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    Lissette F. Wright (Canada) Sanders PLEO Delegate Candidate

    I’m a GPP #SandersVoter ready-to-serve as #SandersPLEO to achieve a unified-and-progressive party-platform to be spearheaded by presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Inspired by my DA peers, I humbly request your vote to represent and join the #DADelegation exert influence at the 2020 Democratic National Convention for #MedicareForAll, #DecentLivingWages, #PeopleOverProfits, the #GreenNewDeal, #ResidencyBasedTaxation and a government #ForThePeople that also represents #AmericansAbroad. I’m a Nicaraguan-born-NYer who understands the power of diversity, inclusion and unity. I’m a Latinx-daughter of a progressive single-mother enriched by my multi-cultural, mixed-race heritage and proud of the historical role of Hispanics in America. As a student-activist, I protested CUNY budget-cuts and canvased with NYPIRG. Later, professionally at Planned Parenthood, I managed grants for LAC communities. ( |2017-2021 DA-Global-Treasurer/DA-Canada-Treasurer/DPCA-Voting-Rep |2017-Present #DAHispanicCaucus Founding and Steering-Committee Member |2017-2018 Helped organize the #DACanadaDelegation to #WomensMarchWashington and #MarchForOurLives |2015-Present #DemocratsAbroadVolunteer |2012-2015 Moved-to-Canada and built #AffordableHomes with #HabitatForHumanity.

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    Ligia Burkett - Delegate Candidate for Joe Biden

    Hi, my name is Ligia Burkett, I am currently residing in Trinidad and Tobago and I am a Finance Delegate for an International Humanitarian Organization, offering humanitarian support to the 13 independent Caribbean Islands. I have worked for over 20 years in the finance field, mostly for non-profits in Phoenix, Arizona. I was elected Vice-Chair for Panama Democrats Abroad in 2016, and I resigned to my position in 2018, when we moved out of Panama to come to Trinidad. More than ever, we know that the land of the brave and free is in danger, under an administration the lacks moral core and the ability to use introspection to reflect on consequences of actions. I am supporting Joe Biden for President, as I believe he is the option that will bring together not only democrats, but independents, and republicans with morals. Let stand to the call, for a better America.

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    Sherley Louis - Delegate Candidate for Bernie Sanders


     I am Haitian. I am American. I am an international school leader, UAE. After nearly missing the Global Presidential Primary election for getting the information too late, I pledge to get involved in Democrats Abroad (DA) and become a Delegate. I’ll volunteer to ensure that Americans abroad exercise their rights to vote timely. I am committed to work alongside DA to win the election by demonstrating the principles of political activism, advocacy, community engagement, and organizing. During my 10 years as an educator in the USA, I fought for high quality public education, better salary for educators, fairness in education for students in inner city schools, language justice, public services, & health care. I am a former member of the United Teachers of Dade (UTD), AFT, NEA, & FEA where I had gained self-advocacy, collective bargaining, lobbying, and political activism skills. My political activism includes UTD Front Line Caucus, UTD/AFT Teacher leader, MDCPS/UTD Special Student Education Task Force committee member, Florida Congressional Black Caucus Delegation with Congresswoman Frederica Wilson, & Florida Education Association Delegate.

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    I've spent much of my adult life as an activist, writer, and educator working in all areas for substantive change in our world, whether it's the environment, queer rights, anti-racism, foreign policy, or healthcare. I support a candidate that strongly contrasts with the status quo, something I've seen in both parties for my entire adult life. I'm ready for a change, and that change can only come if the democratic party takes its rightful place on the left. I want to see more candidates that challenge the status quo, just like The Squad, and like Bernie Sanders. I want to support a candidate that inspires a movement and who fights for Main Street rather than Wall Street. I want to see Us not Me in the White House this fall.

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    Rania Masri - Sanders delegate candidate

    I have dedicated my life to fight for justice. In the US, while pursuing my higher education (BS-PHD), I was an anti-war organizer. I moved to Lebanon in 2005, and have been working on environmental justice, social justice, and fair political representation. (I'm also a prof.)

