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    Gregory Hogue, Sanders Delegate Candidate (Global, Americas)

    I, Gregory Hogue, am a 23-year-old Canadian-American dual-citizen born in Rockville, Maryland and raised in Burlington, Ontario. I am a graduating student at the University of Waterloo, majoring in computer science and statistics. I hold close family ties to the United States and have recently spent time working in California for software internships. Despite being a young expatriate, I have been politically active as a Democrat and Bernie supporter since turning 18 in 2015. I reflect the youngest demographic of Democratic voters who overwhelmingly support ideals such as universal healthcare (Medicare for All), urgent climate action (Green New Deal), cancelling student debt (College for All), and getting corporate money out of politics. As a National Convention Delegate for Democrats Abroad, I will commit to representing the interests of the majority of Democrats Abroad members and Democratic youth from around the world who voted for Senator Bernie Sanders.

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    Anne-Isabelle Moritz, delegate candidate for Senator Bernie Sanders

    I’m a 19-year-old, French/American citizen currently studying International Strategy and Diplomacy in Paris at an international college. As a queer woman, I co-founded a feminist and LGBTQI association at my school in order to raise awareness and provide a safe space. My experience with being diagnosed with cancer at the age of 18 and the universal healthcare treatment I receive in Europe has made me realize that healthcare should be a human right and not a privilege. I am also dedicated to the fight for people to have the right to love who they want to love, marry who they want to marry, work where they want to work. I bring to my candidacy my enthusiasm, my love, and my hope for the USA. I am grateful for this opportunity and hope I have your support to become one of the delegates for Senator Bernie Sanders!

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    Katharine Dolcimascolo, Delegate Candidate for Joe Biden

    As a 23 year old, the 2016 election was my first - during my first year of college. And it was disappointing to say the least. The four years of college that have passed since then got me interested in politics on a level that I never thought I would participate. I have since graduated and moved abroad to the Dominican Republic, but the fate of my country still lingers in the front of my mind. All elections are important, we know that, but this one's outcome will have a grand effect on not just the fate of our country, but of our world (hello, climate change). It would be an unforgettable experience to participate in the process on an even deeper level as a Democrats Abroad delegate for our nominee, Joe Biden.

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    Hi my name is Kari B Dickson and I am running for AP Regional delegate for Sanders.

    I currently live in Jakarta Indonesia and I am originally from Arkansas. I am the President of the American Women’s Association in Jakarta and I have a education background. I have two Masters degrees in Education and a Bachelors in Business. I have lived overseas for the past 20 years in eight different counties mainly in Asia and that is one reason I believe I am qualified to be a delegate in the AP DNC. Another reason I believe I would make an excellent candidate is that I am dedicated to bringing Bernie’s message to the masses . I am not the typical demographic age of a Bernie supporter but I am a firm believer in what he stands for. Although Bernie is no longer a Presidential candidate, I stand by him and I will have the Democratic party’s best interest in mind in order to defeat

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    Tyler Cofield - Sanders Delegate Candidate

    My name is Tyler and I'm running as a Sanders delegate candidate. As a young, Black, queer, progressive from Texas, I understand how vital it is to vote this Republican administration out of office. But we can't let ourselves settle in the process. We can unite the party, while also fighting to protect the rights of every American citizen - especially those most vulnerable. I am running for election in all 3 Regional Conventions, as well as the Global Convention. If elected, I would view my role as a delegate as threefold:

    1) Work tirelessly to give Senators Sanders agenda space in both the Biden Campaign and the Party platform.

    2) Represent DA, increase our profile, and spread our key message to increase voter turnout.

    3) Work to make sure the party is unified before November.

    I look forward to representing Senator Sanders, DA, and all that Progressives stand for.

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    Nicole Ratliff, DA Delegate Candidate for Biden

    I'm a disabled single mom (Spina Bifida) to 10-year-old twins with disabilities (Son: Autism & Daughter: ADHD). I'm currently getting my 2nd Masters in Scotland. I have an education background in Sociology, Women/Gender Studies, Peace & Conflict, and now Social Anthropology. My academic focus is on research to improve social programs for single moms. I served with AmeriCorps VISTA (2015), and I received a Presidential award for exceeding the required hours. In 2018 I quit my Federal Government Job after almost dying from overworking myself at work and home as a caregiver. I left the U.S. to get healthy and spend more time with my kids by traveling the world and educating them through worldschooling. My passion is fighting for single moms to have the resources they need to thrive, disability rights, and improving Special Education for children.

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    Maria Allgaier - Biden delegate

    I am half Chiricahua Apache, half German. I am currently located in the UK. I am excited to pledge myself for Biden. It is essential that we unite all democrats no matter who we support, so that we can finally defeat Donald Trump. I strongly believe Biden is the candidate who can do this. I first became involved in Democrats abroad 2 years ago. My role has been in youth engagement and registering Americans to vote. I have also worked and volutneered on a variety of senate and presidential campaigns. Lastly, I have been heavily involved in putting in place zero tolerance policies against sexual harassment in various different industries. On top of this, I have run some campaigns to raise awareness of troubling policies concerning Native American affairs such as public law 280 and TOLA. It would be an honour to be selected and to have the opportunity to represent Democrats Abroad.

