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Welcome to the official branch of the Democratic Party in Ireland.  We are a diverse group of US citizens from many backgrounds - American-born, Irish returned emigrants from the US, and people from elsewhere - working towards the election of Democratic candidates. 

We engage in voter registration, fundraising, phone-banking, and other strategies to strengthen the Democratic party.  We meet monthly to plan, encourage voter registration, and discuss topics of the day.  And we have quite a bit of fun along the way too.  

If you are an American citizen, you're welcome to join us! First - register to vote at, and second - join Democrats Abroad!

Super Bowl Bash!

Wasn’t our Super Bowl Bash last year great?  Well, up until the last minute of the game for some of us anyway.  The Arlington Hotel was our host in their Dame Street bar.  Great sight lines, great crowd, atmosphere, the works.  How could it be better?

How?  By hosting it at a bigger Arlington bar.  Their Bachelor’s Walk hotel is where we held our Election Night and that was a night to remember in a fantastic venue.  A first class facility, enthusiastic hosts, tremendous atmosphere – all the ingredients for Dublin’s best Super Bowl event.

Ireland's Inauguration Ball

While we celebrate the re-election of Barack Obama, we will also celebrate the life of one of our own here in Ireland. Kate Fitzgerald, our former Chair of Democrats Abroad Ireland, was instrumental in the growth of our organization during the 2008 election year. Kate brought our relatively small group to unforeseen heights and her media expertise landed us on the front page of Ireland's biggest newspapers and on all the major radio and TV outlets. We lost Kate tragically in 2011 at the age of 25.

Democrats Abroad Ireland Announces the 2012 Global Primary


Democrats Abroad
Ireland 2012 Global Primary


Every four years American Democrats vote for their presidential preference in their state caucuses and primaries.  One of those “states” is Democrats Abroad, and primaries will be held around the world from May 1 to 6.  Our local primary in Ireland will be held on Saturday, May 5th in Dublin.


What Did the Donnelly Visa Mean to You?


To mark the 25th anniversary of the Donnelly Visa, Democrats Abroad Ireland will present the Outstanding Contribution to the American Experience award to former United States Representative and Ambassador, Brian Donnelly, on Thanksgiving Day, Thursday, 24th November, in Dublin. 

Did you receive a Donnelly visa?  If so, we want to hear from you.  This is your chance to offer testimony and thanks to Congressman Donnelly for the difference he made in your life.  

President Obama Takes Questions from House Republicans. It was 140 to 1 and guess who controlled the day?

In an extraordinary session broadcast on live television, President Obama fielded questions from House Republicans at their annual policy conference.  He sparred expertly - showing deft, intelligence, and command.  Without teleprompters or a script he expertly called them out for their hypocrisy and falsehoods without actually using those words.  It was political theatre the likes of which we have never before seen.


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