    Bernie Sanders is the only candidate I have supported.

    I stand with him in support of an anti-war, progressive, multi-racial, working class social movement. My vote for him is a vote in favor of policies grounded in healthcare for all, education for all, justice for all, and wars for none! It is a vote against US imperialism and endless wars abroad, and against racism at home.

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    John Chudy

    I am seeking the office of DNC for the Americas Region of Democrats Abroad. I am the founder of Democrats Abroad Guatemala in 2006-7, and past vice chair and current chair and former Regional Vice Chair for the Americas (2010 to 2013). I support Joe Biden in this year’s race for the Democratic nomination because he has the experience and broad voter support needed to win in November. One goal is achieving universal health care, and Joe’s approach of working within our tradition of employer-sponsored private health insurance while building outward toward government supported options for the uninsured and underinsured offers the best path to wide voter appeal. Also, the negative approach the current administration has taken toward immigration from Central America, an approach that has become dangerous under the current pandemic, is concerning and needs more attention drawn to it. Thank you for your support

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    Claire Lops, Delegate for Bernie Sanders

    As a 28 year old lawyer residing in Berlin, I have devoted my professional and activist life to the protection of human rights. During the last twelve months, I have been a lead organizer, social media director and event coordinator for Germany for Bernie. With our group, we have achieved an astonishing voter turnout in the Global Presidential Primary. I was also honored to serve as a Co-Chair for the Bernie Abroad Campaign. I truly believe in the strength of our democracy and hope to become an integral part of this process.

    I pledge to vote for Bernard Sanders as he is the only candidate who understands the profound need at this moment in time to change the system as we know it. Without radically transforming our government to one that is less influenced by corporate greed, there will neither be room for equality nor for a healthy environment.


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    Stephanie Skourtes, Delegate for Bernie Sanders

    I came to Vancouver, British Columbia 12 years ago to complete a PhD in Sociology and became a permanent resident of Canada. As a sociology professor, researcher, and community organizer I have spent my career working with marginalized and low income women and girls throughout the U.S. Working and living now in Canada, I have witnessed first hand the positive impact of the policies that Senator Sanders has been fighting for on the lives of everyday citizens. Like universal health care, a living wage, affordable or free college tuition, support for labor, a government commitment to climate action. These policies have meant the difference between life and death in Canada during the COVID-19 crisis and are not out of reach for the U.S. Therefore, I am committed to pressing forward to advance these policies at the Convention to create lasting change in the U.S. and globally.

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    Will Klemperer, Candidate for Sanders Delegate

    I’m currently a graduate student at Cambridge University, where I have been active in both Cambridge’s DAUK chapter and the Bernie Abroad Campaign. While finishing my undergrad at Oxford, I chaired the Oxford Democrats through the 2018 midterms. Although just 22, I’ve been involved with Democratic party politics and campaigns all my life, from campaigning aged 15 for Bill de Blasio in NY, to interning in Senator Schumer’s leadership office. As a young American, I am passionate about protecting our democracy and taking the fight to this administration. Please do get in touch via email (will[dot]klemperer[at] or Twitter (@will_klemperer)!

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    Justin Sosnoski, Delegate Candidate for Senator Bernie Sanders

    I joined the ex-pat community in early 2015--the very same year a U.S. presidential candidate emerged who both cared about and represented every American. In Hungary, I first experienced "socialized medicine" in a time of need. In Switzerland, my opportunities boomed thanks to a virtually free masters degree education. These policies changed my life for the better and it sickens me that so many Americans living in the largest economy in the world cannot benefit as I have. It would be my greatest honor to be a part of the democratic process, representing commonsense progressive policies, America's youth abroad, and the Sanders movement.

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    Zachary James Miller, France - DA Delegate Candidate for Joe Biden, All Regions.

