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Mes de la Herencia Hispana: Emma González, Activista Indomable Contra la Violencia Armada

La increíble historia de la adolescente cubano-estadounidense Emma González incluye su experiencia en un trágico y traumático tiroteo en su escuela, y luego su valiente transformación de la rabia y tristeza resultantes en un potente mensaje a favor del movimiento contra la violencia a mano armada. Llenos de admiración y aliento para esta joven, los miembros del Caucus Hispano de los Demócratas en el Extranjero se enorgullecen en reconocer a Emma González como una figura notable estadounidense, en este Mes de la Herencia Hispana.

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Hispanic Heritage Month: Emma González, Fierce Anti-Gun Violence Advocate

By: Nelleke Bruyn (DA Costa Rica), DA Hispanic Caucus Steering Committee Member

The incredible story of teenage Cuban-American Emma González involves her experiencing a tragic and traumatic school shooting event, and courageously transforming that rage and sadness into powerful messaging as a leader in the anti-gun violence movement. With nothing but praise and encouragement for this young woman, the Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus is proud to recognize Emma González as a notable American figure during this Hispanic Heritage Month.

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Democratic Presidential Candidates: A Useful Resource For Hispanic Caucus Members

Keeping track of every 2020 presidential candidate’s position can become a very daunting task. This incredibly diverse field of Democratic candidates has a wide range of online content to share with Americans such as their campaign web sites, social media accounts, TV appearances, podcasts, and more.     

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Candidatos Presidenciales Demócratas : Un Útil Recurso Para Miembros del Caucus Hispano

Hacer un seguimiento de la posición de cada candidato presidencial del 2020 puede convertirse en una tarea muy desalentadora.  Este grupo increíblemente diverso de candidatos Demócratas tiene una amplia gama de contenido en línea para compartir con los estadounidenses, como los sitios web de sus campañas, cuentas de redes sociales, apariciones en televisión, podcasts y otros.     

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Declaración del Comité Directivo del Caucus Hispano: ¡Basta de Permitir la Violencia Sin Sentido de las Armas!

Todos los funcionarios electos tienen la principal responsabilidad de legislar para la seguridad pública.  El registro muestra que el Congreso no ha logrado mucho en este esfuerzo.
Desde el tiroteo masivo en la Escuela Secundaria Columbine de 1999 hasta la masacre de Odessa-Midland de esta semana, la inacción del Congreso para aprobar reformas significativas de la regulación de armas ha contribuido a permitir que estas tragedias continúen.  El Comité Directivo del Caucus Hispano de los Demócratas en el Extranjero está de acuerdo con aquellos que reconocen que Estados Unidos ha mostrado un gran retraso en aplicar leyes modernas para ayudar a prevenir la violencia armada.

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Statement From The Hispanic Caucus Steering Committee: Enough With Allowing Senseless Gun Violence!

All elected officials have a primary responsibility of legislating for public safety. The record shows that Congress has not impressed in this endeavor.

From the 1999 Columbine High School mass shooting to this week’s Odessa-Midland massacre, Congress’ inaction to pass meaningful gun reforms has contributed to allowing these tragedies to continue. The Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus Steering Committee stands with those who recognize that the United States is long overdue in having modern laws in place to help prevent gun violence.

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ICYMI: Samuel Mattern – Resisting From Abroad!

Recently a Spanish-language interview was published by Spain’s major media outlet El País which highlighted a conversation with a Democrats Abroad leader in Madrid, K. Samuel Mattern. Please take a few moments to check out Samuel’s terrific commentary and please feel free to share with your Spanish-speaking members in your country committees.

Samuel Mattern en su domicilio particular, representante del Partido Demócrata de EE.UU en España.

Declaración del Comité Directivo del Caucus Hispano en Reconocimiento del Día del Trabajo

El 2 de septiembre de 2019, celebramos a las familias latinas de trabajadores que pueden rastrear sus raíces hasta los días anteriores al nacimiento de nuestra nación, así como a los hombres y mujeres inmigrantes cuyo ingenio y arduo trabajo han ayudado a convertir nuestra economía en la más grande del mundo.

