Secretary, DAVN - DA Hispanic Caucus

I was trained by Hilderbrand-Tewes in 2006 to be a campaign manager and went to work on congressional races and issue campaigns, mostly in the South and Midwest including DC. Prior to that I was an active volunteer in my county and state parties. After leaving the US I organized labor and advocated for education policy in South Korea. I first got involved with DA there and also participated in the Mekong region of Laos and Eastern Thailand. Now I am nominated for an officer role in the DA Vietnam.

  • Gregory Dolezal - Delegate Candidate for Senator Sanders (Asia-Pacific)

    Joining the convention has been a dream of mine for many years. Politics is my sports and this is the world series. As an Eagle Scout I carried the Louisiana flag at that GOP convention in 1988, which was when I started taking an interest in politics. I am an FDR Democrat with strong progressive views; however, I am also a loyal party member. As a Southern liberal I've learned to be a diplomatic facilitator to engage allies and opponents. I trained as a campaign manager with Hildebrand/Tewes and Democracy Partners in 2006 doing field and press for progressive unionist congressman, Phil Hare (IL 17). I volunteered with the GA and TN parties. I participate in progressive groups and serve as Secretary in Vietnam and on the Hispanic Caucus Steering Committee. I was Al Gore's teaching assistant and founded a Korean labor organization. I want to earn your vote.

  • Steering Committee Endorsement: Phil Hernandez For Virginia’s 100th District

    The Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus Steering Committee is pleased to join the army of #PhilFam supporters and proudly endorses Phil Hernandez for the 100th District in Virginia’s House of Delegates. 

    Hernandez’s compelling life story of rising from humble beginnings resonates with the Commonwealth’s voters. As a scholarship recipient and former study-abroad student in the United Kingdom, Hernandez understands the importance of intercultural communications – a critical necessity in dealing effectively with the growing number of immigrants in Virginia, many of whom are of Hispanic descent. Moreover, Hernandez’s non-profit legal work for the rights of working people and low-income families demonstrates his commitment to the community. His environmental policy analysis experience while serving in the Obama administration further prepares him to be an outstanding delegate and a strong voice for all the people of this district.

    On Tuesday, November 5th, voters of Virginia’s 100th district will have a clear choice. They can choose to support the incumbent and his agenda which includes ignoring women’s rights by rejecting the Equal Rights Amendment and accepting donations from the National Rifle Association. Or they can choose Phil Hernandez, a passionate and dedicated public servant who demands improved schools and cleaner air, and thus flip this seat from red to blue. The Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus Steering Committee urges all overseas constituents of Virginia’s 100th House District to request their ballot (in English or Spanish) and elect Latinx Democratic candidate Phil Hernandez. 

    Additional general information for overseas Virginia voters can be found here, and more information about Virginia’s deadlines for voters can be found here.

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    Check out Democrats Abroad. I just joined.

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