From APATHY to ACTIVISM: DA Italy Annual General Meeting

So what are YOU doing about it?

Get Out and Vote
(Speech recorded in 1964 by Mario Savio, Leader of the Free Speech Movement at The University of California, Berkeley) 

Come to the Democrats Abroad Italy Annual General Meeting

May 26th-27th in Milan Italy


  • Have you done everything in your power to make a positive change for the future of America?
  • Have you told every American that you know or meet abroad that they can and should vote from abroad?
  • Have you organized locally to strategize on how you can maximize your power as a single voter from abroad?

The point is that no matter how you answered the questions above, we want YOU to come to Democrats Abroad Italy’s Annual General Meeting. We need to ORGANIZE ORGANIZE ORGANIZE to get Democrats and Progressives elected in 2018 and there's no more effective way to do that than at an in-person meeting. 

Why coming to the Democrats Abroad Italy Annual General Meeting (AGM) is the best thing that you can do this year:

  • The AGM will be the largest and most impactful gathering of American POLITICAL ACTIVISTS in Italy, PERIOD. You’ll meet other Americans who want to organize WITH YOU and make a meaningful impact in November through presentations, speeches and workshops
  • A leader within the Democratic National Committee in D.C. will attend and speak at our AGM, sharing insights on outreach and strategies to help Get Out the Vote (A Fundraising Gala for donors and sponsors will be held with our DNC guest for the Evening of May 26th as well).
  • Only 400,000 Americans abroad voted in 2016 out of nearly 6.9 million eligible Americans abroad. We can do better and YOU can be part of the solution. 
  • Voter Apathy is NOT about how you feel on the issues, it's about what you do to influence them and the AGM is the place to get tangible strategies you can implement immediately!

The important stuff:

Who: Democrats Abroad Italy
What: Annual General Meeting
When: May 26-27, 2018
Where: 4-Star Conference Hotel in Downtown Milan, Italy (Specific Location TBA)
Why: Because you’re not apathetic and you want to make a difference! 
Cost: Requested donation amount TBD* 
*while we legally cannot charge for attendance, we will suggest a recommended donation amount upon registration to help cover venue and organizational costs. Payment links will be setup to facilitate your much needed donations. 
Members of Democrats Abroad from every region in Italy and EMEA are welcome to join us. Email to receive more information as it becomes available. Official Registration and program details will be available in the next few days but we encourage you to mark your calendar and make travel plans now. MORE DETAILS TO COME!
IMPORTANT: If you'd like to volunteer to help organize the AGM, we need all hands on deck! We will need help with Event Greeters, Voter Registration, Event Setup, Merchandise, Social Media Support, Photography and Videography, Audio Visual Tech Support and a plethora of other things. Send an email to with the Subject Line: "AGM Volunteer".