the "man shortage," myths that defied statistical realities. These willfully fictitious media campaigns added up to an anti-feminist backlash. Whatever progress feminism has made since then, Faludi's words still seem prophetic today. The media still loves stories about stay-at-home moms and the "dangers" of women's career ambitions; the glass ceiling is still low; women are still punished for wanting to succeed; basic reproductive rights are still hanging by a thread. The Backlash clearly exists.

With passion and precision, Faludi shows in her new preface how the creators of commercial culture distort feminist concepts to sell products while selling women downstream, how the feminist ethic of economic independence is twisted into the consumer ethic of buying power, and how the feminist quest for self-determination is warped into a self-centered quest for self-improvement. Backlash is a classic of feminism, an alarm bell for women of every generation, reminding us of the dangers that we still face.

Beijing Location

The Local, South Sanlitun Road, Chaoyang District

Shanghai Location

Boxing Cat Brewery, 82 West Fuxing Road, Xuhui District

June 16, 2019 at 1pm - 3pm Beijing Time
Shanghai: Boxing Cat Brewery Fuxing, Beijing: The Local
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