Int. Secretary (interim); Global Black Caucus Chair; DPCA Voting Rep, Switzerland

Unity through diverse & inclusive Leadership!

My grandmother once said to me: Always hear others out and remain open-minded; the day you think you know everything, is the day, you have the most, yet, to learn.  

How would I describe myself:

(GER): Angenehm Anders Als Alle Anderen (Pleasantly Different Than Everyone Else)

My name is Leedonal Moore and I also go by the name Jazzmin Dian Moore and although I’m from Mississippi, I'm a Texas State Voter.

I identify as non-binary and I recently celebrated my 40th Birthday in loving company with my Swiss partner and our 12 year old black labrador.

I am fluent in German & English and decent in eight other languages, including Sign-Language.

My passion is fencing, horse riding, cooking and bringing people closer together.

Constantly being internationally relocated, due to growing up in a military household, I learned early on of the importance of staying open minded, adapting fast to new and sometimes very stressful situations and equally staying connected to my bi-racial heritage and upbringing. 

Democrats Abroad is the community where I feel at home, where I can be who I am and where I can help others register to vote and help execute publishing different deadlines for each state so that people can properly exercise their fundamental voting rights.

It's been my greatest honor representing Democrats Abroad Switzerland on various news outlets during the 2020 elections.

I’ve been living in Zürich Switzerland for more than 16 years and since most recently also in France, where I am engulfed in the hospitality industry as a Château-Hotelier. 

I love to travel and I love to learn about different cultures. I am particularly sensitive to making sure that I properly represent the USA as a mix of many cultures and nationalities and I focus on making sure to not expect that other countries adapt to the “AMERICAN WAY”.

Today I work as a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion consultant for corporations, schools and embassies, as a TV & Radio host and event planer. And zes, i love wearing many hats. 

Initially my professional background started off in the beauty industry. While I have a Masters degree in Hair & Make Up and Communication, I worked from 2005 - 2015 as the Art Director & General Manager of a beauty company in Zürich. Hence, i have the ability to have a complete overview of all functions of a business (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Marketing, Communication, Production, Quality, Engineering, Health & Safety, HR, Finance, IT, Logistics & Distribution, Sales & Customer Service) while focusing on both, the clients and employees.

In addition I started early on in investing my time and passion in strengthening marginalized communities, especially the Black and LGBTIQ+ Community.

For my engagements I’ve received various national and international awards such as the Miss Drag Queen Switzerland 2008 title, European TOLERANTIA Award 2016 and an honorary medal for my outstanding work & activism representing Americans living abroad 2016.

If there is one thing we have learned from the past horrible administration, it's that our greatest power is to listen, trust in facts & science, invest in diversity, equity & inclusion, cast our votes and lead by example.

And During a private dinner with one of our former Ambassadors they pointed out that my greatest potential is connecting people of all ethnicities, genders, faiths, sexual orientations - encouraging them to respect, uplift and help each other in leading by example.

I believe:

  • Healthcare is a right, not a privilege
  • Black Lives Matter ✊🏿✊🏾✊🏽
  • Public Education is a Public Good 🎒📚
  • A Fair Wage is a Living Wage
  • Women's Rights are Human Rights ♀️
  • Love is Love 🏳️‍🌈
  • No Human is Illegal
  • Science is Real 🔬
  • Voting Rights are Sacred 🗳️

Dear reader, I'm asking you: How can I help?

Love & Light

Leedonal / Jazzmin





  • published ❖ Attention DA Switzerland ❖ in News 2022-05-21 12:11:17 -0400

    ❖ Attention DA Switzerland ❖

    ❖ Attention DA Switzerland ❖

    Dear DACH Leaders, Members, and Volunteers,

    The Global Black Caucus (GBC) is hosting its very first Give-4-More Summer Summit in co-sponsorship of Democrats Abroad Switzerland (DACH)on Saturday, June 18th, 2022 14:00 CET - 20:00 CET in Zürich.

