Elizabeth Warren Speaks to Democrats Abroad

We are excited to announce that Senator Elizabeth Warren has agreed to join us for a call on Sunday, September 17th at 9:30am EST (Washington D.C. time).

The Webinar with Senator Warren is open to all Democrats Abroad members. BUT we are ASKING for donations to help with the costs of the Webinar AND getting out the vote in Virginia and New Jersey in 2017 AND getting out the vote in every State and every Congressional District in 2018. Democrats Abroad will make a difference in taking back Congress and resisting the Trump/Republican agenda of destroying the environment and tearing apart the social fabric of our country. You can help Senator Warren and her colleagues by making a donation  to Democrats Abroad today.

REPEAT: A donation is not mandatory to join the Warren Webinar - but it is VERY welcome and it will make a difference. RSVP now for the webinar link and information about how you can send in your questions. Note: this is an online meeting, so you will need an internet connection in order to attend. We will be recording the call in case you cannot attend.

About our speaker

Senator Elizabeth Warren is a fearless advocate for America's middle class families. As the senior Senator of Massachusetts elected in 2012, Senator Warren has been a national leader on consumer protection and banking regulations and a fierce critic of the Trump administration. Prior to being elected, Senator Warren was a professor of law at the University of Texas School of Law, the University of Pennsylvania, and Harvard University.

September 17, 2017 at 9:30am - 10:30am EST (Washington D.C. time)

Will you come?