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    Kaitlyn Min, Bernie Sanders Delegate Candidate

    I’m an 18-year old from New York, currently attending the University of Toronto studying political science & history. Bernie Sanders is the reason that I got involved in politics because he represents a politics of compassion and empathy. He inspires me to fight for the issues that I care about: climate action, healthcare, and more. All these issues will be on the ballot in November which is why I got involved with Democrats Abroad. I hosted twice-weekly canvasses on my university campus to encourage students to vote in the Global Presidential Primary. I traveled to Ann Arbor to knock on hundreds of doors before the Michigan primary. I continue to dedicate my time phonebanking and textbanking with voters across America for down-ballot races. I believe in Bernie’s slogan of “Not Me, Us” and it is only through all of us working together that we can elect Trump out of office.

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    Stephanie Gillespie, VP Biden Delegate

    While born in Scotland and growing up in a conservative European environment, living across four continents has made me an unwavering democrat. It appalls me to witness this administration trampling on the rights of vulnerable groups such as minorities, women and children. Having experienced first-hand an environment in which vulnerable groups have a lesser voice, I cannot sit with my arms crossed while Trump repeals all the advances made under previous administrations and inflicts irreparable damage for coming generations. Only Biden can reunite the US across party lines through his policies of equal rights and opportunities for all. Following 13 years of leading communications for multi-nationals in Latin America, the US and Europe, I feel compelled to use my skills to diffuse the messaging of how Biden will bring back decency to the US. After moving to the Bahamas recently, I registered as a fundraiser for the Biden campaign.

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    Miles Iton - Sanders Delegate Candidate

    I am currently a 24 year old Democrat Abroad living in Taiwan as a Fulbright grantee. I cast my first vote on a presidential ballot for Senator Sanders in 2016, and I am happy to continue supporting the vision of America I voted for. My goal is to articulate these civic values as I support our country’s recovery and redirection. I’ve spent the past two years deeply researching Taiwan’s English education initiatives as part of my Masters program in Creative Industries Design at National Cheng Kung University. As an arts administrator/educator whose practice is versed in hip-hop, I spend a lot of time pondering my role as a reflection of the current generation of young Americans. I hope my participation can speak to the inspiring way that DJing for the dancers and drag queens by night has informed my policy research: “We the People” is an all-inclusive category.

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    Kyle Wlodarczyk, Sen. Sanders Delegate Candidate

    My name is Kyle, and I am a 22-year-old Polish-American MSc Student at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada. I have supported Senator Sanders from the moment he announced his 2016 candidacy from the steps of the Supreme Court building. I’m proud of the movement that has since come over the last five years, the support that we’ve garnered for his signature policies, and for being with Bernie since Day 1. In the summer of 2016 prior to the election, I canvassed with Clean Water Action in New Jersey, and in summers since, I have been predominately working in the environmental research sector; I am registered as a GIT with Engineers and Geoscientists BC. I therefore understand the urgency to implement Bernie’s policies such as the Green New Deal, and from my health experiences abroad, Medicare for All. I’d be honoured to take this fight to the DNC.

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    Benji Reade Malagueño, At-Large National Convention Delegate representing Senator Sanders

    Hi! My name is Benji, and I'd be truly honored to represent Bernie's campaign at the DNC Convention. I'm from Santiago, Chile, and I'm a third-year Stanford University student studying environmental science. I've had the privilege to live in Argentina, Singapore, UAE, Oman, and Chile, an upbringing that has cultivated many of Democrats Abroad's global values, but one that has sometimes left me feeling alienated from American politics. That all changed with the 2020 primary. Bernie's ability to unite people through his grassroots movement—in addition to his constant fight for equality, the environment, and healthcare as a human right—captivated me, and I eagerly sought out a leadership position in my university's Students for Bernie group. Hundreds of hours of tabling, phonebanking, and canvassing in California and Chile gave me incredible opportunities to spread Bernie's message, and I'd be so grateful to continue doing so by representing Bernie at the convention.

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    Oeishik Chowdhury - Candidate for pledged delegate for Bernie Sanders

    The metric of good governance is service to its people. When I moved to the United States in 1997, it wasn’t to a big city. I moved to Danville, Illinois, a rural town in east-central Illinois. There I found compassion, curiosity, understanding, hard work and a diverse community struggling to stand up because corporations had left them in the dust. With good-hearted and wise leadership of Joe Biden, progressive wisdom of Bernie Sanders & a broad coalition of diverse leaders at all levels of government, we can revive the American Dream. We can rebuild the vision that Washington, Lincoln, Kennedy and Carter had. Of a progressive, open and free society, not oppressed by a despotic corporate dictator, but represented by a compassionate and humble leader who understands the great responsibilities of the Oval Office and all Americans.