    During this fundraiser event, we will be joined by Democrats Abroad International Chair Candice Kerestan, DA GBC Chair & DPCA Voting Rep. DACH Leedonal (Jazz) Moore, an official Representative of State (undisclosed out of security measures for now), and a special message from the DNC Chair Jamie Harrison.

    What to expect during the summit:

    ❖ Voter Registration Booth
    ❖ Voter Assistance Training
    ❖ Phonebanking Training
    ❖ Communications Training
    ❖ Postcard Writing
    ❖ Tax Seminar
    ❖ Ballot Bingo (with great prizes)
    ❖ WhyIVote Video Booth
    ❖ Community Building
    ❖ One-on-One Meeting Your Leadership
    ❖ Entertainment And Speeches
    ❖ Kids corner
    ❖ Delicious Food And Drinks and Simply A Great Time Meeting Members From All Around Switzerland!

    Are you interested in volunteering or would like to give a motivational speech or poem reading, are you a singer or musician? Would you like to assist with the setup or takedown that day or would you like to assist with the voter registration both?.

    Please reach out to GBC Chair Leedonal (Jazz) Moore for more information at [email protected] or [email protected] 

    #Switzerland #VolunteersNeeded #Give4More #Summer #Summit #Fundraiser #GetOutTheVote #Zürich #Basel #Bern #Geneva #Ticino #GlobalBlackCaucus #DemsAbroad

  • published ❖ Laws must be passed! ❖ in News 2022-05-20 06:16:39 -0400

    ❖ Laws must be passed! ❖

    Laws must be passed!

    ☞ We can no longer ignore the pipeline of racist rhetoric to racist violence!

    ☞ Thoughts and prayers are not enough! And will never bring back the lives lost! 

    ☞ Laws must be passed! But they only can be achieved if the foundation is laid out and that is why YOUR VOTE, DOMESTICALLY & ABROAD, IS NEEDED!

    ☞Sisters, Brothers & Allies eligible to vote? Us your voice! It matters! It matters to us - It matters to you - It matters to every family who’s lost their loved ones - It matters to ALL BLACK LIVES! 

    ☞ Not eligible to vote? Talk to people who are: Encourage, Educate, Empower and Inspire eligible voters to Register & Vote ! Visit:  MidtermsMatter BlackLivesMatter BlackVotesMatter 

    ❖ Please help us reach voters, especially BIPOC voters, and provide them with the resources they need to vote from abroad!

    ❖ Please help Democrats Abroad Global Black Caucus fight for our democracy in 2022 and beyond!

    ❖ Donations of any size will help us "Get Out the Vote" and support the Biden/Harris Administration in the midterm elections.

    ❖ We MADE the difference in 2020! And in Georgia in 2021! And we will continue to fight for Democratic victories and for issues that our members care about!


    ❖ If you can, please chip in! Either by donating to the Global Black Caucus: Donate GBC or by supporting us to help us modernize our website and reach more voters: Donate New Website

    Your generous donation is a strategic investment that will benefit Democrats—and our democracy—for years to come!

    Thank you for your support! 💙

    Love and Light

    Leedonal (Jazz) Moore

    Chair DA Global Black Caucus 

    DPCA Voting Rep. DACH


    #SayTheirNames #Buffalo #WhiteSupremacyIsTerrorism #Justice #Equality #DemsAbroad #GlobalBlackCaucus #VoteFromAbroad #Support #Donate #BeTheChange #BeTheFuture #ApartWeLiveUnitedWeVote #MidtermsMatter #BlackLivesMatter #BlackVotesMatter #Register #Encourage #Educate #Empower #Inspire #Vote




    How did you feel after realizing that you missed out on casting your #Vote and you weren't happy with the election outcome?

    Make yourself heard!
    Don't give away your voice!!
    Your Vote From Abroad Matters!!!

