Vice Chair, Germany; Global Co-Chair, AAPI Caucus

Even though we live abroad, it's important that U.S. citizens make sure to use their right to vote and I enjoy helping make sure that more U.S. citizens know about this right and use it.

  • First Vote Film Screening and Discussion with Filmmaker Yi Chen

    Asian Americans are the fastest growing population in the U.S. and more than 11 million AAPI will be able to vote in 2020. In a newly released documentary, First Vote, Yi Chen follows a cross section of politically engaged Chinese American voters, all first-time voters, during the 2018 midterm elections. 

    The AAPI Caucus is excited to announce that we will be hosting a screening for the documentary and will be speaking with Chen at an upcoming event. Our goal is to bring more awareness to the political influence of the AAPI community and discuss ways to improve voter outreach. Please help us cover the costs of the film license ($202) by making a donation to Democrats Abroad. 


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    Open Leadership Positions - Berlin Chapter Elections 2019

    Descriptions of Democrats Abroad Berlin Open Positions 2019-2021

    Chapter Chair

    • Vision for chapter growth & development
    • Managing local leadership team
    • Liaison to national country committee (DAG)
    • Liaise with local (American) organizations
    • Represent chapter to public and members
    • Responsible for precincts
      • Finding & training precinct captains
      • Coordinating with precinct
    • Respond to member inquiries
    • Project management/deadlines
    • Manage interns
    • Organize and facilitate meetings
    • Fundraising
    • Perform either Secretary or Treasurer function

    Vice Chair

    • Represent the chapter and perform chair duties as needed
    • Perform either Secretary or Treasurer function

    Communications and Press Officer

    • Communications
      • Create events on Nationbuilder/website
      • Create events on Facebook
      • Send regular email newsletters to membership (event info)
    • Social media
      • Post relevant political news to Twitter & Facebook
      • Post chapter news and updates
      • Respond to inquiries on Facebook
    • Press
      • Maintain list of & relationships with media contacts
      • Maintain list of press coverage
      • Write and distribute press releases
      • Coordinate with national/international press officers
      • Train local members in talking points and press

    Membership/Volunteer Coordinator

    • First contact to new members
    • Maintain list of active volunteers
    • Communicate volunteer opportunities to members
    • Develop new volunteer opportunities
    • Match tasks to volunteers

    GOTV Coordinator

    • Coordinate phone banking
    • Organize voter registration events
    • Prepare materials for voter registration
    • Local resource on voter registration details
    • Train voter registration volunteers
    • Support fundraising efforts in non-election years

    **All board members are also expected to participate and attend regular board organizing meetings**

  • Rules for the Election of Democrats Abroad Germany Chapter Chairs

    As amended on December 17, 2018

    The Executive Committee of Democrats Abroad Germany has developed and adopted the following rules, which shall apply to ALL chapter elections.

