In France -- No anxiety about being sick or paying for health care. #DAresists #Medicare4all

Once I was visiting my parents in the US and I got a sinus infection. I ended up paying $250 for a doctor visit and antibiotics which in France would have cost me exactly 1 euro, the deductible for a doctor visit. I have had four surgeries in the seventeen years I have lived in France: one on each knee, one to remove my appendix, and one to remove a piece of metal lodged in my hand. Sécurité sociale has paid for taxis to pick me up at my home to take me to surgery, and taxis to bring me home when friends couldn't help. I was hospitalized for as long as it took, and never felt rushed or unready to go home. I lived alone at the time of my second knee surgery, and since I couldn't drive, a physical therapist came to my house three times a week for six weeks -- for free. Visiting nurses have come to my home to give me shots, change my bandages, and take my blood -- all for free. The only time I have to pay anything is 1€ for each doctor visit, and for the wifi and private room I requested for my second knee surgery. It is true that the French health system is less convenient when it comes to eyes and teeth, my complementary insurance, for which I pay 17€ a month, covers my contact lenses, and anything over the basic dental work or glasses. What I appreciate the most in France, besides the quality of care, is the lack of anxiety. If I am sick, I know I can stay home from work without repercussion. I can focus on getting better rather than worrying about paying for a surgery. If a doctor recommends a treatment, it happens. I don't have to worry about it being approved. And if I lose my job or move to a new place, I will still be covered. This lack of anxiety is something that I wish for all Americans.