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Bonjour du pays de la chocolatine ! 


My name is Jamie Perosi-Doughty and I have been in France for about twelve years now. I was born in Saratoga Springs, NY where I lived until about 8 or 9, then moved to Parsippany, New Jersey where I continue to hold residence with my husband and also where I am registered to vote. Thanks to a series of fortunate events, I was able to use my undergraduate degree in French history and translation, as well as in political science to move to Nice, France where I spent two years as an English teacher.  


Knowing that I always wanted to continue my studies, I did a Masters at the Université Montesquieu Bordeaux IV in Political Science, specializing in comparative political philosophy.  Afterwards, I literally went to the other side of the (tram) tracks, at Université Bordeaux Montaigne where I completed my PhD In American Studies, focusing specifically on the liberalism/pragmatism of John Dewey and Reinhold Niebuhr.  


I currently teach comparative law at a variety of private business schools in Bordeaux and am a certified tour guide as well.  


I support Democrats Abroad because as global citizens we have a responsibility to be the leaders that we once were. To lead through example and inspiration. To demonstrate strength through support, education, and community. 

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    We are forced to file taxes, we should also be able to vote.

    NJ -- Voting Rights for Overseas Voters

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Born in Saratoga Springs, raised in Jersey, but Bordelais de coeur! I hold a PhD in American political philosophy from the Université Bordeaux Montaigne. I'm interested in politics, philosophy, and wine!