    1. Position
      1. It is strongly encouraged that the Chapters elect a Chapter Chair as well as a Chapter board at their Annual Chapter Meetings in odd-numbered years.
      2. These positions may include a Chapter Vice Chair, for which gender balance rules shall apply, and other positions as deemed necessary for the running of the chapter.
      3. Board positions elected at the same meeting as the Chapter Chair (i.e., not appointed positions) may not be removed from office except by a vote of the DAG Executive Committee (DAG bylaws, Article 8). Until further remedy exists, the DAG Executive Committee will intervene in such matters only when removal by Article 8 cannot be executed by a Chapter board itself.
        It is strongly encouraged that any vacancies in Chapter-level board positions be remedied by the Chapter board following the procedures outlined for DAG Executive Committee vacancies (DAG bylaws, Section 4.9).
      4. Chapters may opt to elect only a Chapter Chair, in which case the Chapter Chair shall have sole authority for appointing or removing any chapter positions that he or she may deem appropriate to create. The Chapter Chair shall retain the right of removal for appointed position holders for any reason at any time.
    1. Term of office.
      1. A Chapter Chair’s term of office shall begin at the time of his or her election and shall end upon the election of a new Chapter Chair or the removal or resignation of such Chapter Chair in accordance with the bylaws of DAG.
      2. Subject to section 2c below, no person may serve three full terms consecutively. Any term of office of more than 15 months shall be deemed to be a full term.
      3. In the event that a chapter cannot obtain a qualifying replacement for a Chapter Chair who has served two consecutive full terms, a third term may be authorized by a 2/3 vote of the DAG Executive Committee.
    1. Dates of Election. Elections for Chapter Chair shall be held during the first calendar quarter of each odd numbered year, but in no case later than 7 days prior to the DAG Annual General Meeting for such odd-numbered year.
    1. Eligibility to serve as chapter chair. No person may be elected to the position of Chapter Chair who:
      1. at the time of the election has been a registered member of the relevant chapter (as determined by the official DAG membership database as of the date of the election) for fewer than 28 days or
      2. has been removed for cause from an elected position within DAG during the 24-month period preceding the election date and has not obtained the approval of a majority of the DAG Executive Committee for his or her candidacy.
    1. Election procedures.
      1. Robert’s Rules of Order: Elections shall be held in accordance with Robert’s Rules of Order and these rules. These rules shall take precedence over Robert’s Rules of Order in any and all cases of conflict.
      2. Announcement of Election:
        1. The current Chapter Chair (or, in the absence of a Chapter Chair for a chapter, the Chair of DAG) shall via email notify the membership of the relevant chapter (as determined by the official DAG membership database for such chapter as of the date of such notice) of the election date no earlier than 60 and no later than 28 days in advance.
        2. The announcement will attach a copy of these rules.
        3. The announcement will include the location, directions to the location, and the date and time of the election.
        4. The location of the election shall be a place reasonably accessible to the members of the relevant chapter.
        5. If an election is held on a weekday, the election process shall not begin before 1930 or later than 2100 (7:30/9:00 pm) that day. If an election is held on a Saturday or a Sunday, the election may not begin before 1300 or later than 2100 (1:00/9:00 pm).
      3. Nominations.
        1. Any member of the relevant chapter may be nominated or may self-nominate without a second for the position of Chapter Chair so long as the nomination or self-nomination is made no later than 14 days prior to the election date. Nominations may also be made from the floor at the election, if supported by a second from among the membership. Persons nominated must agree to the nomination to be an eligible candidate. Only persons nominated in accordance with the procedure set out above shall be eligible for election.
        2. Nominations or self-nominations made 14 days or more prior to the election shall be communicated by the DAG Secretary or Chapter Chair to the entire membership of the relevant chapter no later than 10 days prior to the election in the same manner as the election announcement and may be accompanied by a statement of no more than 250 words supporting the candidacy. Alternatively, a link to a statement posted on the official Democrats Abroad website may be provided. In all cases the nominated person must approve the candidate statement.
        3. The notification of nomination and the candidate statement do not have to be included in the same communication, but if they are not, the message that does not contain the candidate statement may only state the name of the individual and the fact that he or she has been nominated for the position.
      4. Campaigns.
        1. Individual campaigns for the position of Chapter Chair are allowed and encouraged, but in no circumstance may the chapter membership be contacted using the official DAG membership database for such chapter except for the nomination notices and candidate statements set out in section 5.c. above.
        2. Personal information from the official DAG membership database, including the names, email addresses, physical addresses, phone/fax/cell phone numbers or other contact details of any member of the chapter, shall not be disclosed to any candidate or any supporter of a candidate and shall be subject to all the restrictions on the use of the membership database as have been established in the bylaws or by the DAG Executive Committee.
        3. Candidates may distribute flyers or campaign literature at meetings of the relevant chapter without restriction so long as the conduct of the meeting itself is not interrupted or disturbed.
      5. Eligible Voters. All qualified members of a chapter shall be entitled to vote. Qualified individuals may join DA on the day of the election.
