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    John Scardino, Biden Delegate EMEA & Global

    I’ve been on the front lines of Democrats Abroad UK since 2004 as a communications volunteer and spokesperson focused on issues like voter registration, the GPP and residency based taxation. I’m eager to continue working to elect Joe Biden president and Democratic candidates all across the ballot. I would focus on registering and engaging voters abroad, especially in close contests and swing states. I support the work done by the DA Taxation Task Force, and I support the urgent changes that are needed to the CARES Act so that Americans abroad have access to the aid available to others during the pandemic. Before moving to London with my family and working as a teacher, I ran a communications firm. I was the media director of the Commission on Presidential Debates, a media adviser at AmeriCorps, and a legislative aide in Congress. I would appreciate your vote.

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    Art Schankler, DNC Member - EMEA or Global

    I’m a dedicated Democrat and a dedicated Democrat Abroad. I’ve served as a Country Chair (Czech Republic), International Treasurer, International Vice Chair and now head of the Fundraising Committee. Believe me, I don’t like asking people for money, but I do it because I believe in our organization and our mission – to elect Democrats and support issues that are important to Democrats and Democrats Abroad. I want to help that mission by becoming a DNC member. It’s for others to judge, but I think I have the experience, the temperament, and the judgment to do a good job and help us get the support from the DNC and the rest of the Democratic Party that we need. In the photo above, I'm the one on the right. And it's not an endorsement by Bernie - or by me. Just one of my favorite moments in DA.

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    Dirk Zschocke - Delegate Candidate for Bernie Sanders (EMEA)

    Born in Michigan of German, Italian and Swiss roots, of a grandmother that had to flee due to a war made possible by a nation that followed an irresponible, destructive leader, I carry a multiecultural background since before I even could speak. Living and working in Europe, Asia, India and the Americas as a trained biologist, artist, therapist and shaman thaught me the power of being able to choose my own way and taking responibility for my fellow ones around me, in my community and the world. To find a balance between individual freedom and supporting each other to create a society that leaves no one behind in the clear consciousness that it is our birthright to live and walk in beaut. It‘s now time that we integrate these virtudes of the „old“ with the virtudes of the „new“ world. Bernie Sanders is the one that brings these virtudes.

  • tagged Lisa Le Goater's Lisa Le Goater, Delegate Candidate, EMEA, Bernie Sanders with approved 2020-05-12 16:03:07 -0400

    Lisa Le Goater, Delegate Candidate, EMEA, Bernie Sanders

    UK resident for 25 years (from California). I own a small business organised as a social enterprise. Throughout my adult life I have advocated on behalf of women and children and other underserved groups. I chaired a non-profit organization providing housing and support for refugees from conflict zones, acted as a court advocate for minors who had suffered abuse, and volunteered as a counsellor for AIDS Project LA. I phone bank for Democrats Abroad as I believe that in these times where seemingly we have little control over what happens in the world, we can exercise control by casting our vote. I’ve supported Bernie Sanders since 2016 and his platform of Medicare for all, free university education, and provision of a living wage. Living in Europe these are things that each one of us enjoys without question and must be secured in the US.

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    Nancy Opdyke - Delegate Candidate for Bernie Sanders

    I have helped Democrats Abroad with the last 2 elections and will work to make this the year when a Democrat is again in the White House. The US deserves better, and the world needs to be able to look up to the US again.

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    John Esteban Rodriguez -- Youth LGBT Hispanic Immigrant Candidate for Bernie Sanders (EMEA)

    Like Bernie Sanders, my roots informed my desire to fight for a more egalitarian America and world. Growing up in rural Georgia, my intersectional identity was politicized: my skin color, sexual orientation, and immigrant Colombian background. Xenophobia surrounded me in the Deep South. Uninsured and low-income, I neglected medical issues. Earning minimum wage since age 15, I racked up debt for my studies. My activism with France for Bernie strengthened my conviction that America could and should do better for all its citizens. Living in a country where health care coverage and access to free higher education are universally guaranteed, I will push for Sanders’ ideas so that Americans may have a similar horizon of opportunity and security. My involvement as a Democrats Abroad National Voting Representative reaffirms my commitment to transforming the Democratic Party. If elected Delegate, I will fight for the progressive voice of Americans abroad.

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    Khaled J Nasr - Dubai - Delegate Candidate for Senator Bernie Sanders

    All the way from Dubai! Greetings DA family, UNITE AND WIN! Is my message and I pledge to dedicate all my possible effort to support our Democratic party till November. We need to pull together to fight for a future with dignity and bond American and reflect it to the whole world. These are concepts that have driven my professional and personal life. Moved to Dubai from Florida in 2012 As a professional who lived between East and West and worked in the industrial field for 10 years and currently the head of business development team at private office to one of the prominent family in the MENA region. Let’s all work together to increase our impact in the 2020 election and kick trump out. I stand for universal Healthcare, Gun reform, support small business and support programs for American citizen abroad. It would be an honor to Represent Democrat abroad.

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    Paul Olivera

    I have lived abroad for about 15 years, first in the UK and now in HK for work. Before moving abroad I worked and lived in CA, both as a lawyer and a CA State Senate aide. I have been involved in Democratic politics since I was old enough to volunteer for local campaigns. I feel Joe is the best solution we have right now for an abysmal political situation where the country is becoming increasingly disjointed and many folks seem to reject scientific and inclusive pragmatic solutions to our concerns. Joe's approach to politics, his years of experience and decency are a welcome antidote to the difficult times we have been experiencing for the past several years. We cannot afford to continue on the current trajectory and while one election may not cure all ills, the wrong outcome might make them significantly worse.

