On Saturday, March 11, members of Democrats Abroad France elected their new Executive Committee in a lively and spirited AGM at the American Church in Paris.  Soon to follow this election, our eight Chapters will be electing their own chairs, and caucuses will do the same.  We welcome the newly elected DAF Executive Committee members, new faces, young people and some old, a diverse group hailing from different parts of France. DAF has never had as many candidates for an election!  We hope that those new folks who presented their names for election but did not win will continue to play a vital role in our country committee, and we look forward to including them in our work.  Here are their names and positions of those who were elected.  

Chair:  Joe Smallhoover

3 Vice Chairs: Louise Meyers, Salli Swartz, Jonathon Holler

Secretary: Marjorie Bernstein-Szafir

Treasurer:  Brooke Burns

Counsel: Nicolas Budd

7 Members-at-Large:  

Vivienne Beller
Allison Colobert
Tilly Gaillard
L. Reed Kenedy
Anna Marie Mattson
Amy Sulkis Below
Claudia Varney
Welcome All, and now onward to electing Democrats in 2017 and 2018!