August 15, 2019

Special Elections coming up!

Upcoming 2019 Special Elections

If you are from one of the states listed below please click the link to learn if you need to vote. If you are getting Democrats Abroad emails you probably already received this information directly from the Global Democrats Abroad Get Out The Vote team.

North Carolina is conducting 2 Special Elections: NC-3 and NC-9 the elections are Sept 10 If you are from NC please click the link below.

These states will have General Elections on Nov 5th: Kentucky, Mississippi, New Jersey and Virginia.

If you have not heard from your local election official, now is the time to request your absentee ballot at: These state and local races are very important. With the upcoming 2020 Census there will be a realignment of voting districts. The party that controls the state legislature and governorship also has the opportunity to gerrymander at will. When we vote for Democrats we can control the outcomes in states like Virginia and New Jersey. Kentucky and Mississippi are special situations but it is still imperative to vote.

Latest Voting Info: on how to get your ballot.

WARNING As you are aware this administration has an aversion to international agreements. One such agreement is the Universal Postal Union which was founded in 1874 and is the framework of how mail moves around the world. After giving notice last year we're probably out of the UPU on October 17th this year. That means other postal services will not accept mail to or from the USA routed through the USPS.

It is not clear what effect this will have on mail sent through the embassy of the consular services as they also move mail through postal systems in special diplomatic pouches. If you are mailing back a ballot for elections this year take notice and act quickly, or plan on returning your ballot by a courier service. More to come as the situation is finalized. We should be thankful it is happening now and not last year or next year.