  • tagged Katie Sadd's Katie Sadd (young professional) - Biden Delegate Candidate with approved 2020-05-09 03:50:42 -0400

    Katie Sadd (young professional) - Biden Delegate Candidate

    Raised in New York, my background includes a degree in political science and a fellowship in Bangladesh. Most recently, before moving to France to further a career in human rights, I worked in public policy for nearly four years, advising officials and influencing legislation as a senior advisor to a City Councilmember and a district director for the California State Assembly. Throughout that time, I was also involved in local, state and federal campaigns as a volunteer, phone banking, canvassing, and supporting community events to get out the vote and support candidates ranging from County Supervisor to Mayor to Congress. Through this, I developed the policy knowledge and interpersonal skills needed to engage delegations, campaigns and voters on issues of inequality, sustainability, and the need for government innovation. I believe I can advocate well for our priorities to get them on the agenda, and I would consider it an honor.

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    Winston Linn

    Originally from a town of 700 people in Illinois, I was Home-schooled and done everything from being a Farm-Hand, Mechanic, Film-Editor, Project-Manager, and now Marketing-Manager at an international video game developer/publisher, based in Prague. I came abroad after 6.5 years in Chicago where I was vice-president of Ogilvy Advertising’s chapter for LGBT inclusion. While VP of this initiative, we worked to: support LGBT youth centres, foster a culture of acceptance, and provide the business with a insights and actionable criteria. Through our efforts I was proud to achieve a perfect score of 100 on the Corporate Equality Index, and named among the Best Places to Work for Equality. I’m passionate about the culture of, and the issues facing, the LGBT community and strive to dedicate my time and this a priority topic in my life. I sincerely ask for your support and vote to ensure this topic is heard.

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    Diane Haven, delegate for Joe Biden

    I am new to DA, but after reading the 2020 Platform Draft I am so excited to belong to this organization! I have extensive experience meeting with members of Congress as I was a national board member to an organization that met in Washington DC annually (WAND) to meet with legislators. I am also comfortable talking to the media and with all kinds of people. I currently phone bank for DA and will be sending out postcards. I am happy that VP Biden is choosing a woman for this running mate. I like his platform and I believe he will listen to Bernie supporters. I will be honored to represent DA in any way I can!

  • tagged Marc Parent's Marc Parent with approved 2020-05-04 09:02:14 -0400

    Marc Parent

    We imperatively need to restore our American values which are being shockingly and disgustingly dragged in the gutter by Donald Trump. Once we’ve ousted Trump, we need to address the issue of reforming America’s Health system and Social Security for All. We also need to reform and modernize our voting system which should be based on the popular vote like in all European democracies and in other nations throughout the world. America was founded by immigrants like my grandmother who was half French half Czech; many immigrants have been trashed by Trump ever since he took office and we are many not to recognize any longer, because of this incumbent President, America as a Land of Opportunities especially for those across the world who have nothing but a dream. A new narrative is needed. Last but not least, something also needs to be done about the students’ debts in America.

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    George Black, At-Large National Convention Delegate and/or Alternate

    Greetings fellow DA members, I humbly request your consideration of my candidacy for At-Large National Convention Delegate and/or Alternate to the upcoming Regional Caucus/Global Convention. I’m a retired USAF Master Sergeant who honorably served the American public for 22 years. In 2018, I transitioned to multinational service and began working as an IT consultant for NATO’s maritime mission headquartered in the UK. My partner Didi and I have lived in London since 2014 and have continued to stay focused on sociopolitical and environmental issues back home. We support representatives who struggle to end gender, racial and economic inequalities in the States. Voting abroad helps us stay in the fight, and defeating Trump by getting Vice President Biden elected in November is our mission. If I’m fortunate enough to receive your vote, I look forward meeting that goal by representing DA at the DNC National Convention. Thank

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    Eero Carroll, Delegate Candidate for Senator Bernie Sanders

    I was born in Hawaii, and ended up in Sweden in 1991 after getting my sociology BA at MSU. I got my sociology Ph.D at Stockholm University, and have worked as an analyst at the Swedish Agency for Public Management since 2011. I have worked on the campaigns of Bernie Sanders in 2016 and 2020, have organized events and been the contact person for Sweden for Bernie in 2020, and campaigned on the groud for Bernie in SC in 2020. I phonebanked for DA Sweden to up participation in the general in 2016 and in the GPP in 2020, and serve on the ExComm of the DA Sweden Progressive Caucus. I ardently support tuition-free higher education, as well as single-payer public health care--vital planks in Sanders' program, whose time I believe has come in America, and which I want to see in the Democratic Party platform for the upcoming election.

  • tagged Anthony Glavinic's Tonei Glavinic, candidate for Biden delegate with approved 2020-05-04 08:54:44 -0400

    Tonei Glavinic, candidate for Biden delegate

    My name is Tonei Glavinic, and I'm a member of DA Mexico City (previously DA Barcelona). Born and raised in Alaska, I've spent most of my life working for social justice, and I plan to fully support Biden while pushing him, his administration, and the party for the progressive changes our country needs and deserves.

    I became active in DA relatively recently; I helped run the GPP, am on our GOTV team, and am providing fundraising support while the fundraising chair is on maternity leave. However, I have campaign experience (both candidate- and issue-based) going back to 2003, when I was in middle school!

    I was a Warren supporter and voted for Sanders in the primary, but it's time to rally around Biden to get Trump out of the White House so we have a leader who will actually be accountable to the people he's supposed to serve.