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During the weekend of October 7-8:

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  2. Check out the sample posts both below and in this link. The posts below are specific for voters abroad, with many other examples on the following Google sheet.
  3. Use the hashtags #GunControlNOW and #DAResists and tag your government leaders.
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Sample posts: Abroad Point of View

  • Every country in the developed world has done a better job at gun control. As an American voter living in country, I've seen it. Gun laws in America CAN change. They MUST change. #GuncontrolNOW #DAResists
  • Hi @Senator/MoC, as an American abroad, I've seen what successful gun control looks like. The US is at the bottom of the pack. Why are you OK with this? #GuncontrolNOW #DAResists
  • Hi @Senator/MoC, as an American living in country, my friends think the US is a dangerous place. They don't want to work, visit, or study there. Why are you ok with this? #GuncontrolNOW #DAResists
  • I live abroad and I am TIRED of explaining why the 2nd Amendment means we allow domestic terrorism in America. ENOUGH. #guncontrolNOW #DAResists
  • I live abroad and am more scared of getting shot at home than a terrorist attack overseas. #GuncontrolNOW #DAResists
  • I live abroad and it's very hard to get a gun where I live. That doesn't make me vulnerable; that makes me safer. #GuncontrolNOW #DAResists
  • I live abroad and I can't get a gun where I live. That doesn't make me vulnerable; that makes me safer. #GuncontrolNOW #DAResists
  • My mom told me to stay safe when I moved overseas. I have to tell her the same thing at home in the US. #GuncontrolNOW #DAResists
  • Questions Americans abroad are tired of answering:
    • Did you vote for Trump? 
    • Why do Americans love guns?
    • Do you own a gun?

#GunControlNOW #DAResists

October 08, 2017 at 6pm - October 10, 2017
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