    I led Elizabeth Warren's campaign in France. Since she suspended her campaign I’ve endorsed Joe Biden and will work tirelessly to elect him. Donald Trump is the greatest internal threat to the USA and democracy in my lifetime. He must be defeated. We must come together and accomplish that. I’ve organized Presidential campaigns in France for Gov. Dean, both campaigns of President Obama, and for Sen. Bernie Sanders during the 2016 primary. I’m an African-American Independent Filmmaker from Akron, Ohio. I served four terms as Vice-Chairman of DAF, many years as an Ex Comm member and as a delegate, in LA, (2000) & Charlotte, NC (2012). I served many years as Chairman of the Minority Caucus of DAF and am a member of the Global Black Caucus and the Progressive Caucus. For over twenty years I’ve been a spokesperson for DA appearing on TV and various media worldwide. Experienced, Enthusiastic

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    Vergil Smith - Delegate Candidate for Joe Biden

    Originally form New Orleans, I presently live in Warsaw, Poland. My background is in Public Policy (BA, Duke University) and Theatre (MFA, Catholic University). This candidacy is my first ever in any sort of political action. The present administration propelled me into this action, as I could not sit by and watch my birth country dissolve into a hateful and divided nation. I believe Biden is the candidate that can fix both the domestic and international damage done by the present president. Living in Poland, I am acutely aware of how much respect the US has lost abroad. I believe we need a leader with Biden's domestic and international experience because once elected, there is no time to "learn" nor wait. Action must be taken immediately regarding climate change, universal health care, Russia and China, to name a few.

    Additionally, Biden should address the corruption and criminal activity of the present administration and bring them to justice.

    Vergil Smith

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    Joan Cole, Biden delegate

    I met Jimmy Carter in 1970, I was little and I'd never seen anyone in a suit before. I wouldn't shake his hand. I saw Nixon resign live on tv. "Mom! Why is the ugly man on every channel." She explained to me simply, "He wanted to be King and we have Presidents in the US." My family in Georgia are half North/South. "Yankees in Tara!" Catholic/Protestant, Democrat/ Republican.. throw in gays/alcoholics/ex-military/gun owners/vegans.. all of it. Christmas and Thanksgiving was a bit tricky but always sober, no alcohol allowed. If we had got drunk the cops woulda been there. I moved to NY at 18 and worked for the Long Island Citizens Campaign. We did local environmental campaigns. Went to work for Greenpeace in NYC and left over sexual harrassment. No one talked about

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    Rob Simmons, Pledged Biden Delegate

    I am a public health professional who retired in Colombia with my wife, Roselena, having been a Peace Corps volunteer here. I have served as a public health policy leader with many health organizations, served as a Fulbright Scholar in Latin America and Spain, and have been an active Democrat in California, Pennsylvania, and Delaware my entire career. I currently volunteer with the Colombian Public Health Association, the St. Vincent de Paul Foundation, and Caring Crowd, a global health crowd-sourcing initiative. I am dedicated to environmental and social justice and have particular experience in health advocacy training, having led numerous advocacy summits in Washington DC. From 1996-2003, I worked at Delaware’s largest hospital system, and had the opportunity to meet with and discuss health policy initiatives with then Senator Biden. I am asking for your support as a Democrats Abroad Delegate from the Americas pledged to former Vice President Biden.

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    Christian Wollny, delegate candidate for Senator Bernie Sanders

    Howdy! I'm a 28 year old Hispanic Merchant, I call Laredo, Texas my home. Currently running my own company, I operate in Europe and am based in Germany. I've lived in a few European Countries, and speak six languages. I know how hard it is to explain American politics to Europeans, and I would like to contribute my part to make Americans proud (or at least not as ashamed) of their Nation when abroad. America needs reforms on many fronts, but together we can achieve anything! Healthcare, Digitalization and Free Trade are my great interests, although admittedly I would like to see America prosper on all fronts. I grew up at the border to Mexico, in a bi-cultural environment, and I've lived in Germany for many years, and I know that tolerance and engagement, not walls, are the answer!