Con una crisis climática global ya aquí, una Administración alentada por su base de extrema derecha para deportar a veteranos estadounidenses y destrozar familias inmigrantes, y tantos otros asuntos importantes que necesitan nuestra atención urgente, nos detenemos brevemente en este Día del Trabajo para reconocer la enorme contribucion de latinos, como Stuart Mora en Indianápolis y Jessica Dueñas en Louisville, y pasar tiempo con nuestras familias y amigos antes de poner manos a la obra y reiniciar nuestro activismo en nombre de los latinos de Estados Unidos, la columna vertebral de la fuerza laboral de nuestra nación. Estamos orgullosos de los trabajadores estadounidenses de herencia hispana y los saludamos por su participación en todo, desde trabajar horas extras en granjas hasta construir nuevos ferrocarriles y luchar contra la injusticia social en las salas del tribunal.

Al reflexionar sobre este tan querido día de fiesta nacional, el Caucus Hispano reafirma su compromiso de promover y apoyar el desarrollo económico, la atención médica, la educación, la participación cívica y los problemas de derechos civiles de las comunidades y personas latinas que trabajan incansablemente para fortalecer nuestra gran nación.

Hispanic Caucus Steering Committee Statement Recognizing Labor Day

On September 2, 2019, we celebrate the hardworking Latinx families who can trace their roots back to the days before we were a nation as well as the immigrant men and women whose hard work and ingenuity have helped build our economy into the largest in the world.

With a global climate crisis already here, an Administration encouraged by its extremist right-wing base on deporting U.S. veterans and ripping immigrant families apart, and so many other important issues needing our urgent attention, we pause briefly on this Labor Day to recognize the enormous contributions by Latinos – like Stuart Mora in Indianapolis and Jessica Dueñas in Louisville – and spend time with our friends and families before rolling up our sleeves and restarting our activism on behalf of America’s Latinos – the backbone of our nation’s labor force. We are unapologetically proud of America’s workers of Hispanic heritage and salute them for their involvement in everything from working overtime on farms to building new railroads to fighting social injustice in the court room.

As we reflect on this widely-loved national holiday, the Hispanic Caucus reaffirms its commitment to promoting and supporting economic development, health care, education, civic engagement, and civil rights issues of Latinx communities and individuals who work tirelessly to strengthen our great nation.


Hispanic Caucus Podcast Episodes For August 2019

Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus members spoke to several notable guests during the month of August. We heard from an “undocu-queer” Chicanx artist in Oakland about how he incorporates art into his immigration activism; we chatted with a Latina who was named her state’s 2019 Teacher of the Year for her outstanding methods as an educator; we learned from a Democratic ally in Washington, D.C. about why each state’s attorney general is a critical elected position in fighting the Trump agenda; and we caught up with an amazing professional singer and businesswoman also in California who engaged with us in a bilingual discussion about her experience growing up on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border.

Check out the names below in bold font to see who we spoke to this month.

As a reminder, all of our podcast episodes can be accessed here (or seen with episode summaries here).

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An Engaging Bilingual Discussion With All-Around Super Woman Martha Soledad

The amazing Martha Soledad, an accomplished businesswoman, published author, and professional singer, took some time out to join the Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus in our most recent podcast. Like so many other Hispanic Americans, Martha can identify with two cultures, two languages, and fully knows the immigration struggle. In Martha's case, she is U.S.-born but has proud roots all the way from Oakland to Michoacán.

In this episode, we speak to Martha about the absolute need for civic engagement from every available voter. While addressing the unique community of U.S.-born-but-foreign-raised Latinos, we explore this rarely-discussed community within the spectrum of Latinx identity. Our guest also shares her experience of people affected outside our borders and across Latin America. Finally, we discuss the urgency of the next presidential election in the U.S. and Martha encourages us all to not merely talk about “doing something,” but to actually take meaningful action. Have a listen to this episode with Martha Soledad and we guarantee you won't be disappointed. ¡Sube el volumen!