    The easiest way to register TODAY: www.VOTEFROMABROAD.ORG 

    #DemsAbroad #GlobalBlackCaucus #VoteFromAbroad #MidtermsMatter #BlackLivesMatter #BlackVotesMatter #Register #Ballot #Vote

  • published  ❖ May 17 - IDAHOBIT Day ❖ in News 2022-05-17 06:30:19 -0400

     ❖ May 17 - IDAHOBIT Day ❖


    ❖ May 17 - IDAHOBIT Day ❖

    International Day against homophobia, biphobia, intersexism, and transphobia – has been held since 1990 on the same date annually.

    ☞ The day attempts to educate people, foster inclusion, and combat discrimination.

    ☞ Homophobia, Biphobia, Interphobia, and Transphobia can occur online, face to face, and affect everyone by creating spaces where people feel unsafe and like they can't be themselves.

    ☞ Sexuality and gender identity or intersex status aren't always visible, so creating a culture where everyone feels safe, even if there aren't any visible LGBTIQ+ people is even more important.

    ☞ Fatal violence against transgender, nonbinary, and gender-nonconforming Americans is continuing in 2022 after 2021 saw at least 57 members of this population die violently, the most in the time that activists and media have been keeping track.

    ☞ “at least” because there are likely many other such deaths, with victims deadnamed or misgendered, or their deaths not reported at all.

    ☞ In any given year, the majority of victims are Black and Latinx women, but this epidemic of violence affects the entire community.

    ☞ 12 transgender women have been victims of violent fatal crimes in 2022. 

    #May17 #StopHateCrimes #IDAHOBIT #Homophobia #Transphobia #Intersexixm #LGBTIQ#LGBT #LGBTCommunity #TransLivesMatter #BlackTransLivesMatter #TogetherWeStand #TogetherWeVote #VoteFromAbroad #MidtermsMatter #DemsAbroad #GlobalBlackCaucus #GlobalLGBTQCaucus #BlackLivesMatter #SayGay

  • published ❖ Call to action ❖ in News 2022-05-10 15:46:06 -0400

    ❖ Call to action ❖

    ☞ Our freedom is under threat like never before. The Supreme Court is poised to overturn Roe v. Wade, and anti-choice state lawmakers are ramping up their attacks on abortion.

    ☞Reproductive freedom must be a reality for *every* body—no matter who they are, where they live, or how much money they make.

    Call, Tweet, Email @YOURSENATOR, pass the #WHPA now & #CodifyRoe 

    #MyVoiceMyVoteMyBody #ReproductiveRights #RoeVWade #AbortionAccess #DemsAbroad #GlobalBlackCaucus #GlobalWomensCaucus  #VoteFromAbroad


  • published Karine Jean-Pierre History Made! in News 2022-05-05 19:36:12 -0400

    Karine Jean-Pierre History Made!

    A huge congrats to Karine Jean-Pierrethe first openly LGBTQIA+ person and the first black woman to serve as the White House Press Secretary.

    Karine Jean-Pierre is set to become White House Press Secretary on May 13, 2022, following the expected departure of Jen Psaki.

    "She will give a voice to so many, and show so many what is truly possible when you work hard and dream big," Ms. Psaki said. "And that matters and we should celebrate that."

    Thank you for making another historic appointment, President Biden!

    #Congratulations #Representation #WhiteHouse #PressSecretary #BlackLivesMatter #BlackRepresentationMatters #DemsAbroad #GlobalBlackCaucus #VoteFromAbroad #BlackVotesMatter #MidtermsMatter #HistoryMade

  • published Save The Date in News 2022-05-05 14:13:30 -0400

    Save The Date

    ❖ Save The Date! ❖

    The Democrats Abroad Global Black Caucus will be holding it's first GIVE-4-MORE SUMMER SUMMIT in Switzerland and kick off the JUNETEENTH CELEBRATION WEEKS.

    Stay tuned for more...!

    #SaveTheDate #DemsAbroad #GlobalBlackCaucus #DACH #SwissDemocrats #Give4More #SummerSummit #2022#GetOutTheVote #VoteFromAbroad #BlackVotesMatter #MidtermsMatter

  • published May 4th in News 2022-05-04 04:01:52 -0400

    May 4th

    ❖ May the 4th be with you! ❖

    Everyday is a good day to visit VOTEFROMABROAD.ORG and register to vote, so why not do it today on May 4th...

