For U.S. Veterans or Military Family Members Living Overseas and Needing Help from the V.A.

Phone numbers for VA claims


International VA Crisis Line:



Toll-Free Hot Line Information

Australia Toll Free: 1-800-656-120

Bahrain Toll Free Mobile Enabled: 800-06-206

Belgium Toll Free Mobile Enabled: 0800-709-42

Belize Toll Free 1-800-017-6269

Canada Toll Free Phone: 1-800-747-2815

Costa Rica Toll Free Phone: +506 4001 8948

Denmark Toll Free Mobile Enabled: 8083-0030

Dominican Republic Toll Free: 1-888-751-9015

Germany Toll Free Phone: 0-800-189-0363

Greece Toll Free Phone: 800-848-1608

Italy Toll Free - Mobile Enabled: 800-878-250

Japan Toll Free Phone: 0120-974-967

Korea Toll Free Phone: 080-812-1294

Kuwait Toll Free 1-877-637-8387

Mexico Toll Free: 800-681-5375

Netherlands Toll Free Mobile Enabled: 0-800-022-4505

Panama National: +507 8365962

Poland Toll Free: 0-0-800-141-0144

Philippines Toll Free: 1-800-1-322-0161

Spain Toll Free - Mobile Enabled: 900-839123

Thailand Toll Free: 1-800-011-151

United Kingdom Toll Free Phone: 0-800-088-5395

U.S. Territories 713-255-5656