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    Cody Dorsey, Biden Delegate Candidate

    I am a Baltimore native. When I watched the current occupant of the White House criticize my hometown and my mentor, the late Congressman Elijah Cummings, I knew I had to do more to elect Democrats up and down the ballot. I am a Joe Biden Delegate Candidate because he loyally served as Vice President, being a heart beat away from the Presidency. He is someone who can hit the ground running on Day 1. His candidacy will allow us to address issues dear to our hearts such as criminal justice reform, education, economic prosperity, and healthcare reform. I am currently pursuing my Master’s in Politics in Ireland. I am a leader and a problem solver committed to keeping our democracy intact for generations yet unborn while promoting diversity and inclusion. Before my collegiate career, I was the first Black Chairman of High School Democrats — an arm of Young

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    Sophie Spiegelberger, pledged delegate Bernie Sanders (Austria, EMEA)

    I work in journalism and communications, covering politics and business for two magazines in Vienna, Austria, where I live. As a 21 year old, I want to be proactive and not reactive to what happens around me and that means- campaign, work on getting out the Democratic vote and running to be a delegate myself. Youth voter turnout is a Democratic issue I am passionate about and work on as Communications Chair for Democrats Abroad Austria. 


    I look forward to a lively and constructive debate on this platform and thank Democrats Abroad for giving me to opportunity to partake in U.S. politics so intimately, despite being overseas. 


    Democratically yours, 
    Sophie Spiegelberger 

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    Bruce Murray – EMEA At-Large Delegate Candidate for Senator Sanders

    I seek your support for Not Me. Us!, pledging to represent all Democrats Abroad, but especially the dedicated young field organizers and struggling voters I met on Bernie Journeys in cities like Davenport and East Waterloo, IA; Aiken and Columbia, SC. I will not rest until they and we have achieved that future we can believe in! Qualifications and Experience • DPCA Voting Representative • DPCA resolution co-sponsor: Medicare for All and Green New Deal • DA Progressive Caucus founding member • DA Austria Counsel, co-host: “kitchen table talks” on progressive issues, volunteer for GPP student voter registration, call hub, voting center events • Bernie Abroad and Austrian chapter co-founder • Boomlennials for Bernie Facebook administrator, reaching 30,000+ in March 2020 • Bernie Victory Captain • Co-Coordinator--Germany for Bernie/Bernie Abroad Austria meet-ups • Leader--Midwest Midterm Progressive Bikeathon I am totally committed to the DNC delegate representation we need on the Rules and Bylaws, Platform, and Credential Committees!

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    Adhiyat Najam, DA Delegate Candidate for Bernie Sanders

    Born in Hartford, CT and currently residing in Toronto, Canada, I have been actively involved in campaigning for progressive political movements and volunteering for the DA Toronto chapter. I am a Master of Global Health candidate and a devoted patient partner for Diabetes Action Canada, where I have helped inform health research with my lived experience of type 1 diabetes. This has pushed my interest in advocating for insulin affordability and Medicare for All in the US, as I have become acutely aware of the social and economic inequalities that contribute to health disparities. More specifically, I have seen first-hand how excessive healthcare costs and inadequate social security resources for those living with disabilities can dramatically impact quality of life. I am running as a Sanders delegate candidate to raise prescription drug pricing and healthcare access as signature issues at the 2020 convention.

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    I am a 68-year old Citizen of the World and “professional expat” enjoying retirement in the south of France. As a university student, I met a French woman who was teaching French in the Louisiana public school system. We married soon after graduation in 1975 and raised four daughters in New Orleans. My decision to “marry into French culture” reflected the “globalization spirit” of our times, a “golden age” for “liberal democratic culture and society”. During my lifetime however, our capacity to “lead by example” has almost always been subordinate to our capacity to project authority. That was the ideological context behind the cold war, and before that, our American struggle for Civil Rights. Our domestic struggle has been for fairness and equity against special interests. Since defeating fascism we have struggled to set a good example and live by the rules of an international order we built by consensus…