A Discussion on Citizenship Stripping

YOU ARE NOT AMERICAN: A Discussion on Citizenship Stripping

Learn all about the 14th Amendment and the legal ins-and-outs of US citizenship in this important discussion co-sponsored by the Global Women’s Caucus, the DA France Women’s Caucus and the DA France Diversity Caucus

When: May 4th at 1:00 pm Eastern/7:00 pm CET

Where: Zoom call (RSVP below for the link)

What if…

  • you applied to vote and were told “no” just because your spouse was a foreigner?
  • you came back from visiting family members overseas and were refused re-entry to the US, despite having been born on American soil?
  • your US passport renewal was denied because you were born at home, not in a hospital?
  • you were under investigation by the Dept. of Justice, simply because you were born near the US-Mexican border?
  • US Immigration demanded documented proof of your US citizenship, what do you possess that can accurately prove this?

Most Americans firmly believe in the promise of birthright citizenship, as enshrined in the US Constitution’s 14th Amendment. However, all of the above situations resulted in exclusion and, in some cases, even deportation.

The loss of citizenship over the past two centuries has been reflected in many of the United States’ most gripping political struggles and much has been directed against women and minorities—over slavery, women’s suffrage, communism, immigration and world wars.

Our honored guest speaker is Amanda Frost*, Professor of Law & Government, who will be discussing her book, “You Are Not American: Citizenship Stripping from Dred Scott to the Dreamers”. Questions are welcomed!

Her book can be purchased on amazon.fr (hardback or Kindle) or ordered locally (check your local booksellers).

Please RSVP below to obtain the link to the Zoom meeting.

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May 04, 2021 at 7:00pm - 8pm Madrid Time
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