Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary -- Ballots are Available NOW!

Ballots are available now for the Democrats Abroad Global Presidential Primary(GPP)! Democrats Abroad will send  delegates to the Democratic National Convention in July to vote for the Democratic presidential nominee. As with your state’s primary, the GPP will determine how the Democrats Abroad delegates will vote at the Convention.

Voting in the DA Primary can give your vote more weight, up to 4 times the impact, as there are far fewer DA members than state voters. While tens of thousands of people will participate in the GPP this year, millions will vote in their home state. That means a vote in the GPP may be more powerful than a vote in your state’s presidential primary.

On Feb 18th, Democrats Abroad sent out an email with a link to your GPP ballot, including instructions for sending it back in, either by email, fax, or postal mail. If you don’t see it, please check your Spam folder. Or go to and follow the instructions to download and submit a ballot.

Here's how to send in your DA Primary ballot:

  1.  If returning by Email: send to: p[email protected]
    Your ballot must be received by midnight, Pacific Time, on March 10th, 2020

  2.  If returning by Fax, send to: +1 202 217-4277
    Your ballot must be received by March 10th, 2020

  3.  If returning by Mail, use this link to find the postal mail address for your country committee
    Your ballot must be received by March 11th, 2020.

All DA members may participate in Democrats Abroad’s Global Presidential Primary and also in your state’s primary election. BUT there’s one major rule: you can only vote in one Presidential Primary, either Democrats Abroad’s Global Presidential Primary or your home state’s presidential primary.

  1. If you choose to vote in DA’s primary (for the Democratic presidential nominee), then you can still vote in your state’s primary--but you can’t vote for the presidential nominee again! Instead, you may vote only for the remaining offices on your state’s primary ballot (such as, US Senate, US House and any state and local offices on your ballot).

  2. If you decide not to vote in DA’s primary, then you may still vote in your state’s primary election and vote for your choice for the presidential nominee at that time.

    *But please note: If you’re interested in running for a Democrats Abroad delegate position to the Democratic National Convention in July, you don’t have to vote in the GPP, but you must attest that you did not vote in any other state primary for the Democratic nominee for President.