February 28, 2017

DA Italy AGM and country officer elections – Rome - March 25 from 3:00 to 5:00 pm

In accordance with the DA Italy Bylaws we will hold our Annual General meeting in Rome on March 25 - from 3:00-5:00 pm.

The meeting will be held at a convenient location: the  Fondazione Di Liegro, 106  via Ostiense, near the metro Garbatella and the Ostiense train station. 

Here is the event page with the map and RSVP: http://www.democratsabroad.org/gaf_daitaly/da_italy_annual_general_meeting_and_country_officer_elections

To help us organize the meeting please sign-up here.  People who cannot attend the meeting will be able to vote on-line. (The ballots will be sent out by March 20)






2:30 pm


All participants fill out participation form and are given election materials. Staff checks that participants are members in good standing.

3:00 pm

Meeting convenes - Administrative remarks




3:05 pm

Welcome remarks and Reports from the Chair, Vice Chair and the Treasurer

Chair and Vice Chair report on status of DA Italy and prospects for the future and the Treasure reports on our finances and prospects for the future.

3:30 pm

Questions/Statements from the floor

Members can ask questions or make brief statements.

4:00 pm


Nominations Committee Chair calls to order the assembly to begin elections for DA Italy officers.

(sequence of events to be established by the Nominations Committee).
The full hour will be dedicated to the elections process, to include tallying the votes received via Internet.


Coffee break



Break out into issue groups

Different issue groups meet for one hour. Prepare draft written reports to be completed by 30 April 2017 and distributed to new DA Italy officers.
In the meantime, the Nominations Committee will tally votes and complete formalities regarding the elections.


Announcement of election results

The Nominations Committee Chair announces the election of the new DA Italy Officers



Current DA Italy officers greet new officers in presence of the assembly, hand over responsibilities to new officers, with group photo.


Closing remarks by new DA Italy Chair



AGM Meeting closes




Here is some information on the elections, posted on February 28. The deadline to declare oneself a candidate was March 11.

Country Officer Elections

This is an exciting time for DA Italy, with lots of new enthusiasm and activities. We encourage you to run for one of the offices described below and be part of our (r)evolution. 

Any member of the organization wishing to run for office must declare his/her candidacy by emailing  this Candidate form to [email protected]  by March 11. Expect a confirmation receipt when you send in your form.

We will post  each candidate form on our candidates page as soon as it received.



DA Italy Chair and Vice-Chair

These two people are the hub between DA at the international/regional level and the Chapters working at their local level.

The Vice-Chair supports the Chair in the same activities. The two officers must be of opposite gender. It is useful for these officers to be located in or near the major cities.

The Chair and Vice-Chair are voting members at the international level and represent DA Italy at regular regional and international meetings (in person or on-line). They ensure that Italy meets all its country committee compliance requirements.

They are responsible for regular communication to DA Italy members and manage the smooth running of the chapters.

The Chair is the official spokesperson for DA Italy, unless press relations have been delegated to someone else.

If you are willing to run for either Chair or Vice-Chair then you should state your candidacy for both positions.

DA Italy Secretary

This person is the very heart of DA Italy – making sure our members are kept informed (email, website, etc.), managing membership records and organizing countrywide meetings and conference calls. The Secretary takes notes at DA meetings and keeps a file of official documents.  Although, some of these tasks may be delegated to a database and/or social media officer, ideally the Country Secretary should be familiar with database and communication tools.

DA Italy Counsel

Be available for consultation by the Italy Board on legal and procedural questions relating to the country committee or its activities. Consult with International Counsel as necessary. This person should have a legal background.

DA Italy Treasurer

Keeps the country committee accounts (if relevant), responsible for any financial reporting. Ensures that funds are raised and expended properly. Coordinates with the chapter treasurers. This person should have experience in accountancy.

The DA Italy Board (composed of country officers, chapter chairs and present/past DPCA officers) can also name other officers and roles if deemed necessary.

More detailed descriptions of these offices can be found in these Country Officer Guidelines.

Nominating committee and declaring your candidacy

You must declare your candidacy by emailing  the attached Candidate form to [email protected]  by March 11.

Expect a confirmation receipt when you send in your form.

We will post  each candidate form on our web page as soon as it received.

The nominating committee (email: [email protected]) is composed of:

-    Matt Montavon – current Rome Chapter Chair
-    Tony Quattrone – current DA Italy Chair
-    Bob Samors – living in Rome
-    Kate Stevens – living in Genga (le Marche)


 If you have questions, email the nominating committee with your phone number and they will get back to you.