Calling all DA-Madrid Members!

Chapter Elections Set for Sunday, March 26th, 2017 

The bylaws of Democrats Abroad Spain, require that each chapter hold officer elections every two years. In compliance with this rule, DA-Madrid Chapter will hold our elections on Sunday, March 26th before our soon to be announced event Women's Healthcare and Reproductive Rights. 

The positions of Chapter President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer will be elected for a two-year term, effective when the results are announced. At this time, some of the incumbents are seeking another term, but in any case, nominations for all positions are open until Thursday, March 9th. Nominations will not be taken at the time of the election, since a ballot will be sent out for voting for all positions by e-mail. The Madrid chapter adheres to the Equal Opportunity rule of the Democratic Party that the Chair and Vice Chair must be of the opposite gender.

You are welcome to nominate yourself. You can also nominate someone else; the nomination needs a second by another member, either in the same email or a follow-up email from the seconding member. The Nominations and Elections Committee will confirm that the member wishes to run. Nominations can be made by email to [email protected]  and must be submitted by Thursday, March 9th. The Nominations and Elections Committee may also seek out and nominate candidates.

The main duties of each officer are as follows:

President – The candidate should be a team player who works with the Executive Committee, preside over monthly meetings, and represent the Madrid Chapter on the DA Spain Ex Com. Events in the next term, include: monthly meetings, special events; and activities related to 2018 Midterm elections, including the coordination of the Get Out The Vote effort.

Vice President – An activist who can support the president and the Executive Committee in the organization of chapter meetings and events; preside over monthly meetings; and attend DA Spain Ex Com meetings in the president's absence.

Secretary – A highly organized individual with good writing and computer skills, who can maintain an up-to-date list of chapter members, take minutes at monthly meetings, post them on the website, and send out notices of meetings and special events.

Treasurer – Responsible management of the Chapter's finances, keeping accounts of chapter monies collected and spent; storing reserve funds; assisting in fundraising and presenting a monthly report at chapter meetings.

Contact the Nominations & Election Committee at: [email protected] 

Sarah Graves current president will not be running and has agreed to chair the nominating committee.  Carolyn Baurle will help coordinate the election. More information to follow when the nominating process is complete.