Thursday, November 30


Florida's Abortion and Clean Water Petitions Can Get on Next November's Ballot With Your Help


 Thursday, November 30th at 1:00 PM US Eastern on Zoom

These two campaigns for abortion access and a fundamental right to clean waters are now at the final stages of collecting signed petitions to put two constitutional amendments on next November's ballot!

Join us to hear an activist from each campaign describe the amendment, the campaign, progress to date, getting the amendments on the ballot and then the planned campaign through 2024. Florida has a tough, 60% vote requirement but polling is showing voters are supporting both amendments.

Joseph Bonasia is Chair of Florida Rights of Nature Network and Operations and Communications Director of Both organizations are behind the campaign for the constitutional amendment to create a fundamental "Right to Clean and Healthy Waters." He will explain how this amendment will protect aquatic ecosystems and describe current challenges and future threats to the amendment process.

Carol Moore, founding chair of the DAUK Women's Caucus and a member of the DA Global Women's Caucus Reproductive Justice Team, will describe the broad coalition of women's rights organizations who launched this amendment last spring after Governor DeSantis signed a 6-week abortion ban. 10 months was a short time frame to get the 862,000 signed petitions approved in Tallahassee and Carol will describe the success to date and the remaining work to be done.

If you have questions for the speakers, please submit them in advance to [email protected].

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Take action and send in a petition NOW! How?
Go to each campaign's website:

Clean Water Petition:

Abortion Petition:


  • Print off the one-page petition
  • Enter in the Florida county where you vote
  • Sign with the same signature you have on your voter file, and
  • Send the completed petition to the campaign address listed in the petition.
  • It needs to arrive before December 31st, 2023.

The campaigns will vet the petitions for completeness before sending them on to the county Supervisor of Elections office for the signature to be verified. They are then sent to the office of the State Attorney General to be included in the formal petition count. The campaigns' deadline is December 31st, 2023. The state deadline is February 1, 2024.




Thursday, November 30, 2023 at 01:00 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada) Time


DA Florida State Team
[email protected]

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