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    Arnav Sood (Delegate, Sanders PPG)

    I'm a first-generation (Asian) American, an economics researcher at the Vancouver School of Economics, and a young person. I voted for Senator Sanders as all three of those things. Bernie recognized that ours is a top-heavy economy with grotesque levels of corporate power. And he demonstrated how this paralyzes our government, on everything from climate action, to labor policy, to campaign finance reform. Closer to my heart, he was also deliberate and thoughtful in reaching out to Asians on the campaign trail, when we are so often overlooked as a negligible fraction of American political life. In many respects, living in Canada has been a breath of fresh air for what democracy *can* be like, if we cut through the byzantine tangle of entrenched interests. It would be my honor to help do that this summer with Sen. Sanders, VP Biden, and the rest of our party.

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    Brent Jamsa, Delegate for Bernie Sanders

    I am currently serving his first term as Treasurer of the Montreal chapter and was elected in 2019. Elected at age 19, I am currently one of the youngest Democrats Abroad to ever serve on a city chapter executive. I am studying a Joint Honours BA in Political Science and History with a minor in Canadian Studies at McGill University, where I am also a member of their university DA chapter. I am very passionate about grassroots organizations and during my time at McGill has helped organized countless phonebanks to help elect Democrats all across America. Under my direction, DA McGill has made over 10,000 calls in the past 2 years. I would be honoured to serve as a delegate to a candidate with a similar passion for progressive grassroots advocacy, Senator Bernie Sanders. I humbly ask for your support and promise to represent DA well if selected!

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    On list as candidate delegate for Sanders
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    Timothy Reinfeld, Delegate for Joe Biden

    I am excited to be participating in my first presidential election as a member of Democrats Abroad and proud to be running as a delegate in such a significant and consequential election. I grew up outside of Washington, DC and have always had a great interest in government and politics. During high school I volunteered for the Kerry-Edwards campaign before attending the University of Rochester to study Political Science. After living and working in the Washington, DC area and later Boston, MA, I moved to London, UK in the fall of 2017 where I currently reside. As a young liberal minded pragmatist I am deeply concerned about the future of American politics and about Americans', both domestic and abroad, faith and trust in the system and would be proud to stand up and help elect a candidate such as Joe Biden become our next president.

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    Marc Lorber, Biden delegate candidate from the UK

    I believe Joe Biden and the team he will assemble around him in numerous positions provides a strong counterpoint to the current lunacy we're amidst. And as our Democratic nominee for President, I proudly support him as we all seek ways to work together, come together again, and elect him in November. We can and will talk policy, economics, climate change, health care, education- it's a longer list isn't it? And I hope to be one of your voices who engage in these conversations at the convention as we set our platform out. And in doing so represent not just Biden voters but all Democrats, frankly all Americans, abroad and at home, to be the hopeful, innovative, successful nation our enshrined democracy destines us to be.

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    Mario Carrano delegate candidate Democrats Abroad

    “Nothing to be proud of” President Trump's accumulation policy, by a small part of Americans, is not a story that our government can be proud of. The coronavirus crisis has shown that our government adopts policies that promote asset-building among some while denying it to others. This favoritism is made largely on the basis of class. Creating a society with enormous injustice and inequality. The question is, then, what can be done to provide equal incentives and rewards to give to those who have-nots the same havers' opportunities. The answer is remarkably simple. Governments should support people who promote social circular economy processes. They provide the basis for transforming our society and will have in a strong democratic ticket, led by Biden, the presidential candidate who makes Americans around the world proud again to lead the world with dignity, justice, and fairness.

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    Caroline Kim Bembia, Delegate Candidate for Bernie Sanders

    My name is Caroline Bembia and I'm a New Yorker living in Guadalajara, Mexico. I am a classically trained harpist and I'm currently the Principal Harpist of the Orquesta Filarmonica de Jalisco. An orchestra is like a miniature democracy in which each of its 90 musicians must come together in musical agreement. In rehearsals I have learned how to demonstrate diplomacy both verbally and nonverbally through my instrument. As a native New Yorker who is half-Korean and half-Caucasian, I am proud to be part of a political party that celebrates diversity. If I am elected as a Democrats Abroad Delegate, not only would I be honored to represent the strong, brave community of Democratic expats, but I would also proudly give a face to all of the multiracial Americans out there who never know which race box to fill in.