        1. Voters are presumed qualified to participate in the election if (1) they have joined DAG before arriving at the voting center or (2) at the voting center they join DAG and establish their identity by objective documentary evidence (including passport, residence card, military or student ID, etc.). Persons who appear on the membership rolls of their DAG chapter do not need to provide any form of identification (ID) to be qualified to vote.
        2. Persons are not qualified to vote if it can be established by positive proof that: (1) the person is not a U.S. citizen, (2) is not a member of Democrats Abroad, and/or (3) is a member of a Country Committee of Democrats Abroad or DAG Chapter other than the one in which the voter is seeking to participate.
        3. Any prospective voter who is deemed unqualified to vote under these criteria may still cast a provisional ballot.
      6. Election Day procedures.
        1. All elections shall take place at the time, date and place specified in the election notice distributed pursuant to section 5.b. above. The current chapter chair shall ensure that adequate election materials are available, e.g. ballots, pens, displayable sheets for candidate names, etc.
        2. A minimum of 12 members present and voting shall be required to hold an election if there is more than one candidate for Chapter Chair. Only members present at the meeting may vote; no proxies or prior/later balloting shall be allowed. If an election is held in the absence of the necessary quorum but otherwise in accordance with these rules, the Chapter Chair so elected may apply to the DAG Executive Committee for certification of the election results. As long as no member of the relevant chapter has challenged the election, the DAG Executive Committee by a 2/3 vote may certify the results of such election, in which case the election shall be deemed valid as if it had been held in the presence of a quorum.
        3. If the current Chapter Chair is a candidate, the election meeting shall be temporarily chaired by an individual who is not a candidate or acting for a candidate (the “Temporary Chair”). The Temporary Chair shall be nominated by the current Chapter Chair and serve if a majority of those present approve by voice vote or hand count.
        4. The Chapter Chair (or Temporary Chair, as the case may be) shall call for any nominations, including self-nominations, from the floor; however, as stated above in Rule 5(c)(1), a second from among the members present and voting must be obtained prior to the name being added to the list of eligible candidates. Votes for write-in candidates shall be invalid and shall not be counted.
        5. Prior to any vote being taken, each candidate shall be allowed to address the chapter for ten minutes on her/his candidacy. A candidate not present may be represented by another member of the chapter, but that member must have been designated by the candidate, in writing/email or by telephone, prior to the election meeting and verifiable at the time of the meeting. No seconding speeches shall be allowed. The order of speeches shall be determined by lot.
        6. The Chapter Chair (or Temporary Chair, as the case may be) shall name two election monitors, who shall ensure that only eligible voters obtain ballots and shall be responsible for counting all ballots. No monitor may be a candidate or a person representing a candidate. Each candidate shall be allowed to name one witness (other than himself or herself) to the counting of ballots.
        7. Elections shall be conducted by written ballot with the names of all candidates who have been nominated prior to the meeting as well as a space for candidates nominated from the floor.
        8. A majority vote (that is, 50% plus 1 of the members present and voting) shall be required for election. If, after counting all ballots, no majority exists, the person with the lowest number of votes shall be disqualified and a new round of balloting conducted. This process shall continue until a candidate receives a majority of the ballots cast.
        9. If there is only one candidate for Chapter Chair at the time of the vote, a voice vote may be conducted, and no paper ballots will be necessary.
        10. The results of each ballot shall be announced by the election monitors; once a candidate has received a majority of the votes cast, the winner shall be announced by the Chapter Chair (or Temporary Chair, as the case may be). The results shall be certified by the signature of the Chapter Chair (or Temporary Chair, as the case may be) and the two election monitors and communicated to the Chair, or in the absence of the Chair, the Vice Chair, of DAG within 24 hours.
        11. Upon the announcement of the election winner, the current Chapter Chair shall turn over conduct of the meeting to the new Chapter Chair.
        12. For all contested elections, all ballots shall be retained by the Temporary Chair and made available in case of a challenge to the election.
    1. Challenge to Election Results. Any challenge to the announced election results must be made by two members present and voting and the reasons for the challenge must be communicated to the Chair or Vice Chair of DAG within 72 hours of the election. The DAG Chair or Vice Chair shall investigate the challenge and report to the Executive Committee. The DAG Executive Committee shall consider the report of the DAG Chair or Vice Chair, as the case may be, and, by majority vote without the current Chapter Chair of the affected chapter voting, shall determine whether the result shall stand, someone other than the announced winner be declared the winner, or a new election be held. If a new election is mandated, the DAG Executive Committee may name an observer for the conduct of the new election. The determination of the DAG Executive Committee on any challenge shall be final. The DAG Executive Committee by a 2/3 vote may annul any election where, in its judgment, improper electoral activity has occurred. This shall include, but not be limited to, the infiltration of a chapter by an outside group that the Executive Committee, in its judgment, believes does not support the DNC as per the DNC bylaws.
    1. DAG Bylaws. In the event of any conflict between these rules and the DAG bylaws (not including these rules), the DAG bylaws shall prevail. Any capitalized terms used but not defined in these rules shall have the meanings assigned to them in the DAG bylaws.