    5-10 minutes is all you need to help save our democracy.


  • published Your Vote Is Your Voice! in News 2022-05-03 16:19:14 -0400

    Your Vote Is Your Voice!

    ❖ A majority of Americans support Roe v. Wade! ❖

    Not just #Democrats are supporting Roe v. Wade, many #Republicans do so too. Let's face it, if this goes threw ALL will be effected by this #WhiteSupremacists result.

    So #Democrats all around the #World register to vote for the #Midterms and while you are doing so, please inform your #Republican oriented friends and co-workers about what is heading their way, regarding losing the rights over your own body. Show them why it's important to support the democrats for the midterms.

    You can:
    ❖ Make a GOTV video for the GWC Reproductive Justice team 

    ❖ Share our Reproductive Justice videos on social media: Youtube

    ❖ Go to and make sure you are registered to vote

    ❖ Volunteer for a DA phonebanking campaign.

    ❖ Call on your legislators to immediately pass legislation that codifies Roe v. Wade as the law of the land, even if it requires ending the filibuster to get the job done.

    ❖ Contact everyone you know back in the States - your family, your old college buddies, even your right-leaning friends and relatives and help them to understand what’s really at stake - for them too.

    ❖ Donate to help us get out the vote. DONATE

    Let us keep up this fight together in solidarity and remember the words of Helen Keller: "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much."

    #MyBodyMyRight #RoevWade #SupremeCourt#DemsAbroad #Support #GlobalBlackCaucus#BlackLivesMatter #BlackVotesMatter #WomensRights#MidtermsMatter #VoteFromAbroad

  • Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month

    It’s #AANHPI Heritage Month! Let’s celebrate #diversity and #StopAsianHate! Join @aapiglobal events all month long.

    During Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, our Nation recognizes the innumerable contributions, vibrant cultures, and rich heritage of Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders (AA and NHPIs).

    AA and NHPIs have long played an essential role in writing the American story. And we are proud to have Vice President Kamala Harris, the first person of South Asian descent to serve as Vice President, and Katherine Tai, the first Asian American United States Trade Representative, in my Administration.

    #DemsAbroad #AAPI #AANHPI #AsianAmericanNativeHawaiianPacificIslanderHeritageMonth #Recognize #Celebrate #May #HeritageMonth #VoteFromAbroad #MidtermsMatter #AsianAmericanVotesMatter #BlackVotesMatter #GlobalBlackCaucus

  • published 🔥 Hot Week 🔥 in News 2022-04-19 09:27:16 -0400

    🔥 Hot Week 🔥

    🔥 Hot Week 🔥
    Do you vote in one of these states? And haven't registered yet?!? Then start your engines and get it done! 🔥
    Don’t miss out on your chance to make your voice heard! 

    ❖ West Virginia's 2022 midterm primary election is on May 10th. The registration deadline is today, on April 19th. Don't miss out!

    ❖ Indiana's 2022 midterm primary election is on May 3rd. The Ballot Request deadline is in 2 days, on April 21st. Don't miss out!

    ❖ Nebraska's 2022 midterm primary election is on May 10th. The registration deadline is in 3 days, on April 22nd.Don't miss out!

    ❖ Idaho's 2022 midterm primary election is on May 17th. The registration deadline is on April 22nd. You got 3 more days to register. Don't miss out!

    Visit  Vote From Abroad to register to vote and request your ballot.


    #VoteFromAbroad #GOTV #GetOutTheVote #WestVirginiaVoters #WestVirginiansAbroad #WestVirginiaDemocrats #Hoosier #HoosiersAbroad #IndianaDemocrats #Cornhuskers #NebraskaVoters #NebraskansAbroad #NebraskaDemocrats #IdahoansAbroad #IdahoVoter #IdahoDemocrats #DemsAbroad #GlobalBlackCaucus #BlackVotesMatter #MidtermsMatter


  • This weeks issue spotlight: Technology Artificial Intelligence Impacts

    Let's Talk About The Issue:

    Technology Artificial Intelligence Impacts - by Malaika Kusumi

    Unfortunately, this quote also holds true for Artificial Intelligence (AI). Researchers have discovered that many AI technologies have embedded within their algorithms and mathematics race and gender discrimination. A computer can only feedback what has been programmed or make analogies based on given datasets.

