Chapter Chair, London & Area / DPCA Voting Rep

I joined Democrats Abroad Canada in 2007 and promptly became Co-Chair of the London & Area Chapter, in coordination with Ed Goehring. Ed focused on post-secondary school outreach (he's a prof at UWO) and I focused on the public at large, in hopes of increasing our base of DA members in the region. We did that! A few years later, I became Chair, and here we are in 2016, with another HUGE challenge! I support Democrats Abroad because I AM an American, I care deeply about my country, and no matter where I live, I feel committed to doing what I can to ensure my loved ones back home have great leadership. That is not going to happen if we see a Republican win this general election. Join me, and let's take action to get as many American votes as possible in the Global Primary and the general election. I'm here to support our members, and ensure YOU have an opportunity to have your say.


BRUMITT Management & PR Group - owner, writer & editor. Enthusiastic advocate for people with Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB), boosting EB awareness around the globe!