EMEA Non CCs - Introduction


Welcome to the Europe, Middle East, and Africa Region!

Who We Are

Democrats Abroad is the official arm of the Democratic Party representing Americans who live outside the US. Our mission is to provide Americans living abroad a voice in our government and to elect Democrats by mobilizing the overseas vote.


Where We Are

The EMEA region has members in dozens of countries without an official country committee (Non-CC countries) and active committees in 26 countries (emea list). You can benefit from all Democrats Abroad has to offer regardless of where you live!


Our Activities

Our organisation is 100% volunteer-run and membership is free! Organisers in your area would love to get in touch with you to connect you to other members, share our local and global (online) events, and help you vote from abroad. Do you want to get more involved? There are so many ways to make a difference—from individual tiny actions, to get out the vote drives, to social events—the EMEA regional team is here to help. We're always looking for more volunteers. Why not you? Contact us at [email protected]

If you would like to help develop a new country committee, country precinct, or regional group, we can also help. Just get in touch!