    16 December 2006
    Amended, 17 December 2018


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  • published DA Germany Annual General Meeting in Hamburg in News 2018-01-11 04:23:01 -0500

    DA Germany Annual General Meeting in Hamburg

    Every year Democrats Abroad Germany gathers in person to discuss issues back home and plan our activities for the coming year. With midterm election quickly approaching, join us in Hamburg to learn more about how you can be an active part of getting out the vote, meet other democrats living in Germany and give your input on the DAG political process. This year we will also dedicate time to discuss amendments to our bylaws to help improve DAG and make sure our country adapts to the changes of our organization.

    Registration is now open: Registration Form

    Participants are welcome to arrive in Hamburg already on Friday, February 23rd to have dinner and attend a performance of "Neuland" at the Lichthof Theater. Tickets can be purchased as part of registration and are €18 for regular tickets and €12 for reduced tickets (students and retirees).

    The official meeting will begin on Saturday morning at the Kultur Palast. We will focus on our Get Out to Vote (GOTV) activities, which will include training sessions for CallHub (the tool to call members of DA). Other workshops will also be held, such as learning how to stay connected with Democrats Abroad Germany, how to explain what DA is to others, and learning how to become more involved with the various DA Caucuses. We will also have a session in which all of the caucuses will present what they have planned for 2018 and a researcher from the University of Cologne (and DA Member) will give a presentation titled "Communicating with Conservatives: Using psychological insights to reach across the aisle." On Saturday, we will also be discussing and voting on amendments to our by-laws.

    On Saturday evening, we will have a dinner that will feature a guest speaker. We will also announce the winners of the raffle prizes and have music. It's a nice way to wrap up the busy day.

    Schedule of Events

    Friday, February 23rd
    16:00 Registration opens at the Lichthof Theater
    17:00 Mixer event at the Theater
    18:00 Dinner (at a nearby restaurant)
    20:00 "Neuland" at the Lichthof Theater

    Saturday, February 24th
    8:30 - 9:00 Registration opens at the Kultur Palast
    9:00 - 9:30 Opening of the AGM
    9:30 - 10:30 GOTV Workshop
    10:30 - 11:00 Coffee Break
    11:00 - 11:45 Topical Break-outs
    12:00 - 13:15 Presentation of the Caucuses
    13:15 - 14:15 Lunch
    14:15 - 15:00 Topical Break-outs
    15:00 - 15:30 Coffee Break
    15:30 - 18:00 Discussion and voting on the DAG Bylaws
    19:00 - 22:00 Dinner with special guest

    Sunday, February 25th
    9:00 - 15:00 Meeting of the DA Germany Executive Committee


    If you are planning on attending the AGM, please complete the Registration Form by February 12th.