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    Melissa Manzone, DA Delegate Candidate Joe Biden

    Hi, everyone! First and foremost, I am running as a delegate candidate for Joe Biden to help the Democrats take back the White House. More than that, I am running because our voices matter. We've been living abroad and know that change can be a really good thing. And things at home need to change. Health care is the most important issue for me because it is a basic human right. Without good health, we cannot accomplish anything. I believe our friends and families back home deserve that much. I also believe in holding our leaders accountable for their actions, no matter what party they represent. Vote for me because your voice is powerful and I will do everything I can to honor it at the Convention.

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    Help us help you!

    Did you know:
    - Democrats Abroad is run by volunteers?
    - Our communications are funded  by donations?
    - We need your DONATIONS to get out the vote in the General elections in November
    - Small recurring monthly donations will  support DA Italy in its vital work. (* In many banks recurring bonifico fees do not exist.)

    Donations of 5 euro -10 euro or other amounts requested.


    IBAN: IT35K0521601616000000002227



    Note: We can only accept donations from US Citizens per FEC regulations.

    We want to reiterate again how vital your donation to Democrats Abroad Italy is. The bulk of the work of our Organization must be done NOW, ahead of the general election so we can ensure that all Americans abroad request their absentee ballot and vote. An investment in Democrats Abroad Italy today will boost voter turnout in November and protect our democracy.
    Help us win back the White House and the Senate! 


  • Global Presidential Primary and COVID-19 virus measures

    Here is the present situation about changes to the Voting Center and Ballot Assistance Events planned for March 3-10:


    THE FOLLOWING VOTING CENTER AND BALLOT ASSISTANCE EVENTS HAVE BEEN CANCELLED due to restrictions and local circumstances arising from CVID-19 measures:
    • Lombardia (Milan)
    • Veneto (Padova, Verona, Venice Lido)
    • Emilia Romana (Bologna)
    • Piemonte (Torino)
    • Rome - events on March 5, 6 and 9 at the UCEAP


    Read more

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    Youth Caucus Signup

    The Youth Caucus of Democrats Abroad is committed to generating awareness of the concerns of young Americans and the challenges they face for the purpose of informing party policy-making and improving party outreach and organizing. The Youth Caucus will provide a platform for young Democrats abroad - those who are and those who seek to become politically active - to engage in and lead on issues and campaigns important to them.


    The Youth Caucus will be “youth-led” but open to those of all ages who support these central aims.

    The Youth Caucus will/proposes to:

    • Build political engagement by young Americans Democrats abroad. Initiatives will make young Americans abroad aware of:  voter registration and voting from abroad; issue education, advocacy and activism, especially youth-led and youth-related;  candidates and campaigns, especially those of young Democrats;  US political and election organizing from abroad; and overseas and domestic youth networks, contacts and resources.
    • Sponsor issue-focused Working Groups: The Caucus will engage young Democrats abroad in issues advocacy by inviting them to join teams studying particular issues (eg Environmental Sustainability Working Group) and developing and coordinating youth-led advocacy activities and campaigns.
    • Establish web-based communication channels for on-going youth outreach: A Youth Caucus Blog on the Democrats Abroad Youth Caucus webpage will provide continuous access to the work of the Youth Caucus and facilitate participation by members globally.
    • Work online. Membership will not be constrained by physical location. All general meetings, campaigns, fundraisers etc. will be conducted online via Skype, Social Media, Email, and Online Markets.
    • Encourage caucus members to organize live local events and gatherings for political education and outreach, issues advocacy or socializing.
    • Be youth-led, with a leadership team made up of volunteers from around the world aged between 18 and 35.
    • Engage with US-based Young Democrats or College Democrats groups to share information, advice, intelligence and ideas, build networks and to cross-promote each other.
    Sign up

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    Election Information - Democrats Abroad Chile

    The nomination window has closed and today we begin the process of electing the officers of the Executive Committee for Democrats Abroad Chile.


    Candidate for Chairperson
    Dr. Bernardo Javalquinto-Lagos, PhD

    Candidate for Vice-Chairperson
    Mary Laverty

    Candidate for Secretary
    Christopher Meek

    Candidate for Treasurer
    rian Stout

    You can learn more about each candidate and read their statements here.

    Bylaws approval
    Please review the revisions to the bylaws here and be sure mark your ballot accordingly.

    Official Ballot
    The Official Ballot – 2019 AGM/Elections can be downloaded from here.

    Please print this ballot and bring it to the General Meeting on May 25, 2019 at 2:30 pm Holanda 129, Providencia (Metro Tobalaba - Luis Thayer Ojeda exit). Ballots also provided at the meeting.


    If you cannot attend the meeting on May 25th, please email this ballot, from your own email address (the email address you used to register with Democrats Abroad), to: no later than 2 pm (Chile Time) May 25, 2019. You must have been a registered DA member by May 11, 2019 to email ballot.  

    If you have any questions about this ballot or the election, please contact us at:

    Mark Your Calendar!

    The 2019 Annual Meeting of Democrats Abroad Chile

    When: May 25, 2019 at 2:30 PM

    Location:  Holanda 129, Providencia

    (Google Maps Link:


    Thank you,

    David Galvin
    Nominations & Elections Committee
    Democrats Abroad Chile

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    Welcome to Democrats Abroad Montpellier!

    We are the new Montpellier Chapter within Democrats Abroad France. We serve Americans living in the Herault (34). Please join us for any one of our scheduled events year round, whether you live in the area or are a visiting fellow Democrat.

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