“Martha is a spitfire with superwoman energy in her professional life. Her passion for civic engagement is positively contagious.” - caucusita Alison Maciejewski

“With deep roots in the binational community that she loves, Martha connects with people on a personal level, on both sides of the border, in a way few others can.” - caucusito Sam Stone

Hispanic Caucus participants in this episode: Alison Maciejewski (DA Czech Republic), Sam Stone (DA Mexico), and Rebecca Lammers (DA United Kingdom). Podcast intro/outro music provided by Carlos Colao (DA Spain).


“¡Defend DACA!” A Brief Chat With Chicanx Artist/Activist

Nicolas González-Medina

If you’ve been to Oakland, California within the last few years, you've likely seen the work by this episode’s podcast guest. This week the Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus caught up briefly with the talented Nicolas González-Medina, an artist and long-time political activist. An expert with his paint brush, screen printing and woodwork, Nicolas has his art proudly displayed on buildings, at pro-immigration rallies, on political advertisements, in fashion shows -- you name it.

As a self-identified “undocu-queer” Chicanx artist, Nicolas is an undocumented immigrant who was born in Mexico but arrived in Chicago as a child. He spent his childhood there, his adult life in California, and is just as “American” as his Chicagoan friends who happened to have been born in the U.S. Check out this brief conversation we had with Nicolas to hear first-hand yet another moving story of someone needing the Senate to do the will of the American people and pass the Dream and Promise Act. #SinPapelesSinMiedo

Hispanic Caucus participants in this episode: Alison Maciejewski (DA Czech Republic) and Amerika García-Grewal (DA Fiji). Podcast music provided by Carlos Colao (DA Spain).


Raising The Education Bar With 2019’s Kentucky State Teacher Of The Year Jessica Dueñas

Somewhere on the south side of Louisville, a teacher is providing boys with the knowledge and tools to be America's next generation of leaders. On this week's podcast, Jessica Dueñas, the 2019 Kentucky State Teacher of the Year, chatted with the Democrats Abroad Hispanic Caucus on a variety of topics, including her experience in declining a White House formal ceremony invitation earlier this year based on the Trump Administration’s “values” conflicting with her own set of principles.

It’s no secret that young men of color may encounter negative future life experiences due to ongoing stereotypes, racial profiling, low expectations, and so forth. But she and her school, the W.E.B. DuBois Academy, have raised the bar for having a bold curriculum based on the diversity of the student body such as including minorities’ contributions to our country rather than excluding them (per “traditional” teaching methods). Of Cuban and Costa Rican heritage and unapologetic of pointing out certain politicians’ attacks on public education, Jessica is one Latina educator in the Bluegrass State of which we’re all extremely proud of and grateful for. Have a listen to this insightful discussion and remember to subscribe via Podomatic or iTunes to get notified of new episodes!

Sus comentarios en español comienzan a las 15:22 en la conversación. (Jessica’s Spanish-language remarks begin at 15:22 into the conversation.)

Hispanic Caucus participants in this episode: Nelleke Bruyn (DA Costa Rica), Greg Dolezal (DA Vietnam), and Michael Ramos (DA Australia). Podcast music provided by Carlos Colao (DA Spain).


DAGA’s Lizzie Ulmer And Understanding The Critical Role Of Your State's Attorney General

With an incompetent Trump Administration and extremist lawmakers pursuing a far-right agenda, each state's attorney general is the last line of legal defense for the American people. Working hard to get these elected officials into office is Lizzie Ulmer with the Democratic Attorneys General Association, or “DAGA.” Have a listen to Lizzie explain why having Democratic AGs is critical in protecting our democracy from those who seek to do harm to our communities of color, our environment, women’s reproductive rights, and more. Make no mistake - the dozens of court cases by states winning against the Trump Administration over the last two years are directly attributable to the hard work of Democratic AGs.

Lizzie also touched on the diversity of DAGA-supported AGs, including one candidate of color who would be an amazing addition to DAGA if elected. If you’re an American living abroad, we hope you find Lizzie’s commentary just as enlightening as we did and that you learn a bit about a branch of the Democratic Party not often on the front pages. Because every year there are elections for state AGs, requesting your ballot should always be a top priority.

Hispanic Caucus participants in this episode: Alison Maciejewski (DA Czech Republic), Lori Smith (DA Mexico), and Angelo Goode (DA Philippines). Podcast intro/outro music provided by Carlos Colao (DA Spain).