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    Brandon Porter, 35, Panama, (Prospective Sanders Delegate)

    My background was first in environmental sciences (M.S.) and I am passionate to foster change to help us deal with climate change, and in general, the lack of science literacy in much of the population - one of the main reasons I am wishing to enter politics. I am currently a 4th - grade teacher who's married to a Latina, and we have two amazing kids who are 5 and 3. I am working on a teaching certificate to teach secondary science and continue my learning of Spanish. I am also a proud member of the Howling Wolf Band, Kentucky Cherokee Alliance and from the challenges we have experienced being in the minority, I recognize our serious need for diverse representation. I am also very passionate about animal welfare and I have many rescues. For these reasons, I hope you consider electing me to be the change we desperately need. Saludos.

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    Kaylyn Stanton - DA Delegate Candidate for Sanders

    Despite leaning substantially left, I considered myself as an independent until college. When Trump started his campaign, I began to experience racism on campus from people who now felt that it was acceptable. This pivotal moment challenged me to use my voice to stand up for what I believe. For almost 3 years, I’ve been living in the Caribbean studying for my Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine. This election cycle, my younger brother became active in politics. Just like me, he has a passion for justice. When he hears Bernie speak, it fans the flames of his spirit. His devotion for Bernie Sanders has inspired me to finally register as a Democrat and I voted in the DA primary. Even though Sanders has suspended his campaign, I would be honored to be a DA delegate and vote for him at the National Convention, to further the fight for justice.

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    Christian Palacios, Bernie Sanders Pledged Delegate

    My name is Christian Palacios. I was born and raised in the Bronx (New York City) to Dominican and Mexican parents. As a First-generation American, it was my highest honor to be the first to serve our country as an Airman for the United States Air Force. As a Veteran, it would be another honor to represent Democrats Abroad as delegate during the Convention. I have lived and worked in Germany, Belgium, Turkey, Iraq, Qatar, Korea, and now Colombia. In my current role, I’m a Network Engineer where I’m in the unique position of creating and maintaining working relationships with decision-makers to advance the success of my customer’s program. It is with this experience I believe I would be a valuable delegate to represent the Democrats Abroad Platform. Bernie Sanders consistent fierce advocacy for a better America is why I have been inspired to run as a Delegate.

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    Gregory Hogue, Sanders Delegate Candidate (Global, Americas)

    I, Gregory Hogue, am a 23-year-old Canadian-American dual-citizen born in Rockville, Maryland and raised in Burlington, Ontario. I am a graduating student at the University of Waterloo, majoring in computer science and statistics. I hold close family ties to the United States and have recently spent time working in California for software internships. Despite being a young expatriate, I have been politically active as a Democrat and Bernie supporter since turning 18 in 2015. I reflect the youngest demographic of Democratic voters who overwhelmingly support ideals such as universal healthcare (Medicare for All), urgent climate action (Green New Deal), cancelling student debt (College for All), and getting corporate money out of politics. As a National Convention Delegate for Democrats Abroad, I will commit to representing the interests of the majority of Democrats Abroad members and Democratic youth from around the world who voted for Senator Bernie Sanders.

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    Anne-Isabelle Moritz, delegate candidate for Senator Bernie Sanders

    I’m a 19-year-old, French/American citizen currently studying International Strategy and Diplomacy in Paris at an international college. As a queer woman, I co-founded a feminist and LGBTQI association at my school in order to raise awareness and provide a safe space. My experience with being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 18 and the universal healthcare treatment I receive in Europe has made me realize that healthcare should be a human right and not a privilege. I am also dedicated to the fight for people to have the right to love who they want to love, marry who they want to marry, work where they want to work. I bring to my candidacy my enthusiasm, my love, and my hope for the USA. I am grateful for this opportunity and hope I have your support to become one of the delegates for Senator Bernie Sanders!

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    Hi my name is Kari B Dickson and I am running for AP Regional delegate for Sanders.

    I currently live in Jakarta Indonesia and I am originally from Arkansas. I am the President of the American Women’s Association in Jakarta and I have a education background. I have two Masters degrees in Education and a Bachelors in Business. I have lived overseas for the past 20 years in eight different counties mainly in Asia and that is one reason I believe I am qualified to be a delegate in the AP DNC. Another reason I believe I would make an excellent candidate is that I am dedicated to bringing Bernie’s message to the masses . I am not the typical demographic age of a Bernie supporter but I am a firm believer in what he stands for. Although Bernie is no longer a Presidential candidate, I stand by him and I will have the Democratic party’s best interest in mind in order to defeat