    Microsoft’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) system came up with the faulty analogy “Man is to Woman as Programmer is to Homemaker” due to large datasets that showed more males as programmers and the reverse for the role of homemaker. (

    The computer made an “objective” analogy based on datasets resulting from a discriminatory hiring reality.

    The 2015 Google photo recognition app was designed to present pictures based on keyed information; however, African American males also appeared in the results when the word gorilla was keyed in. The black community was not amused.

    We use AI technology to open our iPhones or make a payment. However, AI is being used without awareness or consent:

    “ over half of the American adults …– have photos within a facial recognition network used by law enforcement. This… occurs without consent or even awareness and is bolstered by a lack of legislative oversight. More disturbingly, however, the current implementation of these technologies involves significant racial bias, particularly against Black Americans. Even if accurate, face recognition empowers a law enforcement system with a long history of racist and anti-activist surveillance and can widen pre-existing inequalities.(

    So, what can be done? The first step has been taken by researchers who have acknowledged this problem and are looking for ways to eliminate bias from AI. However, wouldn’t it make more sense to create an inclusive educational and hiring practice and nip it in the bud? As James Baldwin rightly stated, “Not everything faced can be changed, but nothing can be changed until it is faced. …The challenge is in the moment, and the time is always now.”

    #LetsTalkABout #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #Technology #Impacts #Racism #Bias #Issue #DemsAbroad #GlobalBlackCaucus #VoteFromAbroad

  • Black Maternal Health Week 2022 - The Power Of Communication.

    The Power Of Communication. - by Malaika Kusumi

    The mortality statistics for black females are depressing. Sometimes you want to close your eyes to the facts and hope it all turns out well. However, not facing the facts and talking about these things is a mistake. What you don’t know can and will hurt you, and chances are you cut your chances of good outcomes by 50 percent.

    It’s a sad fact; black mothers and even black mothers-to-be face having to have that hard conversation - racism. If you think that this conversation begins at pre-teen, teen, or young adulthood, you have another think coming. Surprisingly it should start earlier, much earlier. In fact, that conversation has to begin with the woman in the mirror while she is pregnant.

    How will systemic medical racism negatively impact my pregnancy and my unborn child’s life? How will my reluctance to unearth hidden traces of racism in my medical experience impair my pregnancy? If you have chosen a doctor of non-color, you need to muster up the courage and compassionate wisdom to frame it in a mutually enlightening and beneficial way. If you have chosen a doctor of color, have the same conversation. Knowledge is power, and the more control you have, the safer and better you and your unborn child will feel and be.

    Communication is more than just talking. “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” (George Bernard Shaw) So be brave, face the facts and have that hard conversation with yourself and your health provider.

    Read our post about Black Maternal Health Week HERE

    #BlackMaternalHealth #Racism #SystemicRacism #Motherhood #Pregnancy #PowerOfCommunication #DemsAbroad #GlobalBlackCaucus

  • published Happy Easter in News 2022-04-17 04:42:11 -0400

    Happy Easter

    ✢ The great gift of Easter is hope. ✢

    For many African Americans, Easter—sometimes called Resurrection Sunday—is one of the most important religious holidays of the year, as well as a time to reconnect with loved ones.

    Happy Easter 2022!
    May this joyful season of Easter fill your heart with renewed hope, love, and peace.

    #Happy #Easter #ResurrectionDay #Christianity#EasterEggs #EasterBunny #Hope #Love #Peace #Light#DemsAbroad #GlobalBlackCaucus



    Calling all KENTUCKEYITES, all WEST VIRGINIANS, all HOOSIERS and all CORNHUSKERS Abroad!!! Don’t miss out on making your voice be heard!

