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    The Americas Region of Democrats Abroad is honoured to present a region-wide film screening of Capturing The Flag.


    Please donate - even just $10 - to support the costs associated with this online event and the work of the Capturing the Flag team. Any funds raised in excess of $1,000 will go to Democrats Abroad to support our global GOTV efforts.


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    Democrats Abroad
     2020 Democratic National Convention Week

    Join our Speakers in supporting Democrats Abroad's
    Global Get Out the Vote campaign

    Over 9 million Americans live outside of the United States. Democrats Abroad is working to ensure that as many as possible vote in November, and that Democrats win up and down the ballot. 

    We are phoning banking voters, running social media ads, running online help desks, and mailing potential voters in order to win in 2020.

    We CAN make the difference, but we need YOUR help. Please make a donation today to fund our Global Get Out the Vote campaign.

    Donations are made to Democrats Abroad (Democratic Party Committee Abroad) and not to any candidate for Federal Office.

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    Join Robert Reich and

    Support Democrats Abroad's Campaign to

    "Call the World"

    Over 9 million Americans live outside of the United States, Democrats Abroad is working to ensure that as many as possible vote in November, and that Democrats win up and down the ballot. 


    DA members from across the globe will be calling voters to secure their ballots but they need your help: giving today guarantees that we have the resources we need to win at the state level, take back the Senate, and remove Donald Trump in 2020. Give today!


    Any questions about Democrats Abroad Call the World, please contact [email protected]


    Donations are to Democrats Abroad (Democratic Party Committee Abroad) and not to any candidate for Federal Office.


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    2019 Silent Auction

    Please use this donation page to make your donation for your silent auction items.

    Thank you for supporting Democrats Abroad. This all volunteer run organization appreciates your help in getting out the vote with Americans living Abroad.


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    Every dollar you give supports our work to elect Democrats who will fight to make a better life for ALL Americans. Join us by making a donation today.

    Candice Kerestan, International Chair - Democrats Abroad

    Donate to Democrats Abroad today and help us register Americans all over the world for the crucial 2022 elections, reach out on issues that concern you, and build a brighter future for our country and the world. With your help, we will make the difference. We MADE the difference in 2020! And in Georgia in 2021! And we will continue to fight for Democratic victories and for issues that our members care about!

    If you want to make a recurring monthly donation - these are VERY useful - or if you want to donate using PayPal or Amex, please go to our ActBlue donation page.

    If you are unable to contribute online, send us a US Dollar check with this form to the following address.

    Democrats Abroad
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  • Memorial Day 2018: DA Panama Honors Americas Fallen

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Photo by Eric Jackson

    Leaders and members of DA Panama were at Corozal American Military Cemetery on Memorial Day to help honor the men and women of the US Armed Services who gave their lives in defense of our country.

    Presenting a wreath on behalf of DA Panama were Ramona Rhoades and Boston Patterson. Eric Jackson, DA Panama Chair, and member Rita Sosa were also in attendance.

    Those buried at Corozal include veterans from every branch of our military, from the Mexican – American War, the Civil War, World War I, World War II, and all other major conflicts. More than 5,000 people buried at Corazal include veterans and family members, as well as numerous brave service members who died in combat in the 20thcentury.

                  … that from these honored dead, we take increased devotion to the cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion… 

                                                                                                                                                                                     -- Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address


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  • Democrats Abroad Panama 2018 Annual General Meeting on June 9

    Democrats Abroad Panama will hold our Annual General Meeting of all active Democrats in Panama on Saturday, June 9 from 12 noon to 3 pm at Balboa Union Church in Panama City.

    In a year with critically important mid-term elections that will help Democrats take back Congress, we hope all Democrats in Panama will attend in person or online.

    There are three vacancies on the board for the final year of a 2-year term due to a resignation and the fact Ligia and Don Burkett are leaving Panama.  (We thank them for their service to DA Panama, and wish them well!)

    By our bylaws, the Chair can fill vacancies with the exception of the position of Vice Chair, which was held by Ligia. Our rules do not allow Chairs to choose their successors or potential successors.  In addition, the Democratic Party’s gender balance rules require the position of Vice Chair to be filled by a woman if the Chair is a man (or vice versa).

    Kim Antonsen has agreed to fill the vacancy left by Don’s departure from Panama. That leaves one vacancy on the board to be filled by an appointment, and the Vice-Chair role to be filled by election.  Nominations are open now, and will be taken from the floor on June 9.  Any member can run, or nominate herself or someone else to the position of Vice-Chair.

    For anyone unable to attend in person, there will be online voting and nominations accepted in advance and during the meeting by way of our email at [email protected]. We will be webcasting on either Facebook or via WebX. Look for further notice about the details of this on our Facebook pages at or or look for further emails or ask via our email address as above or call the Chair, Eric Jackson, at 6632-6343.

    We will have a speaker from the US Embassy about how to vote from abroad.  This year we will be able to mail ballots and ballot applications from the embassy/consulate diplomatic pouch instead of depending on the often unreliable Panamanian postal service. Some lucky few of us will vote in states where you can cast a ballot electronically.  Many more vote in states where you can order and receive your ballots online but must send the physical ballot to the U.S.

    We are also working on getting a speaker from among the candidates who will flip Congress from Republican to Democrat this year, perhaps by an online connection. 

    The meeting will start with a chance to mix and mingle over a potluck lunch. Please bring something to eat or drink and enough to share.  

    Don't forget to mark your calendars for these other upcoming events:

    • Memorial Day observance at the Corozal American Cemetery, Monday May 28 at 9 a.m.

    • Panama Pride / Orgullo Panamá parade on Saturday, June 30 in Panamá City.  Local LGBT organizations will be putting on a week of activities leading up to this. We will have more details on our Facebook pages and by email as the date approaches.

    Go to to register and order your ballot.  You must request a ballot every year, early enough to be sure you receive it in time to have your vote counted!  


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