    Meeting Costs

    • For the meeting, we are asking participants to donate €15 to help covers use of the room, technical equipment, copies and supplies. We will be offering the early bird price of €15 until February 1st. Starting on February 1st, this price will increase to €25. Under the rules of the Democratic Party and Democrats Abroad a fee for attending the meeting is not allowed.
    • Lunch on Saturday is €15.
    • Two coffee breaks, which includes unlimited hot beverages, cookies, and a mug to keep, are €5.
    • Dinner on Saturday evening is €35 and includes a three-course meal and water (other drinks are at the individual's expense). There will be a guest speaker and DJ.

    Stipends to Attend the AGM

    DAG understands the accompanying financial cost of attending the AGM. We want to make sure that as many members are able to attend as possible and one’s financial situation should not be the deciding factor. Therefore, DAG will be offering up to 8 stipends that will cover theater attendance on Friday and the meeting cost on Saturday, and up to 50 EUR in transit costs. The deadline to apply is January 23rd and recipients will be notified by January 26th.

    If you are interested in applying for a stipend, please complete the following application form.

    Homestays in Hamburg
    As in the past, homestays will be available thanks to the members of the Hamburg chapter. If you are interested in having a homestay, please complete the following survey so that we can make sure you are matched with an appropriate host: "Need a homestay" survey

    As soon as a homestay has been found, you will be contacted via email.

    For those in Hamburg who would be willing to host another member of DAG, please fill out this survey to sign up as a host: "Homestay host" survey

    Accommodation in Hamburg
    For those living outside of Hamburg, homestays will be available (check back for more details). If you would prefer to stay in a hotel, a special rate will be given by the Hotel Panorama Inn (Billstedter Hauptstrasse 36, 22111 Hamburg).

    Single room is 56 Euros per room, per night
    Double room is 74 Euros per room, per night
    Check-in on Friday, February 23rd begins at 14:00 and check-out on Sunday, February 25th is 12:00. This price includes a continental breakfast buffet. If arriving by car, there is a parking garage available for 9 Euros per parking space, per night.

    You can pay for the room at the hotel when you arrive.

    To reserve a room, please call 040 733 69 150 or send an email to [email protected]. You can ask to speak to or direct your email to Frau Beate Weidemann or Michael Mehlis-Schöning.

    Rooms can be reserved until January 20, 2018.


  • Get into the Holiday Spirit with Democrats Abroad Germany

    Before we jump into 2018, take some time to celebrate the holidays with members of Democrats Abroad. Below you will find a list of all the various holiday events going on in Germany in November and December.

    Thanksgiving Dinners

    Holiday Parties

    • Weihnachtsmarkt Social in KasselDecember 02, 2017 · 5:00pm  - Come ring in the season with fellow Americans in Kassel.
    • Holiday Cookie Swap in Berlin - Tuesday, December 5 · 7:30pm - Before we kick things into high gear for the 2018 midterm elections, we wanted to end the year on a sweet note. Like our 4th of July potluck, we are asking members to bring cookies or other traditional holiday treats (sweet or savory) to share. You are also welcome to bring the recipe to share with others.
    • Grassroots Glühwein in Bonn - Saturday, December 9 · 2:00pm - Join Democrats Abroad for an informal gathering to reign in the holiday season and discuss our grassroots planning efforts to make the 2018 mid-terms a success. Family and friends welcome!
    • Celebrate the Holiday Season in Wiesbaden - Sunday, December 10 · 3:00pm - Come and join us for some Holiday Cheer at the Ratskeller with a glass of Sekt. We will have a white Donkey gift exchange so bring a wrapped gift of a treasure you have in your home.
    • Holiday Get-Together in Cologne - Tuesday, December 12 · 7:00pm - Fun and Games at the DA NRW Holiday event! Join us for our last meeting before we kick off the 2018 GOTV Season.


    Picture: (c) Alex Holyoake



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