Tuesday, February 27

Göteborg, Sweden


The Ideological History of the Democratic Party

With Rick Wicks

Join Rick Wicks for the February 27 Afterwork at John Scott's Linné in Göteborg at 18:00 as he leads a lively discussion about the convoluted ideological  history of the Democratic Party and how it relates to where we are and what we do next.    We will consider how we got from:

  • Thomas Jefferson's anti-Federalist "Democratic Republican Party" which represented "middling people" against the patriarchal paternalistic elites who had spearheaded adoption of the Constitution;
  • to Andrew Jackson's Democratic Party, which - despite Jackson's opposition to *nullification" - in subsequent decades represented the Slave Power and "states rights" before the Civil War, and repression of Blacks after Reconstruction;
  • to populists with William Jennings Bryan who realized that a strong central government was needed to fight powerful economic actors;
  • to Woodrow Wilson who, though a southern racist, believed a strong central government was needed to manage a modern economy;
  • to Franklin Roosevelt's New Deal and the birth of the modern welfare state (such as it is) in the U.S.A.;
  • to JFK and LBJ and the focus on civil rights/minority rights;
  • to Biden's emphasis again on growth for the working class including whites who've been left out, even in "red states"?

If you wish, you are encouraged to listen to a podcast on this topic from the National Constitution Center.


Grab a drink and/or something to eat on your way up to the conference room on the 2nd floor and join us for a spirited discussion and democratic camaraderie. 




Tuesday, February 27, 2024 at 06:00 PM Stockholm Time


John Scott's Linnégatan
Linnégatan 38
Göteborg 413 04
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Diane Larsson
[email protected]

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