    ❖ Kentucky's 2022 midterm primary election is on May 17th. The registration deadline is only 3 days from today, on April 18th!

    ❖ West Virginia's 2022 midterm primary election is on May 10th. The registration deadline is only 4 days from today, on April 19th.

    ❖ Indiana's 2022 midterm primary election is on May 3rd. The Ballot Request deadline is only 6 days from today, on April 21st.

    ❖ Nebraska's 2022 midterm primary election is on May 10th. The registration deadline is one week from today, on April 22nd.

    Visit @votefromabroad to register to vote and request your ballot:

    #VoteFromAbroad #GOTV#GetOutTheVote #KentuckyVoters#KentuckyDemocrats#WestVirginiaVoters#WestVirginiansAbroad#WestVirginiaDemocrats #Hoosier#HoosiersAbroad #IndianaDemocrats#Cornhuskers #NebraskaVoters#NebraskansAbroad#NebraskaDemocrats #DemsAbroad#GlobalBlackCaucus#BlackVotesMatter #MidtermsMatter


  • published Happy Passover in News 2022-04-15 06:23:28 -0400

    Happy Passover

    ✡️ Happy Passover ✡️

    Jewish Communities all around the world celebrate Passover on Friday night. In the U.S., many of them will sing an African-American spiritual. “Go Down Moses“

    “Go Down Moses“ is believed to have been written around 1800 by enslaved people inspired by the biblical story of the Jews' liberation from enslavement in Egypt.
    The song has become part of Passover sharing its story of cultures with parallel and intersecting histories.

    For decades, individuals of other faiths have embraced this Jewish holiday. Particularly, the story of the seder has resonated with African Americans because the history of our own people has also been burdened with waves enslavement and social injustice.

    A smaller share of African Americans also observing Passover are those who believe in the Jewish faith. This community – which is 2% of the Jewish population in the US, is comprised of people who have African American and Jewish heritage (and therefore Jewish by birth) or African American individuals who have converted to Judaism.

    Regardless of whether or not African Americans believe in the Jewish religion, those celebrating Passover come together and incorporate culturally significant African American foods into the symbolic seder dinner on the first night of Passover.

    This inclusive integration of backgrounds and faiths remind us that even within certain groups in our society, the presence of diversity is ever-evolving.

    #Happy #Passover #Sedar #GoDownMoses #Interfaith #Jewish #AfricanAmerican #DemsAbroad #GlobalBlackCaucus

  • published Black Maternal Health Week 2022 in News 2022-04-12 06:17:23 -0400

    Black Maternal Health Week 2022

    Pregnancy and childbirth should be a dignified, safe, and joyful experience for all. For far too many mothers, however, complications related to pregnancy, childbirth, and postpartum can lead to devastating health outcomes — including hundreds of deaths each year.

    Maternal mortality rates in the U.S. have risen in the past two decades, and for Black women, these rates have reached alarming levels.

    Improving maternal health and reducing maternal mortality is a crucial priority for the Biden-Harris administration.

    This maternal health crisis is particularly devastating for Black women, who are more than three times as likely to die from pregnancy-related complications as white women, regardless of their income or education.*

    • Black women are more than 3x likely to die from pregnancy-related complications as white women in the United States.
    • It's time to address systemic barriers that will improve outcomes for Black mothers and their families.

    #BlackMaternalHealthWeek #BlackLivesMatter #WomenOfColor #Pregnancy #Childbirth#MaternalHealth #DemsAbroad #GlobalBlackCaucus

    *Read full proclamation from the White House on Black Maternal Health Week here.

  • published Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson - CONFIRMED! in News 2022-04-07 15:44:20 -0400

    Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson - CONFIRMED!


    Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson was just confirmed by the Senate and will become the first Black woman to ever serve as a United States Supreme Court justice.

    Congratulations Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson on her historic appointment to the Supreme Court.

    Statement Democrats Abroad


  • Success for Democrats Abroad - Congratulations DNC Members!

    Congratulations to our DNC Members and especially to our very own Adrianne George, who got elected by proclamation as the new DNC Midwest Caucus Secretary!

