George Black, At-Large National Convention Delegate and/or Alternate

Greetings fellow DA members, I humbly request your consideration of my candidacy for At-Large National Convention Delegate and/or Alternate to the upcoming Regional Caucus/Global Convention. I’m a retired USAF Master Sergeant who honorably served the American public for 22 years. In 2018, I transitioned to multinational service and began working as an IT consultant for NATO’s maritime mission headquartered in the UK. My partner Didi and I have lived in London since 2014 and have continued to stay focused on sociopolitical and environmental issues back home. We support representatives who struggle to end gender, racial and economic inequalities in the States. Voting abroad helps us stay in the fight, and defeating Trump by getting Vice President Biden elected in November is our mission. If I’m fortunate enough to receive your vote, I look forward meeting that goal by representing DA at the DNC National Convention. Thank