Emily Froemel

Munich and Southern Bavaria Chapter Vice Chair

If we don't use the rights we have we risk losing them. I am passionate about helping Americans abroad who don't know they can vote, vote. I also feel their is a void of information on what our current president and his administration has done over the last four years. I hope to foster a community who is hungry for factual information. A group that dreams of an America that can be bigger and broader minded. Where the wealth of skin tones, sexual preferences and religious differences are seen and recognized as the treasure they are. Alone we are but a drop in the bucket, together we are a force to reckon with.

Emily Froemel is a watercolor artist. If color is involved perhaps there are a few other avenues followed, hmm, sewing, bead stringing and many walks. She is married to Andreas Froemel. They have a son and daughter getting ready to fly the coup any day no

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