    We are very delighted and equally proud knowing that the commitments and efforts of Democrats Abroad are receiving more recognition and therefore more support.  

    Foto Credits: Adrianne George

    Congratulations to (In alphabetical order):

    1. Adrianne George - Elected to DNC Midwestern Region Caucus Secretary
    2. Candice Kersestan - Elected to DNC Youth Caucus Vice Chair
    3. Democrats Abroad - Resolution on Reparations passed
    4. Katie Solon - Elected to Western Region At Large position
    5. Martha McDevitt-Pugh - Elected to LGBTQ Caucus Recording Secretary

    Another Highlight From The DNC Winter Session

    Foto Credits: Adrianne George


    This is a major step and has generated buzz for national reparations in the organizing body of the Democratic Party.

    From article: "The DNC's renewed commitment to supporting reparative justice comes as advocates continue pushing for a national commission to study and develop reparations proposals for Black Americans.

    With 196 co-sponsors and even more confirmed votes, activists are sure they have the support they need to pass HR 40 in the lower chamber."

    Democrats Abroad's Reparations Task Force (RTF) worked with DA's DNC members to draft the resolution. Learn more here:

  • Thank You STAR!

    As Women’s History Month comes to an end, we want to take the time to acknowledge one of the most valuable, dynamic, and dedicated women in Democrats Abroad, Starla (Star) Goggins. 

    Starla is originally from the state of Michigan and moved to Toronto, Ontario in 1967. Starla has been involved with Democrats Abroad for close to three decades. She first learned of DA in the 1990’s after visiting the DA Toronto Pride Booth, and she immediately signed up after receiving more information. 

    Starla served in many roles in DA as an expression of her commitment to Get Out the Vote (GOTV) and bringing diverse representation to DA. Specifically, she served on the Toronto Chapter Executive, chaired a National Election Committee (NEC), served on the Democrats Abroad Affirmative Action Committee, managed a DA Voting Centre in Toronto for the 2016 Presidential Primary, organized volunteer teams, and hosted several other events within the sphere of DA. 

    Recently, Starla joined the DA Global Black Caucus Steering Committee and serves as Secretary. Starla is also currently serving as the chair for the newly forming DA Canada Black Caucus. One of her key goals is to work towards building membership to reflect and represent the DA Canada Black Caucus aims and views.

    Starla’s activism and commitment to equity and justice in her community are informed by her experiences of anti-Black racism in the U.S. and Canada. As a teenager in Detroit’s North End, Starla lived in an all-Black working-class area. At that time, it was primarily White people who owned stores, had teaching positions, and worked in business settings. On the contrary, most of the Black people generally had cleaning and factory jobs.  

    The Civil Rights movement in the South, often led by Martin Luther King Jr., and horrific violence against Black people dominated the news. The Detroit riots also broke out in 1967 burning down much of downtown, the Black community, and costing mostly Black lives. During curfew, the National Guard drove a tank past Starla’s window shooting out streetlights. Starla remembers hiding with her family on the floor to keep them from being hit by stray bullets. Anti-Black racism was very visible.  

    When Starla moved to Canada, it seemed to be more peaceful and welcoming. She socialized with White people and attended many diverse cultural events, but she soon discovered that anti-Black racism did not end at the border. Starla experienced offensive name-calling, workplace barriers, and a near-miss assault by a large White supremacist protest that she mistook for a parade.  Over the years, Starla has continued fighting for an end to anti-Black racism and promoting diversity through education and activism.

    As we move into another era of advocacy, Starla offers some wise words for the journey ahead, “As a people, we have fought hard for justice and the right to vote. We need to unite in efforts towards maintaining and improving those rights. Our voice, and our votes have power when we stand together and cast our ballots.” - Starla Goggins


Laureate Tolerantia Award, DragQueen, LGBTIQ Advocate, Presenter, FB: Jazzmin Dian Moore YouTube: jazzmindianmoore snapchat:jazzilee1 Insta: Jazzmindianmoore