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    Live Voter Registration Assistance via Zoom

    Did you know every eligible American living abroad can vote in U.S. elections this year? 

    Do you have questions about how to vote? Click the chat bubble at the bottom of this screen and we'll help you find the answers.  

    Starting July 26th, join us any Sunday till November from midnight to midnight Eastern time to talk to a volunteer LIVE on Zoom about questions you have about voting from abroad.

    More information: The easiest way to request your ballot is at It takes just a few minutes to complete your form and send it in to the US state where you last lived. If you've never voted from abroad, the website will guide you step by step. In most cases it’s pretty simple. But if you’re new to overseas voting, or if you haven’t done it in a while, you may have additional questions. That’s why we’ll be here every Sunday until election day to help.


    For more details, click here.

  • Diversity Committee Members 2020

    Listed below are the current members of the Democrats Abroad Affirmative Action Committee. To encourage a diverse population of candidates to run in the delegate selection process, the Committee strives to ensure fairness at every step of the process until the Democratic presidential candidate is formally nominated by the Party’s thousands of delegates. They can be reached at:


    A native of Washington, DC, Adrianne George discovered Democrats Abroad (DA) while living in Brussels in 2004. After moving to Sweden in 2006, she started a chapter that is now part of Democrats Abroad Western Sweden. She was elected to the Democratic National Committee during the Global meeting in Berlin in 2016, and as an Obama delegate to the National Convention in 2012.  Adrianne served as DA's Global Volunteer Coordinator, Global Caucus Coordinator, Global Nominations & Elections Committee member, Door Knock Committee, led the DA Sweden Nominations & Elections Committee, and leads the newly formed DA Sweden Black Caucus. In additional to being a US overseas voter advocate and staunch supporter of Statehood for Washington, DC, Adrianne is the immediate past President of the American Women's Club in Stockholm.


    Tre' Shawn Griffin-Noordermeer was born and raised in Akron, Ohio, surrounded by and working on local political campaigns from family and friends. Having public service instilled in him from an early age he spent his teen years volunteer for several local groups/organisations. Pursuing his love of politics, he moved to London in 2013 to study Political Science as his undergraduate degree. Continuing his education he moved to Leiden, Netherlands a few years later, and began volunteering with DA. The Netherlands is where he is now living permanently with his husband and puppy. He currently is pursuing his Master degree in Museum Studies. Tre' Shawn is currently serving in his second term as Secretary for the DA Netherlands Executive Committee. He is the Co-Chair of DA's Global LGBT Caucus and a member of, the Global Women's Caucus, Global Veteran's and Military Families Caucus and is currently proudly serving as a member of the Affirmative-Action Committee.


    Amerika Garcia Grewal lives in Fiji and votes in Texas. She grew up in the border town of Eagle Pass, Texas. In addition to the Border Patrol checkpoint about 10 miles into Texas on the main highway, there's now a child detention center about 30 minutes from where her parents still live. Immigration Reform, Public Education, and Access to Healthcare are some of the issues she cares deeply about. In her roles as the chair of the Global Hispanic Caucus and a member of the Affirmative Action Committee she is working to help US Citizens around the world cast informed votes in the 2020 primary and presidential elections. she/her/ella 


    Sharon Manitta was a long-time volunteer with the New York State Democratic Party while working as a journalist and university lecturer. She moved to the U.K. in the late 1970s and after a long search, found that the Democratic Party had an official overseas branch called Democrats Abroad.  Sharon was the first person to be in charge of press for Democrats Abroad UK and then international communications. In 2007 Sharon moved to Washington, D.C. to become Communications Director for Congressman Dennis Kucinich’s run for the Democratic Presidential nomination. She returned to the UK in 2008 and continued to do media for Democrats Abroad as well as for heritage and policy foundations.


    Michael Ramos is a Hispanic American of Mexican descent currently residing in Melbourne, Australia. Before moving abroad, he was a Democratic congressional staffer and was formerly enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps. Michael serves in several capacities within Democrats Abroad: the Affirmative Action Committee, the Global Hispanic Caucus, the Global Veterans and Military Families Caucus, and the Global Tax Task Force. Michael votes absentee in Illinois' 17th Congressional District. He is committed to working with the Affirmative Action Committee to ensure inclusive diversity messaging in encouraging Democrats Abroad members identifying with historically-disadvantaged groups to run as delegates to the 2020 Democratic National Convention.


    Jeffrey Cheng was born and raised in New York City, and moved to Philadelphia to attend university before moving abroad (so he votes in Pennsylvania!). His background in business and engineering helped propel him into a career that includes managing real estate, working in marketing, web design, finance, and IT. He currently works in IT and Administration at a Finance research institute in Stockholm.
    Jeffrey moved to Stockholm, Sweden in 2014. When the Stockholm chapter of Democrats Abroad Sweden was re-started in 2015, he saw a great opportunity to get involved and help grow the chapter and country committee with his database knowledge, IT background, and interpersonal skills. Shortly afterwards, he joined DA global teams, successfully ran for a position in Democrats Abroad's Executive Board, and has served as the Global Secretary of Democrats Abroad since 2017.






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  • Democrats Abroad Women's Caucus statement on litmus test

    The Women's Caucus of Democrats Abroad wishes to highlight and reaffirm the statement made in the 2016 Democrats Abroad Platform that unequivocally endorsed :

    " ….the right of women in the U.S. to bear children, practice birth control, and obtain safe, legal abortions regardless of economic, religious or racial status."

    Additionally we want to reiterate that:

    "We believe that a decision to terminate a pregnancy is a private matter outside the scope of government intervention. We further believe that all women should have unfettered, free access to quality information from doctors and others regarding reproductive choices."

    The statements in the 2016 Democrats Abroad platform mirror the 2016 Democratic platform that stated that the Democratic Party believes “unequivocally” that “every woman should have access to quality reproductive health care services, including safe and legal abortion.”

    Democrats and the politicians who represent us do not have to believe that abortion is right for them or their family, but we urge them to respect and uphold the right of each American woman to make that decision for herself.

    LET’S REMEMBER and RESPECT our Democratic core values: equality, fairness, inclusivity, respect for human rights and dignity of all Americans- which includes the belief that every woman has the right to choose for herself whether or not to have an abortion.


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  • DA Sweden Chair Alexander Lange on Sverige Radio

    Did you miss the broadcast of Radiokorrespondenterna? Listen to the recording of  Chair Alexander Lange as he joined P1 to talk about the future of the Democratic Party and what we're doing to get organized at the grassroots, even here in Sweden. Program is in Swedish.

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