Alexander Gonzalez

  • Trump Visit to Japan: Vote Out the Scandal at the Shibuya Scramble

    This rally coincides with President Trump’s visit to Tokyo. We encourage Americans and others to join us. As Americans overseas, we want to make clear to President Trump and all U.S. elected officials that we expect our government to represent American values and principles throughout the world -- and not to promote fear, hate and division

    Stand with us and make it clear that the current state of American government is NOT acceptable. Come make your voice heard and share a message to demand the economic, social, racial, and environmental justice that we deserve from this administration.

    Also, help Americans living in Japan learn how to register to vote from abroad, the most fundamental act of resistance! (All similarly minded individuals are welcome to attend!)

    We encourage Americans across Japan to join us in making a pledge to register to vote on January 1st, 2018. With other US citiizens in America and around the globe, we will use our votes to help replace current elected officials who support irresponsible policies that jeopardize the lives of Americans -- both at home and overseas, including in Japan -- with candidates who support positive, constructive alternatives.

    DATE/TIME: Sunday, Nov. 5th, 2:00 to 4:00PM
    LOCATION: Hachiko in front of Shibuya Station near scramble crossing

    NOTE: In line with Japanese police rules, we will not be calling out individual politicians by name. Please be creative with your signs! (Police will ask that any signs bearing Trump's name be removed.)
    Suggested template: "Don't like _______? VOTE!" or "Want ______? VOTE!" eg. "Don't like healthcare dismantled? VOTE!" or "Don't like a bully in the White House? VOTE!" or "Want diplomacy over warmongering? VOTE!"

    Laws and regulations should be based on an understanding of the daily challenges facing average Americans. The White House and its allies are pushing for huge tax breaks for the rich while stripping regulatory agencies of the authority and resources to protect the health, safety and welfare of all Americans, and gutting programs meant to protect the most vulnerable. The administration has also undermined the efforts of career diplomats to maintain regional stability and cooperation in Asia. As Americans living in Japan, we urge the administration to abandon its saber-rattling and pursue sensible solutions, using diplomacy to avoid conflicts that threaten the lives of our service members and millions of civilians.

    The U.S. government has a duty and obligation to fulfill its responsibilities to the people. As Americans living abroad, we will continue to speak truth to power and vote for new leaders who will represent true American values and principles.

    Trump, it's time for you to pay close attention to Americans across the world. We will resist your agenda, and we will make sure that you are held accountable; we will accept nothing less because we know that you are unfit for the office of the President of the United States.


  • Our Lives are on the Line! Post your healthcare story using #ourlives.

    Health care is one of the defining issues of our time. The Affordable Care Act is by no means perfect, but the Republican plan for health care will be a giant step back, no matter which one they end up voting on this week.

    On July 29th, Democrats Abroad Japan is joining Our Lives On the Line in a national and worldwide day of action to change the health care debate.

    What can you do? On July 29th, post a picture of yourself holding a sign that highlights the advantages of the health care system we experience as Americans living abroad. Keep it short, keep it simple, but try to address an issue that opponents always bring up: cost, waiting times, quality of care, doctor choice, etc. Post your photo on your favorite social media platform, and ask your friends and followers to spread the word. It literally will take you 5 minutes but it could reach millions of Americans.

    Don’t want to post a photo of yourself? Post just the sign, post a picture of the bill, post a short story. Help us with anything you can do to help explain how having health care for all is NOT insurmountable.

    Please tag your post with #democratsabroadjapan, #ourlives and #DAresists, and if you are interested in other DAJ activities in your area, please go to

    Our Lives On The Line is a nationwide day of action that is being hosted by a diverse group of organizations including The Tax March, The Women's March, Indivisible,, Planned Parenthood Action Fund, Our Revolution, Center for American Progress, and others.

    Join the resistance.

    In solidarity,

    Democrats Abroad Japan


  • published Statement on the USS Fitzgerald in News 2017-06-18 08:54:46 -0400

    Statement on the USS Fitzgerald


    This morning at approximately 2:30AM the USS Fitzgerald (DDG-62) was involved in a collision with the Philippine flagged merchant vessel ACX Crystal. The cause of the collision is unknown at this time. 

    It is with a heavy heart that Democrats Abroad Japan extends its condolences to the U.S. Navy community of Naval Base Yokosuka and to the families and crew members of the USS Fitzgerald (DDG-62) as they mourn the loss of seven Sailors who have have unfortunately perished in the collision. We would like to offer our deepest sympathies and support to those affected by this terrible tragedy. We would also like to commend the brave crew members of the USS Fitzgerald for their best efforts in keeping the ship afloat and returning the rest of the crew safely ashore.

    Our thoughts are also with the three Sailors taken to the Yokosuka Naval Hospital and we wish them a speedy recovery. We offer praise to our Japanese allies for their assistance in the search and rescue operations and for guiding the ship safely home. If you would like to find out more about providing assistance for those affected by this tragic event, please visit the Naval Base Yokosuka Facebook page by clicking here.

    Democrats Abroad Japan understands the remarkable service our men and women in uniform undertake each and every day. Today we pause to honor those fallen who have made the ultimate sacrifice.

    On behalf of our community, fair winds and following seas Shipmates. Your watch is over.

    In Solidarity,
    Alexander C. Gonzalez
    Chair, Democrats Abroad Japan
    U.S. Navy Veteran

Temple University Student, International Affairs Major. Veteran of the United States Navy.